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    January 9, 2015

    Photo Review of the 2014

    In Memoriam

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    January 9, 2015

    Decembers Years of Service Recognitions

    15 Years of Service

    20 Years of Service

    Quite a few people celebrated milestones in their CCSO careers during the ceremonies held on Monday December 8. Left, Sheriff Bill Prummell presented Detention Corporal Michael Kern with his certificate for 5 years of service. Right, Corrections Officer Richard Mancilla received his recognition for 5 years of service.

    Sheriff Prummell presented certificates for 10 years of service to DFC David Kettelson, IT Specialist Jeffrey Lund and Logist ics Specialist June Scopino for their 10 years of service with the Sheriffs Office. DFC Kettelson also received his 10 year badge.

    25 Years of Service

    10 Years of Service

    5 Years of Service

    Five members were recognized for their 15 years of service with the Sheriffs Office. Pictured in the top row (left to right) are Detention Sergeant Wendy Crawford, Crime Scene Supervisor Ronald Mueller and Detention Corporal Esther Myrick. Pictured left is DFC John Sadler and on the right is DFC Robert White.

    Celebrating 20 years of service with the Sheriffs Office was Lt. Todd Davis of the Major Case Investigation Section.

    Road patrol Sergeant Thomas Scott was recognized for his 25 years of dedicated service with the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office.

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    January 9, 2015

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    Sarah Orbe married James Prieto on December 6 in Fort Lauderdale. Sarahs very proud mother and aunt both work at the Sheriffs Office .

    Members of the Port Charlotte Moose Lodge Chapter 1619 presented Tommy Moose stuffed animals to Captain Norman Wilson and Lt. Richard McDonald. Deputies carry stuffed animals such as Tommy Moose to give out to young children they encounter who are in stressful situations.


    Chief Pilot

    Sheriff Prummell presented the new Chief Pilot Robert Steht with his official letter of promotion. Steht was selected from several other highly qualified candidates to fill this position. Steht began working at the Sheriffs Office in mid-2013 as a pilot.

    Assistant Supervisor

    Jannie Whitworth was officially recognized for her promotion to the position of Jail Administrative Assistant Supervisor by Sheriff Prummell. Whitworth served temporarily as an acting assistant supervisor earlier in 2014, performing very well in the position and making her an excellent candidate for this promotion.

    Orbe-Prieto Wedding

    Deputys Children Donate to

    Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch

    For the second year, DFC Brad Combs children have raised money to donate to the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch. With the help of their neighbors, they held a garage sale to sell toys, clothing and lemonade, raising $200 to donate. Pictured here are (clockwise starting in upper left) Isabelle Cox, Kaitlin Combs, Lt. Jill McBee (District 2 Commander), Zachary Combs, Lauren Combs and Gabrielle Cox. They all received a certificate of appreciation for their work.

    Shop with a Cop Donations

    Nick Wrasse, owner of Uncle Nicks Pizza located at 3880 Tamiami Trl. in Port Charlotte, donated gift certificates for free pizzas to the children who participated in the Shop with a Cop events. That totals to $2,400 worth of gift certificates, plus he donated $100 for a child to shop. Lt. Ed Ellinwood presented him with Commemorative Community Challenge Coin and the 2014 CCSO Annual Community Partnership Coin.

    Laurie Jersey, Avon representative, donated stuffed bears for the children who participated in the Shop with a Cop events in December. Captain Norman Wilson presented her with a Commemorative Community Challenge Coin.

    Tommy Moose Donation

    Visit from Able Trust

    A group of students from the Able Trust Florida High School High Tech (HSHT) Program stopped in at the Sheriffs Office on Wednesday December 10. While they were here, they shadowed and interviewed several agency members. Pictured left to right are Sheriff Prummell, John Reed, Austin Richardson, Christian Parker, CCSO HR Supervisior Heather Lupinetti and Major Mark Caro. This program provides participants with the opportunity to explore future potential careers. It is designed to help determine their interests and aptitudes and provide leadership opportunities. HSHT has been shown to reduce dropout rates and increase overall self-esteem of participating students.

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    Next edition: January 30

    January 9, 2015

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    CCSO January Birthdays

    Often those who are required to come in to work on the holidays are faced with a bleak time, missing out on those special family meals. Detention Squad A decided to ring in the new year with a special meal, despite having to be at work. Lt. Jeffrey Sisk said they wanted to show their appreciation to the staff for their stellar job this year and many more to come! So, thanks to the cooking skills of CDFC Robert Lore, with help from others on the squad, a one-pot meal was prepared and delivered to all the Detention personnel on duty on January 1. Happy New Year!

    The Charlotte County SWAT Team recently competed in a SWAT Round-Up and came in 23rd out of more than 50 national and international teams. Charlottes team finished higher than any other part-time team in southwest Florida. A part-time team is one composed of members whose full time job duties are something other than

    Detention Squad A Celebrates New Year with Special Meal

    SWAT Team Competes in Round-Up

    being a member of the SWAT Team. Members competing in the round-up were (back row) DFC Nicholas Westlake, DFC Blake Beyer, DFC Dustin Paille, (front row) CPL Colin Eggleton, PGPD Officer Brandon Angelini, CPL Jason Zakowich, DFC John Mills, DFC John Murray and PGPD Officer Shane Chodokwski.

    CCSO Participates in Plane-Pull for Special Olympics

    There are all sorts of things that people do in order to raise money for different causes and some of them can sound pretty extreme. But have you given any thought to pulling a jet airplane? And not just one of those little private jets, but an actual commercial jet? That is exactly what different groups from around the state did during the latter part of 2014 when they gathered in Orlando as part of the First Annual Plan Pull for the Special Olympics. Jet Blue offered to provide the plane with the idea that teams would need to raise a $1000 entry fee that would go to the Special Olympics. So members of the Charlotte County SWAT

    Team and the Detention CERT Team took up the challenge and began their fund raising. Thanks to the generosity of a great many people, they met their goal with $5 to spare. C h a r l o t t e C o u n t y s participants included: DFC Michael Talbot, DFC John Mills, CDFC Louis

    Ciolino, DFC Blake Beyer, CO Brock Garlick, DFC Nicholas Westlake, DFC Paul Cignarale, DFC Dustin Paille, DFC Jerome Libby, CDFC William Garlick, Sergeant Ryan Barber, Deputy James Mills

    and Deputy Cody Forbus. As DFC Beyer pointed out, there were no prizes awarded. The only thing that was won was a sense of knowing you helped Special Olympics to help thousands of people.