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Sparky’s BarkSparky is a dog who barks at everyone. But have you ever wondered what Sparky’s bark means? This is a simple story for any kid who loves dogs.

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-81-928067-5-4

Billy ChewsLittle Billy Goat loves chewing things. Perhaps a little too much. He doesn’t care what he chews as long as it’s chew-able! But when he chomps down on a stick of bubblegum, he accidentally blows a bubble and finds himself floating over the city.

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-26-8

Worms as pets

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-81-928067-6-1

A little girl wants a a worm for a pet! Will her mother let her have one? A story that will definitely leave every child wanting her own adorable creepy-crawly worm as a pet.

Ramu’s RideRamu wants nothing more than to ride a bike. When Sara offers to take him on her cycle, he is overjoyed! But the bike won’t stop. Hop on for an action-packed ride with Ramu, Sara, and a host of entertaining characters.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-01-5

Recommended Age: 3+

Where Is Bear’s Shoe?It’s time for Bear to get ready for school. But, oh no, Bear can’t find her shoe! Where is Bear’s Shoe? is a charming tale about a creative bear cub.

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-81-928067-7-8

My First WordsA picture speaks thousand words. With more than 120 words and many more pictures, this expertly curated book helps your child to develop early language skills. Make learning their first words fun!

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-25-1

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Recommended Age: 4+

The New Year’s PartySana and her little sister Moti are having lots of fun at New Year’s Eve party. But suddenly Moti disappears. Now Sana has to follow the trail of clues, and find her sister before Mama realises she’s missing!

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-37-4

The New Year's PartyStory by Sanjana

Pictures by Sandhya

Sana looksall around.

Where, oh wherehas Moti gone?

FictionRs. 150

Ages 2 and upMs Moochie

It is New Year’s Eve. Sana must take care of her little sister, Moti. Is she upto the task?

Join Sana on her quest in this adorable lost-and-found tale written by Sanjana and illustrated by Sandhya.

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series employs strategies to reinforce pre-reading skills. The stories, set in recognisable Indian environments, aim to engage a child and make reading fun. Look for:

aRhythm and RhymeaPicture to text correspondenceaEasy wordsaActivities

Has your child read the entire series yet?

ISBN - 978-93-85290-37-4

Frank Goes To The MarketIt’s Frank’s first trip to the market and he is thrilled! He RUNS towards a sea of tomatoes. He HOPS towards a cart of potatoes. Finally he TURNS around to look at his mother. To his dismay, she isn’t there.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-19-0

Dev Likes to Help! Dev only wants to help but he can’t seem to do anything right. There is a mess, there is a muddle. Can you guess? Who caused this trouble? A story about Dev’s merry mischief is sure to tickle the reader’s funny bone.

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-81-928067-8-5

The Big Bad BullI Won’t Eat That!Azgul the Bull enjoys tormenting every creature he comes across on the farm. Even the farmer cannot stop him. Will one little bird be able to stand up to him?

Though Appa tries his best to get Chinna to try the delicious food that he painstakingly cooks for her every day, she refuses each time. It’s the same story on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. What happens on Thursday?

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-11-4

Price: Rs. 175ISBN No: 978-93-85290-39-8

Sit StillViji is a fearless tot who can’t sit still in one spot. She doesn’t mean to be disruptive but her behaviour often annoys the people around her. Will Viji ever be accepted for who she is?

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-20-6

I Love You More!Wow! Jay has gotten a new bed. But is he ready to sleep alone? Jay feels Ma has stopped loving him. Why else would she make him sleep in his own bed? Will Ma be able to reassure Jay?

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-27-5

Tara’s ElephantWhile Tara is at the city zoo, she spots a giant elephant and comes up with an audacious idea. She decides to take him home!

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-09-1

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Recommended Age: 4+

Ramya’s Snack BoxRamya can’t wait to eat her special treats. However, the rest of her classmates want a bite too. What will Ramya do? Packed with humour, this story focuses on the joys and pitfalls of sharing.

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-10-7

The Happy PlaceRamya wants green plants to grow and flower to bloom in the garden. She has the tools. She has seeds. But does she have the will?

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-29-9

Ramya’s Fancy Dress MessYippee! There is going to be a fancydress contest! Ramya and her friendsare excited to dress up and showcase their talent. But on the day of the event, Ramya and her friend Anya are in fora big surprise.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-32-9

Ramya’s BatRamya watches a game of cricket. She is eager to bat, but her friends are not so keen to let her play. Neither is Pa, as he thinks it is a boys’ game. Will Ramya get her chance to bat?

