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  • 1. The advent of project management has been most profound in

    A)automobile manufacturing.


    C)information technology.

    D)the U.S. Department of Defense.

    E)film making.

  • 2. Which of the following activities is not considered a project?

    A)developing a new software program

    B)designing a space station

    C)preparing the site for the Olympic Games

    D)production of automobile tires

    E)developing a new advertising program

  • 3. From among the following activities, which is the best example of a project?

    A)processing insurance claims

    B)producing automobiles

    C)writing a new textbook on project management

    D)completing a college degree

    E)all of these are good examples of projects

  • 4. In which of the following categories are project objectives established, teams formed, and major responsibilities assigned?






  • 5.Which of the following characteristics is not typical of a project manager?

    A)managing a temporary activity

    B)possesses in-depth technical knowledge

    C)managing a non-repetitive activity

    D)manages independently of the formal organization

    E)provides a direct link to the customer

  • 6.Two dimensions within the project management process are

    A)technical and sociocultural

    B)cost and time

    C)planned and unexpected

    D)established and new

    E)unique and reoccurring

  • 7.Which of these is not part of the technical" side of project management?



    C)problem solving


    E)status reports

  • 8.Which of these is not part of the "art" of project management?


    B)resource allocation

    C)customer expectations



  • 9. Jose is looking at a document that outlines the specific tasks and subtasks required to complete the writing of a technical support manual. The method that was probably used to develop the document is most likely

    A)responsibility matrix.

    B)organization breakdown structure.

    C)work breakdown structure.

    D)priority matrix.

    E)work package.

  • 10. Linda has just been assigned a project to develop a new advertising campaign for an established product. Her first step should be to

    A)establish project priorities.

    B)define the project scope.

    C)verify the budget available.

    D)assign team members to work on the project.

    E)determine the required completion date.

  • 11.Research shows the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success is

    A)not enough budget resources.

    B)poor performance by team members.

    C)weak project leadership.

    D)poorly defined scope or mission.

    E)political in-fighting.

  • 12.An expected output over the life of a project would be classified as

    A)a deliverable.

    B)a product.

    C)an end object.

    D)an objective.

    E)a target.

  • 13.In reviewing the project plan, Susan sees that the first prototype is due by October 12. This would be best classified as a

    A)project target.

    B)limit item.


    D)project objective.

    E)critical goal.

  • 14.The ability of 911 emergency systems to identify the caller's phone number and location are considered to be a

    A)technical requirement.


    C)project limit.

    D)project exclusion.

    E)project deliverable.

  • 15.Which of the following is not one of the items that would appear on a project scope checklist?


    B)Technical requirements


    D)Work breakdown structure

    E)Reviews with customer

  • 16."To construct a high-quality, custom home within five months at costs not to exceed $150,000" is best classified as

    A)a deliverable

    B)a milestone

    C)an objective

    D)a limit

    E)an exclusion

  • 17.If a project is small or of narrow scope and does not require an elaborate system, which of the following is a good choice?

    A)responsibility matrix

    B)organization breakdown structure

    C)work breakdown structure

    D)priority matrix

    E)process breakdown structure

  • 18.Information to develop a project network is collected from the

    A)organization breakdown structure

    B)work breakdown structure


    D)project proposal

    E)responsibility matrix

  • 19.Which of the following represents an activity on a project network?

    A)an arrow

    B)a line

    C)a node

    D)both A and B are correct

    E)A, B, and C are all correct

  • 20.The critical path in a project network is the

    A)shortest path through the network

    B)longest path through the network

    C)network path with the most difficult activities

    D)network path using the most resources

    E)network path with the most merge activities

  • 22.________ activities must be completed immediately before a particular activity.






  • 23.A good starting point for developing time and cost estimates is

    A)past experience

    B)work packages

    C)task analysis

    D)time and motion studies

    E)work breakdown structure