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1. Photo-Shoot PlanningBy Jamie Gabbini 2. Image 1In my picture i will have someone playing theguitar. He will look directly in the camera andwill wear black and white because that colourscheme is associated with the genre rock. I willalso have him singing so i will have a mic standand microphone placed in front of him to looklike he is playing live which most rock bandsand artists do especially in gigs and festivals. 3. Image 2In my photo I will have a band of three withtwo guys and a girl in it to give it aparamore look. It will be a portrait shot soI can get there whole body in the picture.The background will be white to makethem stand out. This is appropriate for mygenre because it will have a Paramore lookand Paramore are a popular rock group. 4. Image 3In my picture i will have a close up shot ofone of models so i can see the detail inthere face. The lighting will be whitehowever i will change the colour of it wheni edit the picture in photoshop. They willhave no expression on there face and lookdirectly at the camera. 5. Image 4In my picture I will have one my models singing into amicrophone so it looks like they are playing live. Most rockbands and artists play live at gigs and festivals. His facialexpression is going to be passionate because he is passionateabout his music and gets lost in the music 6. Image 5In my picture, I will have a girl band dressed in black and whiteto show that they are a rock band. They will hold a guitar toshow they are rock stars. They will dress in black to showthey are associated with the genre rock. The lighting will bebright to make the girls stand out and because they aredressed in black the white background and there blackclothes contrast well together. 7. Image 6In my picture I will have a group of models standingbehind each other but you can still see there faces. Thebackground will be white and there clothing will be black.However i will edit the picture in photoshop and makethe image black and white because i really like the blackand white effect on pictures. There facial expressions aregoing to be straight and look directly at the camera. It willbe at a high angle and be portrait so i can fit in therebodies in the picture