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July 2014

Transcript of Pocono Farms Weathervane

  • 182 Lake Road, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania 18466






    1 8 2 L A K E R O A D T O B Y H A N N A , P E N N S Y L V A N I A 1 8 4 6 6

    July 2014

    I N T H I S I S S u E

    Our CommunityThoughts from the Manager 2

    Crime Watch Activity Report 3

    In the Farms 5

    B.O.D. Meeting Schedule 5

    Getting to Know YouMeet the Preus Family 4

    Calendar of EventsJuly Calendar 8

    August Calendar 9

    SportsRound by Round 11Continued on Page 6

    One of the most anticipated and well attended weekends at Pocono Farms is about to begin. The July 4 weekend is upon us and after the extreme winter we all survived, it is welcomed with open arms.

    As a child I always marveled and wondered at the display of fireworks that my parents took me to see. As I look at the expressions and excitement on the faces of the children on the beach at Pocono Farms, I see that this feeling is universal and transcends generations. This is a long held tradition at Pocono Farms and one that many come to enjoy. The fireworks this year are being held on Saturday, July 5th, with many other activities being held over the weekend. Please check the activities calendar for a schedule of events.

    This weekend, along with many other activities and amenities, are the reason that my family and I, as well as many others, have come to enjoy and cherish their time here. There is literally something for everyone from the pool to the fitness center, golf, fishing, boating, gardening, the beach, dancing, cards, dining and so much more. When we have guests that attend events, they always have a great time. If there is something not offered that you like to do, tell us. We have a member comment session at every Board meeting and would be happy to hear from you.

    One of the comments I often hear from people that live in other communities is How can you offer so much for the dues that we pay? Unfortunately, due to factors beyond our control, we may not be able to offer every thing we do now and maintain the current appearance that we desire and are accustom to. Management, as well as the Board, has tried to control expenses and balance the budget, but the

    From Your Board of DirectorsBY BRIAN CAVANAUGH

    AdministrAtion office hours for the july 4th weekend If you have paid your dues but have not had your Photo ID badges updated in the Administration Office, please note below our office hours. The Administration Office will be CLOSED on Friday, July 4th. This means if your badges havent been updated with the 2014 sticker, you will not be permitted to use the pool on Friday, July 4th as the staff will have no way of identifying you as a member in good standing.

    As you will see, for your convenience, we will remain open until 7pm on Thursday, July 3rd.

    The Office will be CLOSED Friday, July 4th

    The Office will re-open on Saturday, July 5th

  • W E A T H E R V A N E J U L Y 2 0 1 42

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS Frank Milano, President Richard McCormick Mike Elbert, Vice President Collette Houston-Ong Steve Bunker, Treasurer Brian Cavanaugh Wayne Meyers, Secretary Peter Volpe Bill Weimer

    BOARD LIAISONS A&B, Environmental, PublicWorks Rich McCormick Communications Collette Houston-Ong CrimeWatch Peter Volpe Elections/Nominations Wayne Meyers Finance Steve Bunker Golf Brian Cavanaugh House Rich McCormick Long Range Planning Bill Weimer Pool Bill Weimer Recreation Collette Houston-Ong Tennis Mike Elbert

    AD-HOCS Insurance Frank Milano Fitness Center Mike Elbert Community Garden Brian Cavanaugh Marketing Appointed as needed

    COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Collette Houston-Ong Linda Penett Linda Becht Marianne Stephen Sue Miller Peg Scott Sue Miller Ginny Day

    NEWSLETTER COORDINATOR Denise Wilson 894-4435 ext. 106 [email protected]

    DEPARTMENT HEADS General Manager David Timko 894-4435 ext. 100 [email protected]

    Accounting/Office Manager Lorraine Daviduk 894-4435 ext. 103 [email protected]

    Golf Pro Kyle Monahan 894-4435 ext. 110 [email protected]

    Greens Superintendent Adam Herman 894-4435 [email protected]

    Executive Chef Chef Michael 894-4435 ext. 130 [email protected]

