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Transcript of PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - · PDF filePMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE 1 - Flute...

  • PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE

    1 - Flute

    Level Title Composer / Arranger PUB Comments

    1 40 Little Pieces In Progressive Order (#1-20 Any 1) GS Folio1 MMP1 FELDSTEIN MUSIC

    1 MMP1 LMP Folio: Solo Spotlight1 Chester EMP1 Fanfare Minuet FELDSTEIN MUSIC

    1 KM1 First Waltz RU1 Folk Song EM

    1 Gavotte From Symphony No. 4 MMP1 LMP Folio: Solo Spotlight1 Golden Dreams Waltz NAK1 Guenther BEL1 Little Waltz (flute Solos Level 1) Guenther BEL1 LMP Folio: Solo Spotlight1 Poem NAK1 Rooster, The LUD1 Sailor's Song MMP1 FELDSTEIN MUSIC

    1 Sentimental Waltz (op 50, No13) EMP1 Silver Sails NAK1 Simple Song, A Guenther BEL1 Solo Sounds For Flute (levels 1-3) Solo Book - Vol. 1 (any One) BEL1 Three Easy Pieces (any 1) BRS MUSIC

    1 RU1 Winter's Willow, A (a Country Song) MMP

    2 MMP2 RU2 May Song MMP2 Solo Sounds For Flute (levels 3-5) Solo Book - Vol. 1 (any One) BEL2 Bizet / Davis LUD2 BEL2 Angel's Serenade GW2 On The Lake MMP2 NAK2 Jovial Mood NAK

    MoyseAllegro (concerto Grosso Op. 3, No. 4) Handel / DishingerArietta Feldstein / Clark

    Bacchanale From Book Iv For Clavier Couperin / DishingerBlue Bells Of Summer And Heaven (solo Spotlight Bk, Unacc.) Lombardo

    Billings / LebonDuncombe

    Fanflairs NiehausGretchaninoff / VoxmanTchaikowsky / Lebon

    Boyce / VodeskiGlory And Honor (solo Spotlight Bk, Unacc.) Lombardo

    BuchtelLa Petite Danse

    Lurking Mouse (solo Spotlight Bk, Unacc.) LombardoFibich / BuchtelSiennickiCouperin / Dishinger

    Scherzando Reichardt

    Schubert / LebonBuchtel


    Valse Petite (rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Easy) Hinkson / Voxman Folio - Rubank Book Of Flute Solos - EasyVaughan Williams / Dishinger

    Ave Maria (based On Prelude In C By J.s. Bach) Bach / Gounod / DishingerTwo Menuettos (rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Intermediate) Bach / Voxman Rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Intermediate

    Beethoven / DishingerBelwin

    Habanera (from Carmen)Rigaudon Bohm Oop

    Braga / DavisBrahms / Dishinger

    Chromatica Waltz BuchtelBuchtel

  • PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE

    2 - Flute

    2 Meditation (from Sonatina In F) NAK2 Princess Helene NAK2 Tango NAK2 PRO Folio - Classic Festival Solos, Vol. 12 Prelude And Dance Cain ASE2 MMP2 MMP2 ASE2 Lullaby For Alexandra SMC2 NAK2 EM2 MMP2 MMP2 Peasant Dance, The Garrett / Webber BEL2 BEL2 Gavotte From Don Juan RU2 MMP2 Gavotte ASE2 Two Moods Gray, Robert W. RWG2 Elf Dance / Lyric Pieces, Op. 12 BEL2 Guenther BEL2 Two Dances (trio Only, Not A Solo) Hall GW2 Handel NAK2 Largo (from Xerxes) MMP2 Petite Gavotte RU2 Two Larks (gavotte) Harris ASE2 Song Without Words RU2 Haydn / Guenther BEL2 December Song AL2 Slowly Falling Leaves AL2 ASE2 BEL2 Dancing Song From Eight Russian Folksongs MMP2 Three Melodic Sketches (any 2) AL2 LMP Folio: Solo Spotlight2 MMP2 Touch Of Ireland - Kerry Dance MMP2 MMP2 Minuet LUD2 LUD2 Reverie (from Song Without Words) MMP


    Flutella Burgstahler

    Rigaudon & Novelette Chaminade / DishingerEtude, From 27 Etudes Op. 10, No. 3 Chopin / DishingerGigue Corelli

    Datshkovsky / EphrossLarghetto Dvorak / BuchtelEn Priere FaureApres Un Reve (after A Dream) Faure / DishinerPanis Angelicus Franck / Dishinger

