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Photography Planning

Photography PlanningBy Daniel Clipperton

Front COVERShot- Medium ShotAngle- Eye lineThe main image will be of a man looking out at the audience (direct address), catching their attention and drawing them into viewing the magazine. The models eyes will be set slightly to one side adding a slight air of arrogance, showing his self-belief. He will be casually dressed in stereotypically indie teenage clothing, making her relatable to the audience of 16-24 year olds. He will only be seen form the waist up as he is the focal point of the cover and will be wearing a branded shirt and a jacket. Following a convention of Magazine front covers, the main image will be shot in a studio setting with a chiaroscuro lighting, focusing upon the light and dark areas of females face. The character will be blocked against white space therefore it will be straightforward to remove the background on Photoshop. There will also be three sub-images on the front cover, these will consist of a Poster image (Freebie), Album/CD art and One relating to an article inside. I have chosen these images as they will entice the audience into purchasing the magazine as theyll feel that their value for money. Due to the content, (Articles/CD Reviews) as well as extras (Posters/Photos).

Sample Image

CONTENTS PAGE Shot- Long ShotAngle-Eye LineA long shot of a new upcoming band, blocked against a backdrop of a urban dirty white wall, that gives the impression of them standing out from their peers, (individuality). I will use high key lighting connoting a positive vibe as the band are starting their journey to stardom. The band members will be wearing casual but classy clothing, with each member having their own individual style, relating to U as a magazine focusing upon how every person differs from one another. Alongside the models there will be musical crates similar that of those used on musical tours, one member of the band will hold drumsticks, relating to the audience his role. The members will be blocked on two levels, those placed lower down (closer to the viewer) are the show runners of the band, whereas the one blocked a the back are the backing vocalists/musicians. There will be 7/8 sub-images on the contents page. Three of which will advertise certain pages, encouraging the audience into viewing them, whilst one will be of a previous magazine and another of a t-shirt juxtaposed alongside the subscription box, showing the audience what's available to subscribes. There will also be an image similar to that of the cover photo, except from a low angle, connoting the scale and importance of the artist. Alongside the page number 51 there will be Bastilles logo, enlarged upon a magnifying glass, representing U getting up close and personal with the members. The final image will be of a spotlight on a particular page number, highlighting its importance within this months issue, but not revealing any of its contents enticing the reader.

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DOUBLE PAGE SPREADShot- MCUAngle-Eye LineThe main image used upon the double page spread will take up 80% of one side of A4, making it the focal point of the article, as there will only be one other image. It will an image of the male from the cover of the magazine, he will be wearing clothing consistent with his first appearance, so the audience will remember him from the cover and be encouraged to read. He will be looking out at the audience (direct address), to catch their attention further, making it hard for them not to read on. Through use of a medium close up the audience are able to see the artist in more detail and therefore build more of a personal impression. There will be one sub-image alongside the article of a concert, without any people or the artist, it will just be a stage with various lighting effects. Therefore itll stand out on the page, but is used to give an impression of what its like to be in up on stage in front of the spotlight.

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