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  • Phytosanitary.info IPPC Phytosanitary Technical Resources

    IPPC Secretariat

    Regional IPPC Workshops



  • Background

    Makes useful resources on phytosanitary issues available to

    contracting parties and to the general public.

    Developed through IPPC Capacity Development activities as

    an output for the support component of the Implementation

    Review and Support System and to host products developed

    under specific projects.

  • In 2011 an inventory of available technical resources in all languages was made, through a call to IPPC contracting parties, RPPOs and other relevant institutions and organisations.

    Nearly 400 manuals, reports, handbooks, guidelines, links, etc, have been received by the Secretariat.

    Reviewed by the relevant subsidiary boy(-ies) and appear publically in the phytosanitary.info site after approval

    Diagnostic protocols, pest information factsheets, PRA material and bilateral agreements are exceptions for review.

    Disclaimer: Published phytosanitary technical resources included in the phytosanitary.info website are not endorsed/adopted/agreed by the CPM


  • Procedure to review technical resources

    1: Identify, collect and compile submitted resources

    2: Submit list and resources to the CDC or other relevant subsidiary boy-(ies)

    3: Develop a procedure

    4: Review and note resources

  • At phytosanitary.info you can find and contribute phytosanitary technical resources

    from and to the world's plant protection community. Over 200 resources are currently

    available on the page including manuals, guides, pest information, diagnostic protocols



  • Useful tools and databases:

    Newly launched Roster of Consultants

    Project and activities databases

    E-learning course on Pest Risk Analysis

    (Spanish and English)

    Soon available Donors Table

  • Roster of Consultants Web-based database of service providers on

    phytosanitary issues

    Offer information on self-nominated experts with competencies in developing phytosanitary capacity.

    Intended to help national plant protection organizations, organizations/institutions and other stakeholders find the expertise they need to successfully implement phytosanitary capacity developments projects and activities around the world.

  • http://phytosanitary.info/consultants

    Presentation on Phytosanitary.info-updated July 2013.ppt

  • http://phytosanitary.info/projects

    Presentation on Phytosanitary.info-updated July 2013.ppt

  • http://phytosanitary.info/activities

    Presentation on Phytosanitary.info-updated July 2013.ppt

  • Current activities

    Make phytosanitary.info more interactive-improve the website.

    IPPC Secretariat seeks to promote the phytosanitary.info web page by making another call for technical resources

    Send an announcement to relevant partner organizations informing them about the roster of consultants.

    The Bureau decided that adopted IPPC standards (including phytosanitary treatments and diagnostic protocols) could be added to the site, and agreed to request the modification of the disclaimer on the phytosanitary resources page to clarify that resources on the site were unofficial unless otherwise specified.

  • Promote the phytosanitary.info The IPPC encourage all IPPC contracting parties,

    RPPOs and relevant organizations to:

    Contribute with phytosanitary technical resources (in any language).

    To review the data for their countries and update the projects and activities databases regularly.

    Encourage your countrys best expertise to upload their profile to the Roster of Consultants.

    To use the Roster of Consultants

  • Contact

    IPPC Secretariat IPP: www.ippc.int

    Phytosanitary Resources: www.phytosantiary.info

    Helpdesk: http://irss.ippc.int/helpdesk/

    Email: ippc@fao.org


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