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  • 1.Why the interest in ?

2. Social Media- The great leveler What is it? Who uses it? How can I use it for my Small Business? 3. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!The differences betweentraditional methods ofmarketing and Internetmarketing lie ineffectiveness, ease andcost. 4. What is pinterest? Social photo sharing website that allowsusers to create and manage theme-based image collections such asevents, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards forinspiration, re-pin images to their owncollections or facebook like photos. 5. saysabout pinterestThe online pinboard is drivingserious traffic and proving to be apowerful online marketing tool forsome companies. 6. Pinners predominately are female age 25-54 years of age care more about design andaesthetics than the averageonline user visit for an average of 16minutes 7. The pinterest layout About us Picture Customizable pinboards/categories Follow and followers 8. Pinterests & SEO Impact Pinterest is an excellent tool to utilize inregards to driving traffic to your websiteand gaining online exposure. Pinterest can be linked to Facebook orTwitter is great for those who want to buildtheir companys SEO score. Connect Pinterest to other social mediaplatforms for great linkbuilding andbacklinking for your website and itscontent. 9. SocialMedia andCustomer service! Oh my! 10. What is the #*&@! are these?!#@ 11. Connecting the dotsSocial media platforms:Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter,pinterest, google+, spotify,blogger, Constant Contact ,wordpress, youtube, vimeo,slideshare.Dont forget your email signature& domain name! 12. Branding Power Create your about usbe sure to includesearchable keywords, yourname, vicinity, type of business/specialty Be consistent with font type, size andcolors. Add logo and/or picture Use the same voice throughout yoursocial media pages 13. Social Media Recipe: 1 cups of Facebook for everyday engagement and events. cup LinkedIn for Business to Business contacts (thinkabout your strategic planwho you would like to partnerwith).3 tbls. Pinterest is to visually sell your products orservices and/or to connect and engage.A sprinkling of Twitter (micro blogging) is for the day of the event. Additions to the recipe: cup monthly or quarterly digital newsletter cup of blogger/wordpress for quarterly events, new hires or seasonal adjustments 14. TAKE ACTION email me chena.tucker@oswego.eduwith Social Media Calendar in the subjectline and I will send you a digital copy!!!