    Food & Beverage Director Katrina Weithman 894-4435 ext. 132 [email protected]

    Activities Director Joe Sprovkin 894-4435 ext. 113 [email protected]

    Director of Security Artie Furman 894-4435 ext. 105 [email protected]

    Building Coordinator & Compliance Director Richard Savage 894-4435 ext. 104 [email protected]

    MAINTENANCE 894-4435 ext. 160 (voicemail only)

    182 Lake Road Tobyhanna, PA [email protected]

    Thoughts from the ManagerBY DAVE TIMKO

    In preparation of the annual meeting scheduled for July 19th at 10am, PFCCA hosted two specific events.

    The first was a Community update and coffee break on June 7th. The topics of that discussion were:

    1) The reserve study 2) A collections update 3) Pocono Farms Realty 4) Presentation of the four (4) proposed voting issues.

    This one hour program was informative for those in attendance. It also gave the members a chance to ask questions on the information presented.

    The second event was Meet the Candidates that was held on June 14th. This is the community members chance to meet the candidates and hear their responses to various questions posed to them by the elections and nominations committee.

    Both of these events are typically held on a Saturday morning so that we can attempt to accommodate as much of the PFCCA membership as possible. We schedule these events prior to the annual meeting in an attempt to communicate as much information to the membership as we can. We trust that those that did attend take something away from the meeting so that they may make an informed decision on the voting issues, as well as, whom they choose to sit on the Board to guide the Association for the next three years along with the other Six (6) Directors.

    The ballots for the Board elections will have been mailed out prior to this Weathervane distribution. Please follow the instructions closely to make sure that your vote counts.

    The second mailing will be the announcement of the annual meeting along with the explanations of the four (4) voting issues that will be presented and voted on at the annual meeting. Please make sure you take a minute to become familiar with the issues.

    With summer in full swing, its time to get out there and enjoy everything that Pocono Farms has to offer. Enjoy your summer!

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    sAVe the dAte COMMUNITY WIDE YARD SALE August 23rd & 24th Watch your email for details!

    meetinG reminder Saturday, July 19th at 10 AM at Pocono Community Church Rt 611 Watch your mail for official notification and voting issues!

  • W E A T H E R V A N E J U L Y 2 0 1 4 3



    39 Front Street Port Jervis, New York 12771

    P: 845.856.1266 E: [email protected]

    Articles appearing in The Weathervane are presented as a community service. They do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher or of the Pocono Farms Country Club Association, Inc. The publisher and the PFCCA disclaim any liability for any advertisements published herein, in no way endorse or guarantee these ads and reserve the right to reject any ads submitted. Position of advertising in the newspaper is not guaranteed.

    Crime Watch Activity ReportBY ED AALBUE - MAY 2014

    Summer has finally arrived in the Poconos. The Memorial Day weekend was a success and everyone is looking forward to a summer full of fun. Make sure you get out and enjoy. During this month, our patrol drivers drove around the community for 82 hours. Our patrols show that we care about our community and our presence out there will keep crime at a minimum. One item noted was many members have not cut their grass. To keep the community looking good, cut the grass and keep the property clean.

    E-Mail Tracker Programsvery interesting! The man that sent this information is a computer tech. He spends a lot of time clearing the junk off computers for people and listens to complaints about speed. All forwards are not bad, just some. Be sure you read the very last paragraph. By now, I suspect everyone is familiar with snopes.com and/or truthorfiction.com for determining whether information received via email is just that: true/false or fact/fiction. Both are excellent sites.

    Advice from snopes.com verY imporTAnT!

    1) Any time you see an email that says forward this on to 10 (or however many) of your friends ,sign this petition, or youll get bad luck or youll see something funny on your screen after you send it or whatever--- it almost always has an email tracker program attached that tracks the cookies and emails of those folks you forward to. The host sender is getting a copy each time it gets forwarded and then is able to get lists of active email addresses to use in SPAM emails or sell to other Spammers. Even when you get