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  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


    nd us on

    nd share your shots!

    ssential guides for

    Great shots with any cameNo. 1 for beginners

    Cameraphone | Compact | DSLR | Compact System Camera |



    10FantasticProjectsearn new skills & try fun ideasCapture GreatWildlife Shotsop tips for amazing animal images






    ONLINE SHARINGBack up photos and sendthem to friends & family

    WEAK COLOURSdd a creative colour castr a truly fantastic effect

    LATEST KIT RATEDThe best camera reviews,action kit and more inside

    Tricks for natural s

    ISSUE 024

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


    Learn the photo rules withPhotography for Beginners

    WelcomeIssue 24

    Welcome!Meet the team...

    Annabelle SingPhotoshop expert

    Annabelle designs themag and provides youwith editing advice toenhance your shots

    Jo StassOur staff writer Jo ison hand to give youthe best tips andshooting tricks toimprove your images

    Ella CarterElla is our residentwordsmith, here tomake our tutorials assimple as possible for

    you to follow

    For more great photo tips, head tophotoforbeginners.coet in touch with us Ask questions, leave feedback on the magazine or share your shots via the following social s

    For more great photo tips, head to

    @PFBMag PFBMag PFB Magazine photoforbeginners

    There are rules that every good photographer knows, so

    we are here this issue to let you in on the secret.Turn

    to p54 to discover the best tips for stronger shots, and

    how to break them so you stand out from the crowd!

    This issue we also have a Beginners Guide to WildlifePhotography on p22, fantastic water projects on p32

    and great ways to edit shots starting on p60. Inside

    youll also find some amazing sharing ideas, from

    using on Nikons new storage website on p78 to

    creating animations from your stills on p80!

    Whether you stick rigidly to the imaging

    rules or decide to go your own way, weve

    got all the tips and tricks you need to

    take your shooting to the next level.

    I hope you enjoy this issues projects

    and features.

    Amy SquibbEditor

    Follow us at @PFBMag

    Hayley PaterekDigital Photographer

    features editor Hayleybreaks things downand gives great advicein Camera School

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013



    CAMERA SCHOOLearn how to use yourcamera and take yourbest photos ever!

    Get to know your camera

    5 golden photo rules

    How geotagging works


    Shutter speed:The

    time your shutter isopen for, in seconds


    Smartphones thatare always with you

    Compact: Small,

    low-cost and easy-to-use cameras

    Compact system

    camera:Good imagequality, lightweight

    Aperture: The depth

    of field of an image,as an f-number


    22Tips for tracking wildlife, setting up and shootingtechniques to get your best-ever animal images



    Beginners guide to

    32 10 waterprojectsHow to take amazing images and

    learn new skills with our fun ideas

    Discover the

    perfect wildlife

    settings and

    camera skills

    Essentials06Your photos

    A showcase of photos sent in by PFB

    readers for you to be inspired by

    11How to share your photosDiscover the best ways to share your

    photographs with the PFBteam

    12Readers ChallengeWin some slideshow software by getting

    involved in our monthly shooting


    14Need to knowLearn about the latest kit and join in our

    debate over black-and-white methods

    18Ask the teamYour questions answered and problems

    solved by our panel of photo experts

    4410 great images of plant lifeCapture great shots of flowers and

    leaves using our tips and inspirational


    72Subscribe!Save money on your copy of Photography

    for Beginnerswith our exclusive offer

    84Camera reviewsThe latest models get rated, from a

    full-frame DSLR to some great compacts

    94Accessory reviewsFind out our recommended kit for action

    and a group test of remote releases

    98The great photo huntSend us your photos using natural light

    and win a Forex print of one of your


    Edit with Facebooks appShoot, edit and share shots in one go on p68

    DSLR:Usually more

    expensive but goodimage quality

    Your quick-start guide to all the icons youll see in Photography for BeginnersWhat the icons mean

