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  1. 1. TEAM CHROMATIC PLAN BOOK POYi.indd 1 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  2. 2. 2 3 This document was produced by AdZou at the Missouri School of Journalism. The contents are the property of POYi. All information is confidential and proprietary and shall not be modified, reproduced, distributed or used for any purpose without prior written consent of POYi. Team Chromatic; April 27, 2015. Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SECONDARY RESEARCH PRIMARY RESEARCH TARGET AUDIENCE CAMPAIGN STRATEGY MEDIA PLAN BUDGET MEASUREMENTS MEET TEAM CHROMATIC APPENDIX 5 9 23 35 43 53 77 81 91 95 TEAM CHROMATICCover Photo by: Cameron Spencer POYi.indd 2-3 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPhoto by: Joel Sartore POYi.indd 4-5 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  4. 4. 6 7 Through our primary and secondary research findings, we found two underlying trends of photojournalists attitudes toward the Pictures of the Year International competition. ONE: Photographers enter into the contest majorly in hopes that they will gain recognition for their work. In a primary research survey taken by 110 professional photojournalists, 66% stated the most important factor they considered when entering POYi was to gain professional recognition. TWO: Our target craves an online community to interact with his peers. From our secondary research, we found that POYi has a need for a strategic communication plan centered around communicating the story and goals of the competition, highlighting the accomplishments of the award-winning photographers and building a community. Executive Summary OUR GOAL: brand POYi as the premiere photojournalism contest in the world that makes great photographers famous. To execute this goal, we decided upon leveraging our target, 25-30 year-old white males frequent engagement with brands they love on social media. To position POYi as the method to make photographers stories known, we will use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as an online community where professional photographers can engage with the brand and follow their peers accomplishments. We will also leverage traditional media tactics in the form of posters and digital postcards to extol past winning photographers work on a public platform. Photo by: David Chancellor POYi.indd 6-7 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  5. 5. SECONDARY RESEARCHPhoto by: Donald Miralle Jr. POYi.indd 8-9 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  6. 6. 10 11 Pictures of the Year International was originally created to pay tribute to those press photographers and newspapers which, despite tremendous wartime difficulties, were making an impact on the way people view humanity. They now aim to provide an opportunity for photographers of the world to meet in competition and to compile and preserve a collection of the best in current, home-front press photos. POYi began as a photo contest in the spring of 1944 in Columbia, Missouri when the Missouri School of Journalism sponsored its First Annual Fifty- Print Exhibition contest. POYi is now known as the leading professional non- profit photojournalism competition. Our team has ascertained that POYis marketing and promotional strategies prove somewhat lacking, especially because POYi has established itself as the industry leader in the professional photojournalism sphere. Currently, POYi spends its entire $5,000 budget for a one month ad on, from mid-December to mid-January. The brand is also active on its Facebook page and has created short micro-videos promoting the contest and open judging. Company Facebook: 8,279 likes Twitter: 3,360 followers Vimeo: 129 followers PICTURES OF THE YEAR INTERNATIONAL IS THE OLDEST AND MOST PRESTIGIOUS PHOTOJOURNALISM PROGRAM PRODUCING THE BEST DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE WORLD.THIS COMPETITION PROVIDES US WITH A VISUAL PORTRAYAL OF SOCIETY AND FOSTERS AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE ISSUES FACING OUR CIVILIZATION. PHOTOJOURNALISTS DOCUMENT THE NEWS EVENTS, SOCIAL ISSUES,AND CULTURAL TRENDS THAT CAPTURE OUR INTEREST. POYi RECOGNIZES THEIR ENDURING IMAGES AND SETS THE GOLD STANDARD FOR EXCELLENCE. Museum of Photographic Arts POYi.indd 10-11 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  7. 7. 12 13 Income ALTHOUGH POYI IS A NONPROFIT BUSINESS, IT HAS FOUR MAIN SOURCES OF MONETARY INCOME: ENTRY FEES: These are currently $50, with an additional charge if entering a Premiere Category. THE REYNOLDS JOURNALISM FOUNDATION: It funds educational workshops and special exhibitions. It also pays for the shipping of winning prints to and from exhibitions around the country. THE ANNENBERG FOUNDATION: This organization covers the cost of producing the POYi exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography. This partnership is subject to renewal each year. OCCASIONAL PRIVATE CONTRIBUTIONS: This is a very small percentage of the total income. According to Dees and Anderson (2003), Donors should be attracted to the possibility of their dollars having greater social