    Ballet Of The Shepherds (opera Armide) Gluck / SteenslandGluck / Voxman

    Berceuse From Jocelyn Lullaby Godard / DishingerGossec

    Grieg / SteenslandCanzona

    CantilenaHandel / DishingerHandel / Voxman

    Hauser / Hass OopMinuetto In C


    Menuett In F Major KuhlauNotturno Lewallen

    Liadov / DishingerLieb

    18th Century Minuet, An (solo Spotlight Bk, Unacc.) LombardoGavotte En Rondeau Lully / Post

    Malloy / WaltersMenuet (from 3 Piano Pieces) Marpurg / Dishinger

    Marpurg / ScarmolinRondo (la Voltigeuse - "the Little Rope Dancer") Marpurg / Scarmolin

    Mendelssohn / Buchtel

  • PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE

    3 - Flute

    2 Soldier's March SPR2 Two Russian Songs RU2 40 Little Pieces In Progressive Order (#21-38 Any 2) GS Folio2 40 Little Pieces In Progressive Order (#39) GS Folio2 Minuet K. Vii Mozart NVL2 Presto (from Divertimento No. 12) MMP2 Cradle Song Mozart / Guenther BEL Folio - Flute Solos Level 22 Viennese Sonatina No. 1 Mozart / Harris LUD2 Minuet (k 61.g) EMP2 RU2 Merry Wives Of Windsor (classic Festival Solos, Vol. 1) BEL Folio Only2 NAK2 NAK2 March Of The Tin Soldiers NAK2 Airs / Seven Lands (any 2) Price OX2 RU2 Nymphs And Shepherds NAK2 MMP2 RU2 Ravel DUR2 MMP2 Ravel / Walters RU2 On The Meadow BEL2 Intermezzo BIL2 Rhone AL2 Swan, The BEL2 MMP2 My Sweetheart's Eyes MMP2 Round Dance RU2 Your Ring On My Finger MMP2 Slumber Song, Op. 124, No. 16 RU2 Scherzo MMP2 Waltz Dream, A Strauss / Harris LUD2 Theme From Swan Lake BEL2 Welsh Air And Variations Op. 48 SMC2 Grand March Verdi ASE2 La Donna E. Mobile (from Rigoletto) EMP2 Walters RU2 Sonatina Warren LUD2 Scherzo KM

    Mendelssohn / BuchtelMiaskovsky / GoedickeMoyseMoyse

    OopMozart / Dishinger

    Mozart / LebonMenuetto From Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Mozart / Voxman

    Nicolai / MacperrinWaltz From La Perichole Offenbach / BuchtelSicilienne Paradis / Buchtel

    Pierne / BuchtelOop

    Gavotta From Classical Symphony Prokofief / Voxman OopPurcell / Buchtel

    Marche (from Suite No. 5) Purcell / DishingerMenuet From Platee (rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Intermediate) Rameau / Voxman Rubank Book Of Flute Solos - IntermediatePavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant From Ma Mre L'oyePavane Pour Infante Defunte Ravel / DishingerPavane

    Rebikoff / Guenther OopRelmes, Leo

    Bethlehem PastoraleSaint Saens Oop

    Menuetto (from Violin Sonata, Op. 137, No.2) Schubert / DishingerSchubert / DishingerSchubert / VoxmanSchumann / DishingerSchumann / Hervig Rubank Book Of Flute Solos - IntermediateSpies / Dishinger

    Tschaikovsky OopTulou / Milanovich / Kerner / Robinson

    Verdi / LebonSakura Sakura (cherry Blossoms)

    Witthaur / Stouffer Oop

  • PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE

    4 - Flute

    3 LED3 Rendezvous NAK3 Three Easy Pieces (flute & Piano) Alwyn, William JWL3 GS Folio3 Bach ASE3 Bach / Bennett AL3 BAR3 Andante Cantabile LUD3 Grave MMP3 Evening In The Country LUD3 RU3 NAK3 Intermezzo Bizet / Spiegel OX3 Celebrated Minuet NAK3 Borodin / Walters RU3 Hungarian Dance #6 BEL3 PRO3 Piper, The (classic Festival Solos, Vol. 1) PRO Folio Only3 Spinning Wheel, The WB Folio- (classic Festival Solos, Vol. 1)3 LED3 Nocturne In E-flat, Op. 9, #2 Chopin BEL3 Suite In Three Movements MMP3 MMP3 Elegy Cortes, Ramiro SOU3 SMC3 EHL3 Debussy ASE3 Debussy ASE3 Debussy / Nagy ASE3 Donahue BAR3 Two Petites Pieces Pastorals PO3 Song Of The Night MMP3 BOU3 SMC Folio: 24 Short Concert Pieces3 AL3 Holiday For Pipers Frank BOU3 Impromptu Frank UM3 Ballade Gee PRO3 ASE3 Theme & Variations Gray, Robert W. RWG

