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  • Recci Pictures Photo shoot.Throughout my photo shot I had a clear idea on the types of things I wanted to get out of my model, I wanted her poses to be sexy and seductive , however because she is only 17 I wanted to keep her looking decent as well. I mainly did this to attract my male gaze, as males would like to see sexy, good looking women on a front cover in order for them to buy it. I also did this, as I wanted my model to look to older than she really was, mainly to show connotations of a strong and powerful women. I used the first lady model and the two male models first, to allow me to get a feel of the type of angle I wanted the camera and the types of poses look best. I experimented with two males just In case I changed my mind and wanted to focus my magazine on a male model. However, I then shot a big range of pictures of my last model, who is my best friend so I found it very easy to work with her, and also she felt comfortable with me taking this different sorts of photos of her. Having my main model as my best friend, i then found it really easy to produce a photo schedule as we did it in together in less than 2 hours in a free lesson.

  • Edited Photos I then edited the photos that I liked and were interested in using, mainly using the program Piknik