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Contains: background on pinterest, basics & tips, how-to, best of, etc.

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  • 1 | P a g e PINTEREST GUIDE for NONPROFITS by Kristin McGinnis, MBA
  • 2 | P a g e Pint Background on Pinterest _______________________________________________________ 3 Demographics of Pinterest___________________________________________________________ 3 Benefits of Pinterest________________________________________________________________ 3 Followers ________________________________________________________________________ 4 Pinterest Basics & Tips _________________________________________________________ 5 Basics ___________________________________________________________________________ 5 Tips on Boards ____________________________________________________________________ 5 Tips on Pinning & Images____________________________________________________________ 6 Tips on Following & Followers________________________________________________________ 8 Tips on Liking Images, Repining, & Comments ___________________________________________ 8 Tips on Searches___________________________________________________________________ 8 Integrating Pinterest with Your Website________________________________________________ 9 Syncing Pinterest Account with other Social Media Websites_______________________________ 9 Pinterest How-To ____________________________________________________________ 10 Pinning 101______________________________________________________________________ 10 Creating Boards __________________________________________________________________ 10 Community Boards________________________________________________________________ 10 Adding Images to Boards Manually (without use of Pin It button) ________________________ 11 Best OfPinterest Pinners and Boards ___________________________________________ 13 Examples of Other Non-Profits on Pinterest____________________________________________ 13 Inspiring Green Boards on Pinterest __________________________________________________ 13 Other Successful Pages (not nonprofit)________________________________________________ 14 References _________________________________________________________________ 15
  • 3 | P a g e Background on Pinterest Demographics of Pinterest Pinterest is now on the top 10 list for social media platforms (Buck , 2012). Most social media platforms are populated by men ages 18-44 (Kaplan, 2012), however Pinterest reaches a different demographic, with the predominant user being women ages 25-44 (Haydon, n.d.). Most of these women are product and market-loving, being the main purchasers for their households. Pinterest grew 4,000 percent in six months and had over 32 million visitors in November 2012 (Waters, 2012). Benefits of Pinterest Pins on Pinterest are linked directly to their website source. This can generate a lot of traffic to the your website, if the images are pinned directly from the website. For example, if you pin an image of a product from your business website onto your Pinterest board and a person clicks on the image, they will be directed back to your website (huge SEO bonus points), as Haydon explains (n.d., para. 6). Pinterest can also be used for creative marketing strategies. For example, Lands End held a contest and gave away a $250 gift certificate for the Pinner who created the most unique holiday pinboard. More benefits from Waters (2011): Do you have an interesting or compelling story to tell with images? Every cause does, but believing you do is half the battle. Pinterest is a natural site for museums, historical sites and cultural institutions. Maybe your nonprofit helps needy kids and you have a pinboard called "happy moments" to capture all the great things you're doing for and with kids. (Waters, 2012). Is your cause considered hip, trendy, or do you just want to be? Pinterest users are looking for cool, trendy and hip things. I think organizations such as Goodwill and Shelter Scotland could pin fashionable used clothes available in their stores. Conservation International could post images of the beautiful and endangered frogs they are trying to save. (Waters, 2012). Are you engaged on other social media platforms? Despite my enthusiasm for Pinterest, it's not a standalone platform. I wouldn't start with it unless I already had an active blog, Facebook and Twitter. It's win-win. You'll gain traffic from visitors to Pinterest but your social media platforms can drive traffic to it as well. (Waters, 2012).
  • 4 | P a g e Are you looking to reap the rewards of local SEO? I've talked about the benefits of your nonprofit being easily found online. Pinterest can give your SEO a big boost because the links posted there - every image links to a real web page - are being posted by REAL PEOPLE and not marketers and spammers trying to game the system. This won't last forever so get busy now! (Waters, 2012). Followers Just like Twitter, Pinterest is a social community based on followship and thats why you must be very interested in offering users what they really wantfollowers. So, by following others people will notice you and as a sign of appreciation they will follow you back in no time. Now, Im not saying you should start following like a freak, but try to find people with similar interest and try to build a bond with them. (Cosmin, n.d.).
  • 5 | P a g e Pinterest Basics & Tips Basics 1. Give the job to someone who has an eye for aesthetics. Not everyone has a good eye for pictures -- that includes me! Just look at some of the images on Pinterest. They're beautiful. Yours should be too. (Waters, 2012) 2. Learn from these 15 Pinterest superusers. I found this article on the habits of 15 superusers very helpful on what Pinterest is for and not and how to use it wisely. This post made me laugh as there is only one guy on the list. Yep, Pinterest is for the ladies. (Waters, 2012) 3. According to Moth (2013) Greenpeace is running their Pinterest very well, with over 1,000 images to 46 boards and over 6,000 followers. Most of the boards focus on a particular campaign or initiative, such as saving the arctic or protecting rainforests, while others make use of Greenpeaces celebrity endorsements.As with other charities and brands most of the pins link back to Greenpeace's own website, but the overall mix of nature, animals, fashion and celebs is perfect for Pinterest as its all content that people like to shareGreenpeace has also made use of Pinterests community feature by creating boards that allow other users to post their favourite images related to environmental issues. (Moth, 2013) 4. Food is Pinterests most popular topic. Oxfam has clearly done its research on the kind of content that tends to get shared on Pinterest and as a result eight of its 23 boards are food related... These include boards named Cook smarter and Less meaty meals, which tie into Oxfam campaigns around sustainable living but also cleverly target Pinterest most popular topic. (Moth, 2013) 5. Oxfam is one of the few charities that isn't shy about pinning content from third-party sites (Moth, 2013) Tips on Boards 1. Create Pinterest boards with a specific purpose in mind. (Haydon, n.d.) 2. Collaborate with co-workers or team members to help build your Pinterest board by using the board edit feature Me + Contributors. Lets say your organization has a project to build a house. You can call the board The House That Love Built and invite team leaders to post photos of tools needed, progress of the build, and volunteers. (Haydon, n.d.) 3. Create an online fundraising catalog. Add $ symbol and the amount of an item in the pin description, i.e., $7.95 or $5.00. A grey banner with the price will be displayed on the upper left corner. Your pin will automatically go into the gifts tab located at the top of the homepage. (Haydon, n.d.) 4. Use keywords to name your Pinterest boards, board descriptions, and pin descriptions for search engine optimization (SEO). (Haydon, n.d.)
  • 6 | P a g e 5. Create categories that reflect what users are looking for. If you run the Paul Revere House and want to post pictures of the furnishings and silver work call it "Early American Decor" or "Silver Teapots." (Waters, 2012). 6. Community boards are great way to increase traffic (Moth, 2013) o Oxfam disclaimer on their community board: Please add to this board pins related to title theme. No spam, No nudity, No advertising! Do not pin more than 10 pins at a time. If you would like to join group boards, you send me board name you want to join and your Pinterest address at facebook message. I don't want to add your friends to this board no longer. Happy Pinning! 7. Moth (2013) recommends not having empty boards, ensuring each board has amply pins 8. Amnesty UK has an excellent collection of boards, with content including its various campaigns, celebrities, recommended reading, Christmas cheer and images of staff members. (Moth, 2013) 9. Boards should have no less than 10 pins/images each, to show professionalism and to engage/excite followers (McGinnis) Tips on Pinning & Images 1. Use eye-catching images to get peoples attention and repins. The more repins, the more chances youll have people clicking to the source website. (Haydon, n.d.) 2. Like the other social media networks, Pinterest is not a place to blatantly promote your organization. You will turn people away if you constantly push your cause. Instead, pin images that capture the lifestyle and essence of your organization while building a community of potential donors and volunteers who share the same interests. (Haydon, n.d.) 3. Be useful. Pinterest users are looking for ideas and inspiration. Speak to that muse. Just don't pin a