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  • PinThing By Jason Huggins h0p:// h0p:// h0p://
  • Motorized Pin Art What if you could motorize every pin in a pin art display?
  • ApplicaQons Clocks Games Tetris, Pong, Snake! "Google Earth for the Blind Render a 3D scene in actual 3D KineQc Sculpture / Large Art displays Store-front window displays for company logos Your Idea Here!
  • Electronics: Arduino Custom SchemaQc (Yeah, Fritzing!) H-Bridges motor bi-direcQonal control Serial-In-Parallel-Out Shi[ Registers controls a lot using a li0le
  • So[ware: Visual Python (Vpython) 3D so[ware for mere mortals (three.js / canvas) pySerial for computerArduino control
  • from pinmachine import *import timea = pinblock()b = pinblock()c = pinblock()d = pinblock()a.block.pos = vector(-4.5,0,0)b.block.pos = vector(-1.5,0,0)c.block.pos = vector(1.5,0,0)d.block.pos = vector(4.5,0,0)# Its "show time" time. ;-)while 1: thetime = time.strftime("%I:%M:%S",time.localtime()) hours, minutes, seconds = thetime.split(:) hours = hours.replace(0, )[0])[1])[0])[1]) time.sleep(1)
  • Mechanical: Laser cuang FTW! 2D design in Inkscape Cuang by