PHOTOSHOOT 12 - · PDF file PHOTOSHOOT 12 Shoot title: Tea Biscuits ... this photoshoot is to...

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Transcript of PHOTOSHOOT 12 - · PDF file PHOTOSHOOT 12 Shoot title: Tea Biscuits ... this photoshoot is to...


    Shoot title: Tea Biscuits

    Aim: The aim of this shoot is to capture the splash of water when a biscuit is being dropped into a cup of tea. The idea of this photoshoot is to promote the tea biscuit showing how appetising the product is and it is also to suggest how the biscuit

    would to be served with tea.

    Techniques: A cup of tea will be set up on a mini photography box with a background of black and white to see which one would look best. I plan to use an ISO of 800 as the room will be dark, shutter speed of 1/1000 may be used to freeze the

    splash in motion and an aperture of F/5.6 may be considered to to give a little depth.

    Equipment:. The camera I will be using is a Nikon D3300. a tripod will also be used as it will minimise any shakes the hand would create from pressing the water. I will be asking my friend to drop the biscuit at a height to ensure it makes a splash. I

    will be using one of the lighting rig sets at an angle to brighten up the objects.

    Location: I will be shooting this planned shoot in a dark classroom for a maximum of two hours as I have a double period of photography. A may need to shoot beside a window to see if a combination of artificial and natural lightings gives a good

    result within the photograph.

    Obstacles: The obstacles I may be facing are the availability of the lighting rig sets as my school colleagues may also need to use the lights to do their shoot. This will slow down my planned shoot time as we will need to take turns to use it. The

    weather will not be a problem as I will be shooting indoors.

  • EVIDENCE OF SELECTIONS: TOP 5 The composition of the subject matter is in the centre which makes the eye focus easily on the subject matter.

    The tripod set higher up and tilted down shows the top of the cup more clearly which I feel helps this image look good at an angle.

    The pitch black background dramatizes the image as it looks dynamic with uplifting movement of the splash.

    I feel the timing of this shot is good as the biscuit goes fairly deep into the tea compared to the other shots.

    The biscuit’s writing in this shot faces the right way therefore viewers can read the biscuit’s brand.

    Artificial lighting set on the left side of the objects creates highlights on the tea which brighten up the photo.

    I think the white background does not look as effective as the black one as it distracts the eye with the corner spaces being exposed.

    Combination of artificial lighting with natural lights makes the photo appear dull.

    The biscuit being dropped side ways make less splash.

    Shutter speed of 1/800 freezes the small splash clearly which captures the viewers’ attentions.


    The used of paint mixed with water is to act as tea which turn out to look like a hot chocolate that I feel also work

    well to promote this biscuit with its splash created.

    Soft shadows created from the defused artificial lighting gives the objects some depth and it is visible that it is on a

    surface showing clearly that thy are not floating.

    The close up composition of this shot makes the viewers to focus on the splash immediately and gives the image a

    greater detail of the pattern on the cup.

    ISO of 1600 makes the background a solid black colour which makes the image to look like it is in an empty spacing

    area which focuses the eyes on the visible objects.


    Edit Original


    Increased in saturation by 9 makes the tea look stronger and more appetising as it is no longer dull looking compared to the original image which brings the

    photograph alive. Rotating the canvas was used to straighten the objects making the image tidy, this

    rotation with cropping makes the image more symmetrical.

    Exposure of 1/1000 freezes the splash action sharply, when the biscuit is dropped which makes the biscuit more tempting to eat.

    ISO 1600 with addition of artificial light creating soft shadows around the cup helps give the photo a little more depth against the solid background.