Phu£¯ gia trong co£¢ng nghe£¤ polymer - »¥ng trong...

download Phu£¯ gia trong co£¢ng nghe£¤ polymer - »¥ng trong c£´ng ngh„»â€gia c£´ng v„›­t li„»â€u polymer. 9M„»¥c

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Transcript of Phu£¯ gia trong co£¢ng nghe£¤ polymer - »¥ng trong...

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    Phu gia trong cong nghe polymer

    TS. Le Minh cTrng ai hoc Bach khoa, ai hoc a Nang

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    Mc tiu mn hcMc tiu chung: cung cp cho sinh vin cc kin thc c bn v cc loi cht ph gia sdng trong cng ngh gia cng vt liu polymer.

    Mc tiu c th: hiu r cc c trng, tnh cht, c ch hot ng ca cc ph gia nhm ci thin tnh cht ca vt liu. T s dng mt cch c hiu qu cc loi ph gia.

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    Ti liu tham kho

    J. Murphy, Additives for Plastics Hanbook, 2001G. Wypych, Handbook of plasticizers, William Andrew Publishing, 2004M. Xanthos, Functional Fillers for Plastics, 2005.Mchel Tolinski, Additives for polyolefins, 2009

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    Quy nh mn hcnh gi: Bi tp: tiu lun KT gia k: tiu lun, bo co KT cui k: bi vit

    Ti liu tham kho Ting Anh Tm kim thm cc ti liu khc, chia s

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    Ni dungGii thiu chungNhm ph gia bin tnh Ha do To bt Lin kt Xc tc Bn Mi trng

    Nhm c thin tnh cht polymer Chng vi sinh vt Oxi ha Nhim in Chng chy

    Nhm ph gia tr gip gia cng Du nhn Tng trt / chng block

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    Gii thiu chung L cc cht hu c thm vo polymer vi lng nh (0,1 5% kl).Thm vo qu trnh cng ngh, tng tnh cht ca polymer.Chia lm cc nhm: Bin tnh polymer Ci thin tnh cht Tr gip gia cng Cc loi khc: pigment, cht mu

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    Additive: A supplementary material combined with a base material to provide special properties. For example, pigments are used as dope additives to give color in mass dyeing. Examples are slip additives, pigments, stabilizers, and flame retardants.

    Filler: Any compounding ingredient, usually in dry, powder form, added to rubber in substantial amount to improve quality of lower cost. Fillers have various effects; some are relatively inert, like calcium carbonate and silica, and provide loading for cost reduction; others, like carbon blacks, have a definite and desirable reinforcing effect with improvement in abrasion resistance and other properties. Fillers provide are added to a plastic compound to reduce its cost per unit volume and/or to improve such mechanical properties as hardness, modulus, and impact strength.

    The term fillers refers to solid additives, which are incorporated into the plastic matrix.They are generally inorganic materials, and can be classified according to their effect on the mechanical properties of the resulting mixture. Inert or extender fillers are added mainly to reduce the cost of the compound, while reinforcing fillers are added in order to improve certain mechanical properties such as modulus or tensile strength.

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    Sn lng v tiu th ph gia trong cng ngh nha nhit do

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    5 period

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    Mica: Mt loi khong silicate tinh th. Thng gp trong t nhin l khong muscovite (mica trng), phlogopite ( mica aber) v biotite, c th tng hp t K2SiF6 v Al2O3. Mica dng lm cht n cho nha nhit rn, bn nhit, dn in kh tt. dng cnh, c th tng cng xon, bn, cha lng m t, tng tn nhit.SiC (carborundum, silicon carbide): dng tinh th, tng hp bng phn ng ca ct v C trong l, SiC l cht n siu cng, st cht, lm tng bn ma st, n hi (elastic modulus), dn nhit i vi mt vi loi nha.Talc: Khong Mg Silicate Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 c s dng lm cht nAramid: aromatic polyamide, Si aramid c bt chy thp, bn cao. Dng trong o qun bo v, dy thng, dy cp,

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    Tiu th ph gia USA nm 1999

    Loi ph gia Lng tiu th% th tch

    Gi tr tiu th (%)

    Ha do 59 32Chng chy 12 14Bn mi trng / Tr gip gia cng

    8 10

    Bi trn, cht tho khun 6 6

    Chng oxi ha 3 9Peroxide hu c 2 6Bn nh sng 1 3Khc 3 8