Play, Baby, Play!

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Ideas for programming with your youngest patrons

Transcript of Play, Baby, Play!

  • 1. Play, Baby, Play! Ideas for programming with your youngest patrons

2. Who WE ArE Brooke: Early Literacy Librarian in La Crosse, WI Early Learning Station guru Infant and Baby Storytimer Shaky Egg Queen Kendra: Childrens Librarian in Vancouver, WA Baby and Toddler Storytimer Dance Party fanatic Parachute Princess 3. Why should you play? 4. This isnt real life. 5. Use what you have! 6. storytime set up 7. Storytime Toys 8. storytime In Action 9. Parachute 10. Shredded Paper on a Tarp or Parachute 11. EYEBRO WS mustaches 12. Dance! 13. Flannel Games 14. No mess painting squish paint in bags with paper tape paint bags to windows or tables 15. Get Messy! 16. Paint with balloons shaving Cream 17. Paint With veggies fingers 18. washable stamp pads handprints and toy car painting 19. hide objects in rice or beans 20. Brooke Rasche berasche@gmail Kendra Jones peaceluvbks@gmail How do you play?