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Transcript of Photo shoot for music magazine, and evidence

  1. 1. Photo shoot for music magazine, and evidence of manipulating the photographs
    I was my own model in my photo shoot, I used the photos for my content page, front cover and double page spread.
  2. 2. Photos
    All my photos were taken indoor, with a simple camera.
    I chose to have my photos taken inside for better lighting.And to play around with shadows.
  3. 3. Photos
    I took more photos and changed clothes and guitar to create a different image.
  4. 4. Editing for Front Cover
    I decided to use this photo for my front cover.
    I then started the editing by cropping the photo.
  5. 5. Editing for Front Cover
    One of the reason I chose to shoot the photos inside, was the editing. This made it easier to get the right colours I wanted. I increased the contrast and the temperature of the image on Microsoft photo viewer.
  6. 6. Editing for Front Cover
    This is what my final front cover looks like. I used the colours to match with the edited photo. The fact that I am alone in the photo also links in with this idea of guitar solos and rock.
  7. 7. Photos
    I took more photos for other parts of my project such as my content page.
    I decided to take my photos indoor , because I would edit them anyway.
  8. 8. Photos
    I decided to use this for my content page photo.
    I decided to edit it by cutting myself out of the photo, to put it on a plain surface.
  9. 9. Editing for my Content Page
    Idecided to edit my photo on Indesign,I started by drawing around the photo, then I cropped out the shape.
    This gave me the final result the shape of my body out side the original background.
  10. 10. Editing for my Content Page
    However I found that my photolooked out of place and the tone and colours of the skin did not go well
    I therefore increased the colour temperature and the contrast to make the photo look morelife like.
  11. 11. Editing for my Content Page
    This is my final content page I used the same font and colour as my masthead to write the heading, to create a link with the two. The text box are also similar, the orange box is also used to attract attention and to create a frame. I kept this content page clear to make it look more relaxing and interesting.
  12. 12. Photos
    I decided to take photos in front of a red brick wall.
    Red walls connote British rock music, I therefore used it as one of my locations for my photo shoot.
  13. 13. Editing for Double Page Spread
    I changed the colours of the photo to create this old fashion effect, washed out effect.
  14. 14. Editing for Double Page Spread
    I finally cropped parts of the photo on the double page spread.
    The guitar and elbow of the model for example is out the frame, to create this double page spread effect.
  15. 15. Editing for Double Page Spread
    For this photo I simply changed the colour to black and white, to create this vintage effect.
    Finished product
  16. 16. Editing for Double Page Spread
    This is my finished double page spread, we can see the two photos I used and edited to create it.
    This double page spread promotes old fashion rock music, I did this by changing the colours of the two photos used.