    Le Printemps AlbenizAletter / Buchtel

    Air (the Barrere Album) Aubert / BarrereArioso From Cantata #156Adagio (from Violin Sonata No. 4 In C Minor, Bwv 1017)Wachet Auf Bach / Tomei

    Bach, J.c. / MarteauBach, W.f. / DishingerBartok / Harris

    Canzona (rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Int.) BertoniMinuet / L Arlesienne Suite No. 2 Bizet / Buchtel

    Boccherini / BuchtelPolovtsian Dance From Prince Igor (rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Int.)

    Brahms / SteenslandAmoroso Burgstahler Oop


    Pour Syrinx Charpentier

    Corelli / DishingerSuite No. 2 In Four Movements (mvt 4 & 2 Others) Corelli / Dishinger

    Orientale Cui OopAmabilite DautremerEn BateauLe Petit Berger (the Little ShepherdEn BateauSonatine No. 2

    DonjonElgar / Dishinger

    Morceau De Concours FaureSicilienne (24 Short Concert Pieces) Faure / CavallySoir Faure / Spell

    OopTambourin Gossec

  • PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE

    5 - Flute

    3 Hahn CF3 Ah! Chloris AL3 Handel ASE3 Handel ASE Folio (seven Sonatas)3 Two Marionettes Harris LUD3 From Washington's Time (any 2) BOU3 Serenade Haydn ASE3 Herbert / Harris LUD3 AL3 Three Songs Ives / Boatman AL3 RU3 RU Folio - Concert And Contest Collections3 Kohler CF3 Driftwood Lawrence PRO3 NAK3 Aries BEL3 BEL3 Three Melodic Sketches AL3 Simple Gifts LMP3 LMP Folio: Solo Spotlight3 EM3 Intermezzo Mascagni / Guenther BEL3 BAR3 AL3 Mosquito Dance NAK3 LED3 Mozart CB3 Serenade NAK3 Mozart / Cole TP3 Allegretto MMP3 MMP3 Mozart / Gee KM3 Andante From Piano Sonata, K. 545 Mozart / Isaac CF3 Adagio BEL3 Allegretto LUD3 RU3 Narcissus Nevin / Hummel RU3 KM3 CF3 Offenbach Ballet BEL3 AL

    Valse Scherzo OopHahn / Sirianni

    Bouree & Menuet From Sonata #3 In G MajorSiciliana And Giga (in 12/8) (from Sonata In F Major)


    Csardas From The Fortune TellerWintersong Isaacson

    Villanella (rubank Book Of Flute Solos - Int.) KoepkeBergamask (concert And Contest Collection) Koepke / VoxmanBerceuse, Op. 30, No. 2 Oop

    OopPiece Romantique Lefebvre / Waln

    LewallenFantasie Lewallen


    Variations On A Theme By Haydn (solo Spotlight Bk, Unacc.) LombardoArietta Lotti / Smim

    OopSiciliano (1st Flute = Solo Flute) MckayPavane (from The Academic Dance) Mcmichael

    Mendelssohn / BuchtelSarabande (3 Pieces Faciles No2) MoyseMenuett In D Major

    Mozart / BuchtelAndantino From Divertimento No. 14 In B-flat, K. 270

    Mozart / DishingerLarghetto Mozart / DishingerArietta

    Mozart / LentzMozart / Scarmolin

    Menuett Paysanne Mozart / VoxmanOop

    Harlequinade NiehausCapriccio Norden / Mccathren Oop

    Offenbach / SteenslandPicc' In Suite, The Pettigrew

  • PMTA Sonata Contest Music List - FLUTE

    6 - Flute

    3 Adagio And Allegro NAK3 BEL Folio Only3 LED3 ASE Folio - Concert And Contest Collections3 Sonata In G Minor EM3 MMP3 LED3 BRK3 Allegro For Flute Reynolds PRO3 Mountain