Photoshop Experiment and Photo Shoot Images

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Transcript of Photoshop Experiment and Photo Shoot Images

  • 1. This is the image that I used forthe front cover, which I designedusing Photoshop.

2. My magazine is beginning to looklike a rock music magazine, usingthe layer style function; I modifiedthe words and the image byadding different effects such asinner shadows. Using the I created themasthead for my magazine. 3. Using Photoshop and its tools Iwas able to achieve the frontcover of my magazine. I followedthe conventions of Kerrangmagazine. 4. To create my contents page, Ihad to use one small main imageand 2 other small images; I staredof with this image. I used thePhotoshop tools to create a whitebackground and crop the image. 5. The A4 page is starting to look likea contents page, I have dividedthe bottom half of the page byusing the shape tool, to create acolumn effect. 6. This is the final result of creatingmy contents page, I have usedyellow to make the contentspage stand out, I used this ideaas Kerrang do something similar. 7. Designing my double page was abit difficult as I had too many ideasI decided to do something simple. Iused this image of the models as itwas taken from a certain angleand looked interesting. 8. I used the Photoshop tools tocreate the page and for the headings of thedouble page spread. Also Idecided to make a review box onthe right, to add to the doublepage, to make it look appealing. 9. This is the finished draft of mydouble page spread, using thetools and the layer styles onPhotoshop I was able to design abright and appealing double pagespread. For the DPS I didnt followthe conventions of Kerrangmagazine, using other genre musicmagazine I was able to createsomething unconventional. 10. I decided to use my scout hut formy photo shoot. Using a white clothas the background, it was easy toedit the photos on Photoshop. 11. vThese are the images from the first photo shoot that I done using my friends as the models. I didnt have much ofan idea of what I wanted. Using glitter I wanted to have colourful images, to create a girly rock magazine, indoing so I failed, as the glitter wasnt visible in the photos. Even though the images werent right for my mainimage, I decided to use them as smaller image on in the magazine. The costumes werent right for the style of themagazine. I re-did the photo shoot using my other friends. 12. Having a clear idea of what I wanted I did another photo shoot. Looking at Rock Sound Magazine andKerrang front cover, I got an idea. I used different emotions that stereotypically associated with rock,such as aggression. This time I used horror make up in some of the photos, and props such as rope and aguitar to create a rocky photo shoot. I think these photos came out really well.