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The Team of AVICULTURE EUROPE wishes you… …Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2011 Photo: ©Jan Willem Schrijvers

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The Team of AVICULTURE EUROPE wishes you…

…Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2011 Photo: ©Jan Willem Schrijvers

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Mick Bassett sent us some photos of his Romanian Vargat Pigeons. You cannot call them ‘high-flyers’ as they don’t fly that high - as you will read in this text - and they don’t really tumble either.

Mick wrote: The Vargats are lovely little pigeons, quite tiny, although they do not look it because of the typical Tail and Wing carriage. The Wing tips should be carried under the tail (tucked under) so not fully 'dropped'.

The Vargat pigeons are not yet recognised in Holland or Germany, but there is a Romanian Standard description. Our Romanian team member Bobo Athes was so kind to translate for us.

Origin: Unknown. It is usually found in Muntenia (Southern Romania), and especially Bucharest. Flying abilities: It normally flies at a medium height, for relatively short distances.

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Breed description:

The head is small, rounded, without crest. Eyes are yellow, with light- grey eye-ceres. The beak is medium long, angled downward, grey, with small nostrils; fine, powdery white wattles. The neck is short, thick, carried vertically. The chest is wide, well rounded, slightly protruding. The bird should have an athletic build, wide-shouldered, with the back tapering away to the tail. The wings are long, carried well-closed. The tail is wide, long, carried horizontally. The breed is clean legged, with fairly tight plumage.

Colour and markings: the body is light blue, with linear black and white spots, white tail, with barred markings on the wing shield, and white tail.

Major faults/disqualifications: long legs, upright bodily posture, long neck, thin beak, irregular markings.

Photos: Mick Bassett.

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1960-201050 years Game Fowl Club

The Netherlands6 November 2010

Jubilee Show in Amersfoort

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View all photos on the Club’s website: more photos on the website of Werner Lamkemeijer:

Right: Champion Jubilee show 2010 Large Fowl , Malay pullet, wheaten, 97 points. Owner: Adrie Brouwers.

Below: Champion Jubilee show 2010 bantams, Old English Game bantam cockerel, black-red, 97 points. Owner: Ferdinand van der Wal.

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Anna Pavlova was a famous Russian ballerina. With the specially made for her solo ‘the dying swan’, she created a myth. She is generally regarded as the most famous ballerina ever. Less known is that she donated a lot of money to many Russian orphans and refugees and that her last wish was to be buried in her beloved homeland Russia.

The Pavlov is an old Russian chicken breed, which takes its name from the village of Pavlovo, just west of Gorky. Most famous are the gold and silver spangled colour varieties. The breed was created between 1700 and 1800.

Pavlov fowls possess all imaginable ornaments: a crest, 3-lobed beard, two- row comb, vulture hocks, feathered legs and sometimes even five toes. The breed had virtually disappeared but in recent years it is back in the spotlight in Russia.

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But…PAVLOVA is also the name of a light and fluffy meringue dessert, not named after the chicken but after the ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. Both New Zealand and Australia claim to be the home of the dish. The earliest record of the recipe is a cookbook published in New Zealand in 1933, two years before claims made in Perth. Pavlova is traditionally decorated whipped cream and (fresh) red fruits, which makes it an eye-catching and delicious Christmas dessert.

You can find many pavlova recipes on the internet and in many languages.The main ingredients are egg whites and sugar.Some tips: Slow-bake the mixture at 150°C (300°F) to dry all the moisture and create the meringue, approximately 45 minutes. This leaves the outside of the pavlova a crisp crunchy shell, while the interior remains soft and moist.

Another tip is to leave the pavlova in the oven after turning off the heat . This helps to prevent the middle of the pavlova from collapsing (although if it does collapse, generous application of cream can hide any mistakes!)

Merry Christmas and enjoy your PAVLOVA!

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Stal Zegwaard is one of the largest professional breeding farms of miniature horses in Europe. The miniature horses of Stal Zegwaard are descendants of the best bloodlines and breeders in the world. During the 90's mr. Zegwaard imported a number of the world's finest miniature horses in The Netherlands and started as a breeder. Right now Stal Zegwaard possesses 180 miniature horses, such as Falabella, American Miniature Horse (AMHA), Bergmann miniature and the miniature Appaloosas.

Besides the extended breeding farm Stal Zegwaard offers the possibility to rent an approved miniature stallion. We are pleased to help you in finding the perfect stallion for your mares.If you are looking for a miniature horse that you want to buy, please let us help you. Our broad diversity in miniature horses will suit you most certainly.

