PK-1 Vocabulary Books: Mother¢â‚¬â„¢s Day celebrate them on...

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Transcript of PK-1 Vocabulary Books: Mother¢â‚¬â„¢s Day celebrate them on...

  • Interactive Vocabulary




    Mother’s Day

  • interactive Vocabulary books Instructions

    •  Included in this packet: One Mother’s Day Interactive Vocabulary Book. Please enjoy this freebie and check out the other Interactive Books in my store!

    •  One page will be your base (page 9.) The page that is the base of your book has the picture symbols on the right side. Leave that page whole. Cut the other pages in half (pages 3-8.) Hole punch and add on top of the left side of your base. Take the extra 12 icon cards (page 10) and use them as your interactive pieces. Laminate everything. Add Velcro to all parts of the book.

    •  As you read each page of the book, ask your student to find the correct interactive piece (on the right side) and attach it to the page on the left .

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  • Moms are special people. We celebrate them on Mother’s Day!

    Mother’s Day

    Speech Room News Speech Room News 2

  • Moms cook for us. Moms read to us.

    Speech Room News Speech Room News 4 3

  • On Mother’s Day, we can give our moms flowers.

    Moms take care of us when we are sick.

    Speech Room News Speech Room News 6 5

  • Speech Room News Speech Room News

    We can give our moms hugs. We can help our moms in the garden.

    8 7

  • Speech Room News Speech Room News

    Moms also like when you make them cards!

    On Mother’s Day, moms like homemade presents.

    10 9

  • Speech Room News Speech Room News

    You might get to spend time with your grandmother too!

    On Mother’s Day, you can make your mom breakfast!

    12 11

  • Speech Room News Speech Room News

    Make sure you spend time with your mom on Mother’s Day and tell her

    how much you love her! 14 13

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