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-28-2

Ramu The HeroLook out world! Here comes Ramu the Great! Ramu is all set to be the perfect superhero. But soon realizes that there’s lot more to being a hero than dressing up for the part. Join Ramu to know what it takes to be a real hero.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-31-2

Ramu At The Fair Food stands, game stalls, and fun rides! It’s Ramu’s first time at a fair and he’s having a great time with his friend Sara. He can’t wait to sit on the big giant wheel. But once the ride starts, Ramu feels afraid. What will Ramu do?

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-30-5

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Recommended Age: 5+

Suddenly CowAnu doesn’t want to eat upma for breakfast but Amma is waiting for her to finish. Suddenly, a cow appears. The cow helps Anu by popping up through-out her day in the most unlikely situations. When it’s Anu’s turn to help the cow, what does she do?

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-33-6

The Magic UmbrellasLeela’s mother buys her a new umbrella for school. At lunch time, it goes missing. Nobody has taken it. No one sees or hears anything except for a gentle whoosh. Where does the umbrella go?

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-18-3

Aditi ZooMeet Aditi. She wants a sibling very much and asks her parents for one. Aditi’s father sets her one challenge after another. Aditi is brave, coura-geous, and determined. And doesn’t take no for an answer! This is the story of how Aditi becomes Aditi Zoo!

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-81-928067-0-9

Mangoes and MischiefMalu and Moidootty find themselves in a pickle for stealing mangoes. And what must they do to get themselves out of trouble? Find many, many more mangoes! This is a scrumptious tale set in the heart of Kerala.

Price: Rs. 100ISBN No: 978-93-85290-21-3

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Little Learners Big Ideas: Storybooks

Merry The Elephant Merry The Elephant’s Paper Plane

Merry The Elephant’s Rainy Day

Merry The Elephant’s Show And Tell

Meet Merry! This happy little elephant wants to paint a nice picture for her teacher, Miss Moo. But her classmate, Gee the Langur, does something terrible to her painting.What will Merry do?

Merry is excited! She has made her first ever paper plane. Her friend, Rino the Rhino, tries to fly it. But a strong wind lifts the paper plane high in the sky and blows it away. Will Merry get her special plane back?

It’s a rainy, rainy day! Merry and her friends are stuck at school. So is a little ladybug. Will the poor little thing get wet in the rain? Or will children come up with an idea to keep it safe and dry?

It’s a Show and Tell day at school! Rino brings a picture of a mango, Fara brings a bunch of grapes, Gee brings a shopping cart with watermelons, and Chital dresses up like a carrot. What has Merry bought to share with her classmates?

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-40-4

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-41-1

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-44-2

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-43-5

The LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum is created in collaboration with BLPS partner schools who found the existing options

unsuited for their needs. It is a balanced, practical, pre-primary curriculum built on storybooks and theme-based classroom engagements. The Merry the Elephant Series was developed to provide children with an easy way to learn about various themes. The books also have different sight words which are

highlighted in order to improve reading skills in emergent readers.

Page 7: Picture Books - Get Freadom

Merry The Elephant And The Diwali Lamps

Merry The Elephant’s Dance Class

Merry The Elephant’s Banana Feast

Merry The Elephant And Baby Kiki

Merry the Elephant is at Gee’s house for a Diwali celebration. The children make a rangoli drawing and decorate the house with flowers and lamps. But not everyone is enjoying the party. What’s bothering Gee’s grandfather?

. . . 5, 6, 7, 8! Merry loves to dance but there’s just one problem - she can’t remember any of the steps which makes her bump into all her friends! Will Rino be able to help?

It’s banana season in Care Nagar. Everyone in the neighbourhood has made a different kind of banana dish and Merry is invited to taste all of them. The treats are yummy but Merry is not happy. What is keeping her from enjoying the delicious food?

Merry is meeting her baby cousin, Kiki, for the first time. She can’t wait to hold her. But there’s just one problem. The baby won’t stop crying! Can Merry come up with a plan to calm her down?

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-47-3

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-48-0

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-49-7

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-50-3

Little Learners Big Ideas: Storybooks

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The Me BookOur World

My WorldMy Early Learning Book

My Book Of FunTheir World

Price: Rs. 200Price: Rs. 200

Price: Rs. 200

Price: Rs. 200

Price: Rs. 200Price: Rs. 200

My Reading CompanionThis book aims to equip your child with essential strategies while learning to read. Systematic instruction, vibrant illustrations, flashcards, activities, and stories and more help children experience the joy of reading.

Price: Rs. 300ISBN No: 978-93-85290-12-1

Little Learners Big Ideas: Activity Books

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Ms Moochie Books

Early Chapter Books

Page 10: Picture Books - Get Freadom

Recommended Age: 7+

Not My Long Blue SkirtPrincess Uma’s room is crammed with all sorts of things. So her mother, the Queen, gives away some of her clothes to the neighbouring children . . . including Uma’s favourite long blue skirt! Can Princess Uma learn the value in sharing and the importance of letting go?

Price: Rs. 175ISBN No: 978-93-85290-45-9

Lola And ChackoLola’s beloved dog Chacko has disappeared into the forest. The one with the monster in it! Is Lola’s love for Chacko greater than her fear of the forest?

Price: Rs. 175ISBN No: 978-93-85290-42-8

The Dog Who Taught Me MathParvathy struggles with her homework every evening until she finds an unlikely companion: Kutti, her neighbour’s retired police dog. Together they discover the lasting power of friendship.

Price: Rs. 150ISBN No: 978-93-85290-24-4

Paramartha Guru and his Five Disciples Paramartha Guru has five disciples: Fool, Dodo, Clown, Monkey, and DB (Donkey-Brained). The six of them can’t get through a day without something very foolish.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-81-928067-4-7

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Ms Moochie Books

Short Stories

Page 12: Picture Books - Get Freadom

Recommended Age: 9+

Eeee... Here’s My Story!Geeta Ramanujam, founder of Kathalaya Academy of Storytelling, grew up in the 1960s. India was a young country then, dealing with serious issues. But Geeta was only concerned with play, fun, and mischief. This book tells her story with text and comic strips.

Price: Rs. 300ISBN No: 978-93-85290-16-9

Travelling LightPack your bags and get ready for the ride. This series of five short stories chronicles a variety of incredible journeys from the points of view of the children involved. They go on trips to places real and fictional—Sri Lanka, Hampi, Raaj Machi, Bandhavgarh National Park, and Malakini Hills. Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-02-2

Too Cool For SchoolA collection of short stories about friend-ship, pranks, dares, and classroom antics. These are vignettes of student life from schools around India. Along with giving you a window into childhood, this book is bound to entertain, bring a smile to your face, and lift your spirits.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-35-0

The Taxi Ride And Other Spooky StoriesMurderous spirits, chopped fingers, and a haunted ouija board are only a few of the bone-chilling elements in this collection. Read these stories curled up in the comfort of your bed. Be warned. These stories are not for the faint-hearted.Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-34-3

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Ms Moochie Books

Chapter Books

Page 14: Picture Books - Get Freadom

Recommended Age: 10+

The Missing Mathematics NotebookRamanujam annoys his teacher when he announces in class that his Mathematics notebook has been stolen from home. His teacher doesn’t believe him. It’s the truth, though. Of all things, why will anyone want to steal Ramanujam’s Mathematics notebook? Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-22-0

Domestic International SchoolClassrooms look like the inside of an aeroplane; the principal sits at the top of a tower, and the occasional plane makes an emergency landing at this school.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-15-2

The Foodie From Out ThereGuindy National Park, Chennai was the site of an alien landing a few hours ago. Find out why the visitors are here, what they want, and just how far they will go to get it.

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-04-6

Mr X - The StorytellerMr X is in love. He needs to win over Maya, the daughter of the lady he’s in love with, to be a part of their lives. Maya sets a condition that this can happen only if he tells her a great story. Mr X finds that he has work cut out for him.

Price: Rs. 225ISBN No: 978-93-85290-07-7

City Of RubbleSrinath, Suresh, and Harleen, feel their home - the guild of orphans - begin to rumble. They fall out the window side to see the building of their guild, and others like it, walking away. To make things worse, the buildings have taken their friend Kishore captive.

Price: Rs. 225ISBN No: 978-93-85290-23-7

Quiz QuestThe four best quizzers of the Sequoia High School quiz club have a shot of winning the National Quiz challenge. But two of the quizzers are “frenemies”. Can they overcome their differences to work together and help their school claim the title?

Price: Rs. 200ISBN No: 978-93-85290-03-9

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Ms Moochie Books

Ms Moochie Books is a young, independent publishing house based in Chennai.

The books that we publish are selected through a unique process with a lot of help from our sister concern - The Book Lovers’ Program for Schools (BLPS).

BLPS has a team of in-house storytellers who travel to over 50 schools across the country and tell children stories.

Here’s how it happens.

A writer has an idea for a new story. Said writer, along with the BLPS storytellers, travel to schools and share the story with hundreds of children. The children tell the author what they like about the story and what they dislike. They often give

suggestions on how to make the story bigger and better. Based on these suggestions, the author writes the story.

An illustrator draws nice pictures for the book. The story is checked for spelling and other mistakes. Finally, the book is given to Ms Moochie. If she loves it, she

prints it!

This unique process ensures that the books are loved by everyone, especially the children.

This catalogue has all the delightful books that Ms Moochie has loved so far. If you love books and reading and wonderful stories, you might just want to order

all of them. Happy reading!

Website: www.multistory.inEmail: [email protected]: Flat No. A6, 2nd floor, Mahbubani towers, Door no. 18/15-48,North Boag Road,T.Nagar, Chennai - 600017Phone: 8122074425 / 24 / 04

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