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Pickleball Slowly making its way around America A Great Game for Montpelier Positive Family Relations Positive Public Relations

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Page 1: Pickleball for Montpelier

Pickleball Slowly making its way around


A Great Game for Montpelier

Positive Family Relations

Positive Public Relations

Page 2: Pickleball for Montpelier

PickleBall’s not-so-humble beginnings

• Pickleball was “invented” on Bainbridge Island - a short ferry ride from Seattle

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1%er’s gift to America?Congressmen Joel Pritchard (1925-1997; R-

WA) and his friend, William Bell, invented the game one day when they couldn’t find shuttlecocks for their kids’ badminton game. They made makeshift wooden paddles and used a wiffleball -- their kids loved it.

So did “Pickles,” the family dog – he would chase the wiffleballs and hide in bushes

• Thus the name: “Pickleball”.

Page 4: Pickleball for Montpelier

• Pickles - co-inventor of pickleball. • Pickles would chase after the errant balls and then hide

in the bushes. • Initially, families played Pickleball in their backyards on a

hard surface, on driveways, and on residential dead-end streets.

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Pickle-ball in a nutshell

• A sport for all ages; indoors/outdoors

• Combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis

• Net two inches lower than tennis (ideally); court 20’ by 44”

• Hard paddle and a wiffle ball

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Equipment Wiffle ball (similar) Wooden or graphite

paddles Low net – 34”- can

play with slightly higher or lower

20’x44’ court size (singles & doubles)

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Easy to Adapt Montpelier Courts

• One line to be drawn in chalk 7 feet from the net, parallel to the net (“no volley zone”

• (will wash away and can be redrawn by anyone who wants to play)

• The singles Tennis boundaries can be used

• Later, if it really proves popular on and the Board wants to go further, any of the tennis courts can be formally “retrofitted” to TWO pickleball courts – But this would be for Summer 2014 IF it catches on.

Page 8: Pickleball for Montpelier

My “committee”

• To teach Pickleball:• Floyd Zablotney, Senior Citizen, many years

playing and planning Pickleball (moving to Millersville June 2013)

• Kevin Hall, Swimming Instructor, Fairlands, experienced teaching Pickleball at Gallaudet University

• Neighbors who have volunteered to assist• David Gorthy, Susanne Sutton, Lillian Fazio

(Tennis Court Coordinator)• Other Montpelier Residents being recruited

Page 9: Pickleball for Montpelier

What do we need from the Board

• Permission to use the courts on July 20 with 27th as a rain/unforeseen circumstances date

• Permission to use chalk to mark out the “no-volley” line parallel to the net

• Moral Support (announce on web, etc)

Page 10: Pickleball for Montpelier

The Remaining Slides

• Additional information about the game – for the Board’s pleasure

Page 11: Pickleball for Montpelier


For information on Rules, strategies, positioning, court size, etcCheck this link out:http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0157/4690/files/243978_Pickle_Ball_Rules.pdf?3421

Page 12: Pickleball for Montpelier

General rules

• Ball served underhand diagonally, starting from the right side, then alternating,

• Must bounce once on receiving side before returning the ball (volley) – after this it can be hit in the air (no bounce) or after bouncing once

• Play to eleven points, win by 2 points• Faults/lose serve

– Hit out of bounds– Does not clear the net– Volleyed from the non-volley zone– Initial Volley before bounce

Page 13: Pickleball for Montpelier

Unique Attributes• Pickleball has three unique


–The serve position

–The double bounce rule

–The non-volley zone

• The three rules are not found in any other racquet sports.

Page 14: Pickleball for Montpelier

Some History: In 1984, the USA Pickleball Association became the governing body of the sport and published its first official rulebook. The organization has 15,000 members and 30 registered courts in 12 states.

The game is most popular in Washington State where it was founded nearly 40 years ago. Pickles would be proud.

Page 15: Pickleball for Montpelier

USA Pickleball Association

• This organization has 15,000 members and 30 registered courts in 12 states.

• This sport obviously is most popular in the state of Washington where it was created.

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Pickleball Today

Very popular with senior citizens

Can set it up anywhere

Good for learning racquet skills

Kids love it!

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Pickleball has spread across North America. There are an estimated 2,000 players in and around Surprise alone, according to leaders of the association, whose mission is to promote the sport.

Page 18: Pickleball for Montpelier

The Villages (Florida): “Pickleball Mecca”

• 100 courts

• 4 levels of play

• Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles

• National Tournaments are Held

• Popular in the Senior Games

• Also very popular in Surprise, Az. and other warmer 55+ communities

Page 19: Pickleball for Montpelier

Video of various ages playing Pickle-Ball

• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbOLYTAz5g4

• The video shows numerous kinds of hits which include: volley, smash, rally, lob and more

Page 20: Pickleball for Montpelier


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