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project for my health class

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  • 1. Playground safety By Brittany Stone, Amy Han, Cesar Guiza, Nancy Veronica

2. The main goal behind this project is to save lives and keep families safe We want to protect our children from getting injured and keep the statistics numbers down We want to keep our children active and if the parks arent safe then we have a problem with keeping them active, fit and healthy. Why is playground safety important? 3. Between 2001 - 2008, an average of more than 200,000 preschool and elementary children received emergency department care for injuries that took place on playground equipment. 51% of the injuries happened on public playground equipment 19% occurred on home playground equipment 20% not recorded 1% Other Now lets look at the statistics 4. Of the incidents reported 67% involved falls or equipment failure 8% hazards around but not related to the equipment 7% collisions with other children or the equipment 7% entrapments 11% other Now lets look at the statistics 5. Forty Deaths were associated with playground equipment between 2001-2008. Average age was 6 years 27 deaths were the result of hangings or other asphyxiations 7 deaths were the result of head or neck injuries Top four equipment pieces associated with injuries Climbers- 23% Swings- 22% Slides-17% Overhead ladders- 9% Now lets look at the statistics 6. Most Common Injuries are Fractures- 36% Contusions/Abrasions- 20% Lacerations- 17% Strains and Sprains- 12% Internal/ Organs- 5% Concussions- 2% Other- 3% Now lets look at the statistics 7. In 2008, playground-related injuries among children ages 14 and younger cost an estimated $1.2 billion This is not only costing us safety and lives of children but this is costing us money By having parks being constantly rebuilt and by having parks maintained every so often we can prevent a lot of these injures and a lot of the money going towards these injuries. What is this costing us? 8. The four parks we went to were: Mountain meadows park in Moorpark Shadow ranch park in woodland hills Filmore Parks The parks we studied 9. So on a scale 1-5 we rated out parks 1-horrible and very unsafe 2-not to bad and almost moderate 3-moderate and decently safe 4-pretty safe and great 5-great and a perfect park How we rated our parks 10. Mountain meadows park 11. MOUNTAIN MEADOWS PARK 12. Mountain Meadows park 13. Mountain Meadows park 14. Mountain Meadows Park 15. Mountain Meadows park 16. Mountain Meadows Park 17. Mountain Meadows Park 18. Mountain Meadows Park 19. Mountain Meadows park 20. Mountain Meadows Park 21. Mountain Meadows Park 22. Mountain Meadows Park 23. Mountain Meadows park 24. Mountain meadows park 25. Mountain Meadows park 26. Mountain Meadows park 27. Mountain Meadows Park 28. Mountain Meadows Park 29. Mountain Meadows Park 30. We gave mountain meadows a 3 out of 5 The main structure is over fifteen feet high which would cause serious harm if a child were to fall Also the cube structure can cause serious burns to a child The spin circle is also very dangerous cause a child can be throw at a high speed on the ground I feel whoever designed this park was more looking at design and features rather than childrens overall safety Mountain meadows parks rating 31. SHADOW RANCH PARK 32. Shadow ranch park 33. Shadow ranch park 34. Shadow ranch park 35. Shadow ranch park 36. Shadow ranch park 37. Shadow ranch park 38. Shadow ranch park 39. Shadow ranch park 40. Shadow ranch park 41. Shadow ranch park 42. Shadow ranch park 43. Shadow ranch park 44. Shadow ranch park 45. Shadow ranch park 46. Shadow ranch park 47. Shadow ranch park 48. We gave shadow ranch park in woodland hills a 4 out of a 5 This park actually had most its features lower so if a child were to fall a head injury is less serious Shadow ranch parks rating 49. Citrus Grove Park 50. Citrus Grove Park 51. Citrus Grove Park 52. Citrus Grove Park 53. Citrus Grove Park 54. Citrus Grove Park 55. Citrus Grove Park 56. Citrus Grove Park 57. Citrus Grove Park 58. Citrus Grove Park 59. Citrus Grove Park 60. Citrus Grove Park 61. Citrus Grove Park 62. Citrus Grove Park 63. Citrus Grove Park 64. Citrus Grove Park 65. Citrus Grove Park 66. Citrus Grove Park 67. Citrus Grove Park 68. We gave citrus grove park a 3 out of 5 rating It was not properly maintained There was broken glass and cigarette butts all over the ground Citrus Grove Parks rating 69. PLAYGROUNDS FILLMORE PARKS 70. The photos are showing the playgrounds from Fillmore city public parks In Fillmore exist two kind of playgrounds the new and the old parks with playgrounds and both are with big differences: 1. The evident lack of maintenance, because the budget shorts in the city, like most others cities in US in recent years , the economic recession affects the all the infrastructure and sometimes it doesnt exist the personnel and the money to keep well maintenance in the parks 71. The playgrounds in the photos are from parks with wood chips that is a ideal place to develop fungus, insects and worms because keep the humidity and the temp. In some places the tubes and metal surface are rusted, scratched and peeled form the paint. 72. 2. The new parks are relatively news meeting with all standards like: Plastics floors Guards with protective plastic big space to place the playgrounds Well maintained facilities like restrooms and water drinking fountains 73. The new playgrounds meets with the standards: ASTM INTERNATIONAL ASTM F1487-11, the Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. CPSC The Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent agency within the United States Federal Government with the authority to inform the public of current product safety performance information and recommended practices. 74. IPEMA EQUIPMENT CERTIFICATION: In the interest of public playground safety, IPEMA provides a 3rd party certification, to validate conformance to established standards ISO: Industry certification processes issued by the International Organization for Standardization. ADA Institute for children with special needs, develop and test accessible products