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This includes my Mood Boards, Props list, 8 Photo examples and the list of models and the contact sheet.

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  • 1. Planning Jessica Goldsmith

2. FC Photo Shoot I have chosen to do an extreme close up because I feel that is most suited to the theme of my magazine, Pop-Art.. I also think that an extreme close up would stand out from the rest of the music magazines and give it a unique look. She will be lying down with her hair spread out looking at the camera. I have chosen a medium close up because, again, I feel as this would suit the theme of pop-art as doing a full body shot wouldnt go well as it would give off the tradition comic style effect. She will be standing up with her hand near her mouth looking shocked with her eyes looking to the side. 3. FC Props List Jeans Her legs will not being showing in any of the shots as they are mainly close ups. However, she will be wearing them at the shoot. Strapless Bra again, you will no be able to see this is the shoot but she will be wearing one. Camera this is essential for me to be able to take photos at the shoot. Lights these will help create tone for my photos bring depth to them. 4. Contents Page Photo ShootSat on the window seal lookingout the window. This photo is more serious and This would be a mid shot This would be a wide shotwould give an insight to what to get the top half of herto get the props in but I the article is about as she isbody in the photo. Thiswant this to be a naturallooking over her life. I would likewould be a dainty/pretty shot making the artist this to be in black and white to contrast from the colourfulphotograph relating trelatable to the target contrast page making it eye the 60s glamour themeaudience. It also varies the catching to the consumer. Thisof the DPS. shots making them all (Leaning on a table, smiling at the different instead of would be a wide shot to get the camera). window and props in.controlled and robotic. 5. Contents Page Props List Oversized Jumper these are very fashionable at the moment, therefore,my target audience will relate to this as this will be an item that they wish to purchase pralready have in the wardrobe. Black Jeans these are a casual item that most people have therefore are veryrelatable. They also will go nicely with any jumper an add a bit of class t the shoot. Ring this wont be very noticeable but the outfit that she will e wearing is quiteplain/simple so it would be nice to add a small piece of jewellery to give it that extrasomething. Camera this is the most essential piece f equipment/prop in the shoot as I needthis to take the photographs. Lights this will create depth and tone for my photographs. 6. DPS Photo ShootOn this sideof the pagethere wouldbe a titleand thehanging indent paragraph.This is a fun photo and I This would be a fun photoThis would be a full bodywould use a mid shot togiving the article a shot to get in her wholeget as much of the prop different look making itbody. I want her to be in as possible. This photolook more interesting. It leaning against the wall.could be seen aswould be a full body shotThe wall would be where connoting the starbecause I want to fit herthe gutter is on the DPS uniqueness as she whole body in so people making her look as if she stands out from thecan see the whole pose is leaning on the other frame (the usual).and her full 7. DPS Props List 60s style hot pants - I have chosen 60s hot pants because these are veryfashionable at the moment and would therefore connect with my targetaudience as they may relate/like the style. White crop top These tops are very in at the moment and are relatable to mytarget audience as many girls are wearing them at the moment. Blue Vintage Dress This brings a bit of class to the shoot as it is an expensivedress making the up and coming artist look desirable. High Healed Boots these are very fashionable at the moment and would relateto the audience as this is what most of my target audience will be wearing/wantto own at the moment. High Tops these are trainer like wedges. This brings in the most recent fashionand a bit of casualty to the shoot. This will be relatable to the target audience asthese shoes are on the high street and are affordable, therefore, manyteenagers wear them. Photo Frame This brings a bit of fun to the shoot. Its a nice and easy prop touse. Lights - the lights will help bring depth to the photos giving them a moreprofessional finish. Camera this is essential for the shoot as it is needed to take the photographs. 8. Email confirmation 9. Contact InformationName : Emily Louise GoldsmithName : Jessica Anne GoldsmithMobile Number: 07789437215 Mobile Number: 07766684110 Email: Email: