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  • 1. Too Bright,lost the detail within the girls clothes and the faces of the two characters.

2. Too much of a side view, the iso on my camera was too high, once again resulting in the facial expressions being lost on the characters faces. 3. The lighting is better on this photo and you are able to see the characters faces better. The bag is a slight distraction in this photograph and the photograph has been taken from the side too much. 4. The lighting is correct on this photograph and you are able to see the characters faces better due to the angle of the camera. I have moved it round so it is more in the middle facing the characters rather then on a side view. 5. Another photograph from more of a front on view, however the characters dont seem to look happy however you can see the connection between the two. 6. Face on shot with the camera looking straight at the characters. Both characters look happy to be with each other and you can see their facial expressions clearly. The lighting on this photograph is correct. 7. Two characters standing with the girls hands around the guys neck to show the connection between the two of them. The two characters are positioned in the middle of the photograph with a green field like background to help show the genre of the trailer. 8. The two characters in the centre of the photograph again with the same connection between the two. This time they look happy to be with each other and are more centered then the photograph before. The dog on the right hand side is a distraction and would be cut out if this photograph is used in my magazine or poster. 9. The two characters walking away from the camera with both arms around each other showing their connection. The dogs in the fore ground are a distraction and would be hard to get rid of it photoshop, however I could crop the bottom of the legs out of this photograph to use for my magazine or poster.