Please visit our website for further information


Stal Zegwaard Haantje 21c 2288 CW Rijswijk Zuid-Holland The Netherlands [email protected]

Contactperson: Priscilla Nuijens

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Pigeon keeping is a wonderful hobby, which can bring you much joy. It does not matter whether you participate in races (carrier pigeons), or you try through selective mating (on characteristics) to breed the best fancy pigeon, or you just keep a few pigeons for pure fun.

Every pigeon fancier is striving for progress, but first you have to have a good pigeon. A top pigeon can only show its qualities if health, nutrition and care and attention are in balance. Over the years we have been able to find out which products are most appreciated by the pigeon fanciers and those products can be found in our range.

On our website you will find an overview of our brands. The products, which can be found among the different brands are the so called ‘runners’. This does not mean that we exclude other products. If you are looking for a product that you can not find in our assortment, do not hesitate to contact us so we can order that product for you from our supplier.

De Groene Luifel has been a family business in Sluis (Zeeland) for more than 40 years. In our

pharmacy department you can buy self-medication and nutritional supplements legally

intended for free sale (without prescription)


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COLLECTORS ITEMVery unique Poster

‘Les Pigeonniers du Sud-Ouest’(Pigeon Towers from the South-West of France)

Very special and outstanding quality, large size 68 x 98 cm, this will make a beautiful wall decoration.

If wished we could also provide you with a detailed route map to visit all the pictured buildings.

The price is only € 6,90 Shipping costs not included. To ensure that the poster arrives undamaged to you, the poster(s) will be send rolled in a mail tube. This is rather expensive, so maybe you can order together with other interested fanciers or club members, so we could ship several rolled posters in the same tube.

For ordering and / or exact shipping costs to your country, please contact Nico van Benten, E- mail [email protected]

Payments preferably by PAYPAL. If you wish to pay by DIRECT BANK/WIRE TRANSFER, please email us and we will send you the required information.

Christmas giftTip!

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28-29 and October 30, 2011 (Next year!) the Dutch Brahma Club will organize the European breed specific exhibition for Brahma. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary as an independent Brahma Club, together with the Brahma breeders in Europe. As a location we have chosen for the village of Meijel near Venlo and close to the Ruhr. (35 minutes from the German border.) The date is well chosen, as in this weekend there are no national shows in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

We will house our European show at the show of the local breeders association ‘Onder Ons Helden e.o.’, which are celebrating their 50th anniversary, in Location D'n Binger (, which is located in the village centre, with ample free parking. For accommodations, you can go to a nearby small hotel or a motel in Asten (e3) or Sevenum (e3). For a cheap form of accommodation, we have an option to take the lodging of a school in Horst. Options for parking a caravan or motorhome can be arranged.

We expect about 500 Brahmas, coming from Belgium, France, Denmark and Italy. We must also not exclude the British, Swedish, Swiss and Austrian breeders comeing, with or without animals. During the exhibition we want to organise a Fanciers Evening on Saturday evening. This can also be arranged in D'n Binger. We are also working on a day program for breeders that plan on visiting a few days extra. This can be a chicken tour, as several Brahma breeders are nearby, but also a brisk walk in the park ‘De Groote Peel’ is possible. A women's program is also a possibility.

‘Onder Ons Helden e.o.’ is a small association, but with a national reputation with breeds such as Sabelpoot Bantams, Dutch Bantams, Braekel, turkeys and pheasants.

All contributors and board members of the various Brahma clubs in Europe are invited to our Fanciers Evening. Mark the date and plan a number of free days on 28, 29 and October 30, 2011. We will see you at our show!

Martin Linskens, President of the Brahmaclub Nederland.

Press report

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AGENDA 2012After some discussion over the certainty of 'Where‘ the 61st VDT Show would be held, it has now been confirmed:

As you can see, the two shows will be just one week apart, 7th to 9th & 14th to 16th December.

So a chance to visit in 10 days, what may possibly be the two of the biggest events in Pigeon History.

For those with Poultry/Pigeon/Waterfowl etc. the Lipsia is one of the Most well known and oldest Poultry/ Pigeon/ Waterfowl Shows in Germany and is always held in Leipzig, when possible 'teamed' with the VDT Show (when that is held in Leipzig), or as here, the Europa Show.

For those in my age group, Start Saving and keep Breathing!Mick Bassett.

61st VDT Deutschen Rassetauben Show, 14th to 16th December 2012, at the Nürnberg Messe GmbH Messezentrum, 90471 Nürnberg.

The above conformation is important if you are planning on visiting Germany for the 'Europa Show' in Leipzig 2012 : 116. LIPSIA-Schau, Nationale / Europashow, 7th to 9th December 2012.