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Transcript of Photo Shoot

  • Photo Shoot

    These are the images I took for my photo shoot. The location in which I shot them was the underground walkway in the city centre of Norwich. I thought this would be a good idea because of the grunge like feel and interesting artwork. The grunge, rock theme fits in with the alternative, punk rock genre and so using these images would give the audience the impression that the magazine is of that genre. The variety of graffiti and artwork adds colour and adds to the scenery. Graffiti is stereotypically associated with teens which are my target audience, so this feature will hopefully attract them.

  • These are the three images that I like the most out of the many that I took. I like these because of the symmetrical composition and the use of lighting and colour. In the image above I think that her dark clothes stand out from the dull tones of the background and the artwork running backwards either side of her make it more interesting and unique. The clothing is also very conventional of a punk music fan so just by looking at the image the audience will know the genre.

    The second image is portrait so I think it would work best for the front cover of my music magazine; the fact that there are Christmas trees in the background is conventional of a winter issue. Therefore, the audience will immediately realise that this is a Christmas edition of Alt Mag magazine. Direct address is used to engage the audience and her pose is facing directly towards the camera.