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A photographer who is starting out in the profession needs to have some basic studio equipment. Flash heads, softbox, beauty dish, umbrella, stands are some of the essential tools.

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  • 1.Starting out as a Professional Photographer

2. It pays a lot to be a professional photographer. Besides the fat pay, one also gets the opportunity to turn his/her passion into a means to earn livelihood. If you are starting out in the profession, you need to have a number of basic devices. I am not counting the camera here 3. One needs to have atleast a couple of flash heads or strobes in a studio. Even if one is using continuous sources of lights, these devices help in giving a boost up to the illumination 4. Softbox 5. Softbox creates perfect diffused light. You may buy a couple of these items as they are needed in almost all types of photography 6. Umbrella 7. Umbrella is used for creating hard light in studio. They are also used as a large fill light 8. Beauty dish 9. Beauty dish works better than any other types of lighting devices for product, portrait or fashion photography. Bowens beauty dish is a popular product used by many professional photographers 10. All these studio light equipment and other devices are installed with the help of tripods and other types of stands. So, one should buy around half a dozen of these tools