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  • The Advancement of the Camera, and Its Effects on Photojournalism. By: Greg Smedberg Image By & Source: Infinite Leg Room dsc-qx100-smartphone-lens-camera/
  • Where It All Started: The Birth of the Modern Photograph 1839: Louis Daguerre, after years of experimentation, developed the first convenient and effective method of photography. Naming it: The Daguerreotype. Image By & Source: National Media Museum (UK)- http://www.nationalmediamuseum.or phictechnology/collectionitem.aspx?id =1990-5036/6955
  • Birth of the Modern Photograph (Continued) The Daguerreotype affected photojournalism by essentially making photojournalism possible. Before this technology, there was no practical way to properly take a photograph. The Daguerreotype was so revolutionary that by 1850, over 70 daguerreotype studios had opened in New York City alone.
  • Flexible Roll Film In 1889, George Eastman invented the flexible roll film which had a base that was flexible, unbreakable, and could be rolled. Image By & Source: National Media Museum- http://nationalmediamuseumblog. photography-collection-c-is-for- celluloid/
  • Flexible Roll Film (Continued) Flexible Roll Film affected photojournalism by letting the camera become hand held and portable. It made the mass produced box camera a reality. Creating this kind of portability increased the efficiency of a photojournalist.
  • 35mm Cameras In 1905, Oskar Barnack had an idea of reducing the format of film negatives and then enlarging the photographs prior to being exposed. Image By & Source: Cosmonet- 35rf_e.htm
  • 35mm Cameras (Continued) 35 mm cameras affected photojournalism by again increasing the convenience and efficiency of a photographer by creating an instrument that exposed samples that were shrunken down from standard film to make everything more portable.
  • Polaroid/Instant Photos In 1948 Edwin Herbert Land developed instant photography. Land was an American inventor and physicist whos simple, one step process created instant photography. Image By: Patrick Tobin Image Source: https://blog.the-impossible- edition
  • Polaroid/Instant Photos (Continued) The Polaroid camera and instant photography affected photojournalism by connecting to not only photographers but the general public. Anyone and everyone could purchase an instant photograph camera, thus expanding the market of photojournalism.
  • Digital Cameras In 1984, Canon introduced the first digital electronic still camera. It was not a true digital camera as you could still only view the pictures on analog scan lines, but it was the start of the digital revolution. Image By: Canon Image Source:
  • Digital Cameras (Continued) Since 1984, the world of photojournalism will never be the same as digital photography would expand to products we use today. Digital photography is the most effective and efficient way of taking a picture and generating it to an audience quickly. It has changed the way we view photos, converting them into pixels.
  • THE END Sources: ns/a/stilphotography.htm