Photo Shoot Ideas

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Photo Shoot Ideas
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  • 1. Photo Shoot Ideas

2. Extreme Close-up. I think having close-ups in our photo shoot will make it easier for the target audience to see who the main singers are, it will also make it easier to see facial expressions which can give you an idea of what kind of music will be included on the digipak such as bright happy faces representing joyful songs such as Good Time 3. Natural Expressions. I think using shots of the models looking away from the camera will add a good effect and make the images seem more realistic rather than with them looking straight into the camera as if they have been told what expressions to pull. 4. Backgrounds- natural.I think shooting in natural backgrounds likewhere our video was set will help show thekind of music that is included, for exampleif we took some photos on the beachpeople usually think of a beach as anenjoyable setting where people usuallygather to have fun I also think it is a good idea to have natural backgrounds visible in the image so not all the photos are focused on the models. 5. Backgrounds- in the studio.I think it is important that we use brightcolours in our photo shoot for some of thebackgrounds to make them eye-catching tothe audience.Using the green screen in the studio alsomeans we can edit our backgrounds tomake them unique and to our ownpreferences rather than having to cope withnatural surroundings which could havedown falls to them, for example we maywant to see sunshine in the background butthe weather may look foggy and feel like it ismore like autumn rather than summer. 6. Group Shots.Having shots of all the artists in thephoto shoot being in funny, naturalpositions like the photo to the left willhelp show the closeness and type ofrelationship the group have and will alsostop having the attention on just onemodel.I also think it is important to usea variety of angles to preventthe photo shoot from beingtoo boring with the samemedium shots. High and lowangles would be a good idea. 7. Photo Effects. There are a wide variety of effects we can use during our photo shoot which I think is important that we include. Effects such as having images in black and white then having certain objects in a colour would look professional and seem different to normal photos. An effect I would like to include in our shoot is the use of lights, this is done by turning the room lights off and setting a timer on the camera and having the models draw shapes with different coloured torches or glow sticks, after the timer has went off the camera then takes a photo which shows the shapes in the image. I think this would be a good effect to use as it is different and can take some skill to edit. 8. Props. It is important that we use props during our photo shoot as it makes our images look unique to others. Plenty of groups could take photos at the beach or park so it wouldnt have any individuality compared to others whereas if we included props that could be relevant to our genre this can add uniqueness to our images which can make them stand out to other photo shoot images. 9. Text.There are a variety of ways we can addtext to our images. For some images wecould add text of lyrics from certain songs.For example if we take photos on thebeach which is a scene where Good Timeis set, we could add lyrics to that songsomewhere on the photos.