Playful Blended Digital Storytelling in 3D Immersive eLearning Environments for Literacy Motivation

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Presentation at IDEE Workshop 2014 (June 9th, 2014 Albacete, Spain) about the pedagogical design, the technical development and initial findings of the educational program “From the Ancient to the Modern Tablets” involving digital storytelling, gamification, playful design and 3d virtual worlds to motivate K-12 students and promote literacy and extracurricular reading.

Transcript of Playful Blended Digital Storytelling in 3D Immersive eLearning Environments for Literacy Motivation

  • 1.Playful Blended Digital Storytelling in 3D Immersive eLearning Environ- ments for Literacy Motivation Stylianos Mystakidis & Niki Lambropoulos University of Patras Habib M. Fardoun & Daniyal M. Alghazzawi King Abdulaziz University 3rd Workshop on Interaction Design in Educational Environments (Albacete, June 9th 2014)

2. Stylianos Mystakidis MSc, PMP, Phd cand. Learning Innovator @ Library & Information Services, University of Patras (Greece) Adjunct Faculty @ University of the West of England UWE (Bristol, UK) Adjunct Faculty @ Open University of Catalonia UOC (Barcelona, Spain) Teaching Mentor @ University of Washington UW (Seattle, USA) 3. Good Digital Teaching Practice Seal #mathisi20 4. Storytime! Scenery Theoretical Background Pedagogical Design Technical Development Preliminary Results Conclusion 5. Scenery 6. University of Patras (Upatras) World Ranking*: #327 Greece Ranking*: #2 24,460 students | 754 Faculty members 24 Departments in 5 Schools Prominent Research Center on ICT & Engineering St Andrew (Patras patron Saint) *Webometrics, 2012 7. Library & Information Services National & European Research Projects Institution-wide Services (e.g. Repository) ISO 9001:2000 Openness- & Innovation-oriented 8. Schools go to University Open days 2 weeks each Spring Primary & Secondary School class visits 2014: 14 Departments offering 36 educational programs & activities 9. Challenge Prepare a short, engaging educational program for K-12 classes visiting the University of Patras Library 10. Theoretical Background 11. Storytelling Stories are extremely powerful tools for learning Better recall when in a narrative (Adval, 1998) Stories allow us to learn from the experience of others without having to face another persons personal consequences 12. Gamification & The Power of Play 13. Flow Theory (Csikszentmihalyi) 14. Games vs Play vs Gamification vs Toys 15. 3D Virtual Immersive Learning Environments Instructional Strategies Socio-constructivist instructional methods Situated and experiential learning (Dawley & Dede, 2013; Falconer, 2013) Simulated learning (Falconer & Frutos-Perez, 2009) Game-based learning experiences (Hill & Mystakidis, 2012) 16. Pedagogical Design Technical Development 17. From the Ancient to the Modern Tablets 18. Learning Objectives Motivate extracurricular reading and promote of early literacy; Establish cognitive links between writing, books and acquiring knowledge with technology; Possess introductory user skills with a tablet; and Practice team collaboration 19. Experience Design (Levels) 1. Playful Library Tour *30+ 2. Interactive Presentation & Game *45+ 3. Creative Group Reflection with Tablets *30+ 20. 1. Playful Library Tour 21. Engagement through Play Team play Competition Challenge Quests Choices Curiosity Expression 22. 2. Interactive Presentation & Game Classroom & video projector Instructor controls avatar in the 3d Virtual Environment Avatar appearance & movement 2 Teams Scoring points by answering questions Mini-game: Phoenician Alphabet Challenge 23. Interactive Presentation & Game (II) 24. Immersion (Second Life) 3d Virtual Immersive Environments : UW Museum of Virtual Media Museum Island Ancient Alexandria Alice Academy International Spaceflight Museum 25. 3D Virtual Immersive Learning Environments Cave Paintings, Lascaux Cave, France 32000 BC Ancient Tablets, Mesopotamia, 3500 BC Ancient Greece, Linear & , 1450 BC Alphabet, Phoenicia, 1200 BC Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt, 200 BC Manuscript copying, Byzantine Empire, 600 AD Movable Type, China 1040 AD The Future of Books & Knowledge 26. Lascaux Cave, UW Museum of Virtual Media 27. The Role of 3D Virtual Immersive Learning Environments Depict civilizations architecture, natural environment and aesthetics, Show clothing and appearance of a representative of each milestone (through the avatars clothing and skin) Visualize objects and notions not available in the physical life, e.g. the arrangement of scrolls in the Great Library of Alexandria Demonstrate through programming how inventions worked (e.g. movable type) Include objects to be used as prompts during the game (e.g. the Phaistos disk) 28. 3. Creative Group Reflection with Tablets 29. Results I 30. Results II 31. We love books! 32. Preliminary Results 33. Statistics From the Ancient to the Modern Tablets Program offered since 2012 Participation: 1500 students from 20 schools (ages: 7-15) 34. Evaluation Findings Online Questionnaire (Likert scale) 28 teachers 81% children acquired new skills (agree & fully agree) 85% helped children assume a positive attitude towards books & reading 98% 3D VIEs useful for facts recall & history understanding 35. Teachers Quotes I have never seen my class so quiet and concentrated as when they attended this program (oral statement) You exceeded teachers & students expectations; you have captivated childrens interest and they enjoyed the program greatly. The whole visit to the Library was so alive. (email) 36. Conclusions Customization / adaptation for older classes Atmosphere creation Avatar appearance & gestures count! Encourage participation non-stop with micro-interactions! Surprise! Learning as Show 37. Acknowledgements University of Washington Randy Hinrichs, CEO 2b3d Anna Gadler-Pratt, SL Educator & Artist Tom Layton, Alice Academy Carlolello Zapatero, Museum Island 38. Contact us for more Stylianos Mystakidis @stylianosm2 Niki Lambropoulos nikilambropoulos@