    Hands-on guides

    to create some

    great images

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


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    ContentsIssue 01


    INSIDEShoot22Beginners guide to

    Wildlife photographyCompose, master settings and more

    305 tips for amazing eyesin portraitsEasy tricks for sharp and bright eyes

    3210 fantastic projectsGet creative and have fun with water

    38Create this shot: PanningCapture the speed of your subject

    40Shoot, edit & share afantastic panoramaShoot a wide vista to print on canvas

    46Capture candid portraitsGet natural images in five steps

    485 tips for shooting ona bright dayHow to do battle with harsh light

    50The story behind adramatic seascapeLearn how we took this great photo

    545 golden rules forbetter shotsHow to compose, focus and more

    Edit60Improve images with

    Perfect Photo Suite 7Retouch, resize and more with ease

    645 tips for giving dullshots more impactLearn to boost colours and exposure

    66Add creative coloursUse a colour cast for a warm effect

    68Edit with FacebookShoot, edit and share in just one app

    70Add impact to yourimages using Camera MXOur multi-purpose app of the month

    Share74Stream media to your TV

    A great device for sharing shots

    765 tips for sharingphotos with appsGet more from your smartphone

    78Share and storephotos onlineBack up your images

    80Animateyour stillsGet creative!


    rulesThe essential lessons to help

    you get images with impact

    Candidportraitsp46 Latestkitreviewedp84










    Tips for focusing,

    composing and more

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


    Your photosBe inspired by these reader images and send usyour best shots for a chance to see them here WIN!ASamsung16GBmemorycardEveryissue,

    Your photosReaders gallery

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


    Reader : Ken WilsonIndustrial SunsetAnticipating a welcome sunset I wantedto be in a place where there was goodforeground interest together with aninteresting horizon. This shot was takenfrom South Gare by Redcar.Shot on: Nikon D90 at f16, 1/8sec, ISO 200Sent in via: Website


    Your photosReaders gallery

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


    Reader: Wiwit BoenTake A Rest

    The photo was taken in ourfront yard. I took a walk around

    and saw this cute butterflylooking tired under the sun.

    Shot on: Nikon D5000 at f1.8,1/4000sec, ISO 200

    Shareyour shots at...

    Or search forPFBMagon...

    Reader: Emily LeonardTree Backlit

    The photo was taken at FleetDyke, Norfolk Broads. The sun was

    behind the tree and gave it asilhouette effect. When I returned

    home I processed the photo ingrayscale in Photoshop.

    Shot on: Sony Cyber-shotDSC-W610 on Auto

    Reader: Lynn BoltBarca DalvaThis photograph was taken inOctober while we were taking anight-time sail on the River Douroin Portugal. The lit-up bridgemakes a wonderful reflectionagainst the inky-black riverShot on: Panasonic DMC-FZ45, atf2.8, 1/13sec, ISO 800

    Reader: Richard TuckerMambo SunsetThe photograph was taken atCafe Mambo in Ibiza at the endof this Ibizan season.Shot on: Fujifilm FinePixSD2500HD on Sunset mode

    Reader: Ma TrevillionAlfa Romeo SpiderWe hired this 1971 Alfa RomeoSpider to drive around the AlmafiCoast in Italy. It was 20 degreesand sunshine all the way!"Shot on: Canon EOS 500D at f41/200sec

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013


    Reader: Mark Andrew

    LindsayLight TrailsI used a Nikon camera charger inmy dark bedroom, only movingthe camera to get light trails.Shot on: Lumix DMC-FN18 at f3.1,60sec, ISO 100

    Reader: Neil BothamLily PondI was on a trip to the Isle of Wightand while we were there wevisited an exhibition. This pondwas one of the centrepieces. Itook three exposures and mergedthem to make the final image.Shot on: Canon EOS 400D at f10,1/50sec, ISO 100

  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 24, 2013



    Reader: Andy Clar

    Reader: Sabrina QuaTitle:Tunnel

    Win cameraphone kit!Send us your cameraphone shots and you could win a ManfrottoKLYP kit worth 95/approx $150. For more info head to terms and conditions available online.

    ENTER NOW:Send your shots to