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Joint work with Pankaj K. Agarwal , Alon Efrat , and Swaminathan Sankararaman. Nearest-Neighbor Searching Under Uncertainty Wuzhou Zhang Department of Computer Science, Duke University. PODS, May 23, 2012. Nearest-Neighbor Searching. a set of points in. any query point in. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nearest-Neighbor Searching Under Uncertainty

Nearest-Neighbor Searching Under UncertaintyWuzhou ZhangDepartment of Computer Science, Duke UniversityPODS, May 23, 2012Joint work with Pankaj K. Agarwal, Alon Efrat, and Swaminathan SankararamanNearest-Neighbor SearchingApplicationsDatabases, Information RetrievalStatistical Classification, ClusteringPattern Recognition, Data CompressionComputer Vision, etc.2Say something more about NNS2

Voronoi Diagram3

Data UncertaintyLocation of data is imprecise: Sensor databases, face recognition, mobile data, etc.

4Data Uncertainty: noise, multiple measurements/observations, privacyBriefly mention ENN and most likely nearest neighbor 4

Our Model and Problem Statement5

Previous work6Our contribution7First nontrivial methods for ENN queries with provable performance guarantees !Explain n and k7

Expected Voronoi Diagram8

Squared Euclidean distanceUncertain data9Remarks: Works for any distribution

No need to mention power diagram.9


Remarks: Extends to higher dimensions



Conclusion and future work14Thanks

Squared Euclidean distanceUncertain query15Remarks: Extends to higher dimensions and works for any distribution

Rectilinear metricUncertain query1617

Remarks: Extends to higher dimensions