impact when combined with the revenues earned from income activities. According to our research, the value of an award from POYi has decreased in recent years, in part due to the poor budget. However, some of the perks of an award include community awareness, additional work and job promotions. SOCIAL MEDIA STATS POYI 8,345 likes 1.25 posts/week 36 likes/post 3,953 followers 3 Tweets/week 1/Retweet/post N/A N/A N/A WORLD PRESS PHOTO 193,993 likes 5.25 posts/week 131 likes/post 131,000 followers 53.5 Tweets/week 6 retweets/post 4,127 followers 9 Posts/week 70 favorites/post NPPA BOP 8,855 likes 7.5 posts/week 23 likes/post 31,400 followers 12.25 Tweets/week 8 retweets/post N/A N/A N/A IPA - THE LUCIE AWARDS 29,693 likes 0.25 posts/week 10 likes/post 533 likes Inactive since 11/14 2 retweets/post N/A N/A N/A ATLANTA PJ SEMINAR 1,417 likes 0.25 post/week 3 likes/post 666 followers 1 Tweet/week 1 retweet/post 306 followers Inactive since 11/14 8 favorites/post FACEBOOK POSTS/WEEK LIKES/POST TWITTER AVE. TWEETS/WK RETWEETS/POST INSTAGRAM POSTS/WEEK FAVORITES/POST POYi.indd 12-13 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  8. 8. 14 15 Based on our secondary research findings, the POYi consumer is broken down into three categories. Content providers are the photographers who submit their work to the competition. Content consumers are divided into two separate groups: photography enthusiasts and students/researchers. For the purpose of our analysis, we will primarily be focusing on photographers. Photographers lifestyles arent exactly glorious. They work long hours in tough conditions, they are underpaid and the job market remains uncertain. In regards to the consumers relationship with POYi, they have predominantly submitted to the contest more than once. The current market is made up of staff, agency and freelance professional photographers. In our secondary research, we concluded that the main reason photographers enter the annual POYi competition was to gain professional recognition for their work. We also discovered a desire to establish connectivity with other freelance journalists to help them workshop with one another to create friendships and advance their careers. The journalism industrys current perception of the POYi competition is mainly positive, with an overall high regard toward the POYi historical archives that showcase the competitions experienced and traditional background. To gather previous information about the entrants of POYi, we looked at the graduate project entitled, Pictures of the Year International: strategies for generating earned income by James A. Maritz, IV published in 2010. Most photographers in these secondary findings stated their high-involvement with the contest, despite the fact that most had entered into other competitions. Photographers provided several suggestions that would strengthen POYi. They suggested including a potential partnership with NPR and that POYi continues to add diversity to the judging panel. Multiple consumers showed interest in the idea of a professional lecture series that would provide educational reach to the entire field of professional photographers while simultaneously promoting POYi throughout the year. Consumer WHEN IM TAKING PHOTOS, THE MOMENT IS KEY. HAVE I SEEN A PHOTO THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THIS? I WANT TO DO IT BETTER, I WANT TO BEAT THEM. LETS TRY TO GET IT FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE. EVERYONE HAS A STORY AND I WANT TO TELL IT IN THE MOST CREATIVE WAY POSSIBLE. Consumer Insight POYi.indd 14-15 5/8/15 8:07 PM
  9. 9. 16 17 WORLD PRESS PHOTO Began in 1960. Executive board and an advisory board. 25 full time staff members. Free First prize in all categories is 1500. Overall World Press Photo of the year: 10000 and Canon donates a DSLR camera and lens set to the winner. All prize-winning photos go on exhibition tour in 100 cities, 45 countries. Also included in annual yearbook, distributed in seven different languages. 9 categories Jury operates independently and a secretary who has no vote safeguards fair and balanced judging system Joop Swart Masterclass, Dutch Postcode Lottery, Canon & others. World Press Photo Exhibit, Joop Swart Masterclass, Educational Programs, Publishing Facebook & Twitter NPPA BEST OF PHOTOJOURNALISM NPPA founded in 1947 8 Committee members Free 1st Place Winners receive a plaque. Honorable mentions receive a certificate. No cash prizes. n/a 90 categories About 50 working professional judges around the world will be used a "direct-to- judges" system. Poynter, Ibibli, Camera Bits, Ohio University, St.Petersburg Times Discussion boards, Job Bank, Workshops, Seminars, Mentoring program, Business practice information Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo & LinkedIn IPAS (THE LUCIE AWARDS) Records online dating back to 2003 7 members on its full time staff $35, $60, $25 (Single, Series, ADDL) Lucie Statue, $10,000 cash prize, work exhibited, two tickets to the Lucie Awards, published in the IPA Annual and newsletter to over 50,000 IPA members. n/a 11 categories The IPA invites creatives and photography experts to view and select