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  1. 1. Due to immaturity amongst my models, and because the backdrop was too small for the photos i will not be using these photos. For these two photos, i will not be using also, because the background is not complete and the 5th photo is the same at a better angle. For these three photos, they are all the same, except for the last of the three is the best and i may use this because its in focus and the full backdrop covers the screen. this is one of the photos i may use for my FC following the design of my paper mocks i made. For these 4 photos, i will not be using any of these because some of them are out of focus, some haven't got the whole backdrop in and others were just testers. Mainly because i have a better photo thats in focus that i'm able to use. Out of these two, i will be using the one on the right because Elliott's shirt is out of shot on the rst photo. Out of the next 4 photos (all of Callum) i will be using the nal one. This is because The rst is not in focus, the second is a bad angle, and the 3rd does not feature the 'Reading rock' wristband that Callum has accidentally but usefully featured in the photo, so i can mention this in the plug i shall use. For the next 3 photos of Dan, I probably will not use these because some are not in focus and do not have the full backdrop in. I also had not planned to use this photo in my magazine anyway. Green - will use one or more Blue = maynot/won't use
  2. 2. for the next 6 photos of the 3 models, i might be using the 5th one because the rst 2 were the wrong orientation. and the others were either not good/in focus or taken at wrong times. I will not be using the next 2 photos because my models were immature enough to joke around while trying to capture certain poses. I may not end up using one of these 3 photos, but if i were to use one, i would use the 3rd photo and place it on my contents page because its not one of the best photos i have taken. I will not be using any of these photos for my Final magazine because these were a range of different shots that i didn't plan on taking and were going to use if any of the main pictures failed or did not focus.
  3. 3. Once again, i will not be using any of these photos because they were spare shots taken to use if the others failed, and also if i used these photos, the artists from different bands would overlap and would not look legitimate. I will not use this photo because unfortunately it is out of focus. Out of the next four photos of Dan, I will use the 3rd one of all of them. thisis because its the one that its most in focus and feels as if it relates to the audience the most. i will be using the rst 'Piggy backed' photo because the second one is out of focus and half off camera. For the nal 3 photos, I may include the 2nd photo on the contents page featuring a song by callum featuring alex in it because it would look illegitimate if Alex were to be in two bands. Poses such as the back to back pose on page 1 links to my genre because it features Alex and Elliott in a band ght. this also links with the guitar ght pictures on page 2. Sam's pose on page 1 is also appropriate for a rock/indie magazine because the expression on his face is blank and could be interpretted by different audiences in different ways. This also makes it easier to alter the lter on him and photoshop if needed. The Photo of callum singing into the microphone on page 1 is also appropriate for the rock genre because he accidentally left his reading rock wristband on which i can feature as a sponsor in the arictle. The piggie back pose on page 3 is also relatable because it reminds the reader that artists are real people too, and they have fun when they want to. the close up of Dan's face however, shows a different side to the artist we would know as its a very serious picture(also on page 3). The nal photo chosen of Alex and Callum shows alex in a dark red light so that i can feature this in the band ght between him and Elliott and show he 'Cheated on him' and created a number 1 single with Callum.