Photo Editing Process

Photo Editing Process
Photo Editing Process
Photo Editing Process
Photo Editing Process
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This is how you upload and edit your photos for publication.

Transcript of Photo Editing Process

  • USING BRIDGE2. Place the memory card into the SD reader and insert it into the computers USB port. You will see the card appear on the Desktop. Double click on it, hit Command + A to select all images, and copy them by hitting Command + C.

    3. Go back to the Desktop and select Finder.

    UPLOADING PHOTOS ALL STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED TO EARN CREDIT FOR ASSIGNMENT1. Log on to one of the Macs with the FUSED or NIKEAN username (password is northcougars).

    4. Select Student Media Server on the left side of the window, then click Connect As.

    5. Log on to the server as FUSED or NIKEAN (password is northcougars).

    6. Navigate to your assigned photo beat and create a new folder. The title should include YOUR name, photo assignment date, and event title. Open it and hit Command + V to paste ALL images.

    7. When finished, drag your card to the Trash at the bottom right of the desktop to Eject.

  • 5. Click Open Image to edit in Photoshop.


    4. In the Workflow Options window type 300 for Resolution, and select

    6144 by 4081 (25.1MP) + for Size.

    1. MOST of your photos will be in RAW format and have .NEF in the file name. Therefore, you will actually pre-edit in the RAW Editor after double clicking on the image.

    2. Once your photo opens in the RAW Editor, select the Auto function on the right side.

    3. Click on the file specificationsbelow the image to open theWorkflow Options window.

  • 6. Open the Image menu at the top of the screen and select Mode.

    7a. Click Grayscale for black & white.

    7b. Yearbook should leave color photos in RGB, while Newspaper must change the image to CMYK.

    8. Now, determine what part of the photo will print using the Crop tool.

    8a. Draw a box around what you want. 8b. Let go of mouse to see shadedarea that will be cropped out.

    9. Open the Image menu at the top of the screen and select Crop.The shadedareas are now deleted fromyour photo.

  • 12. Go to the File menuat the top of the screenand select Save As.

    10. Add your name, event title, andcaption by goingto the File menuat the top ofyour screen andselecting File Info.

    11. Author is your name, Author Title isevent, and Description is the caption.

    13. Images must be changed from .NEF to .JPG using the Format option in Save As.

    14. Save edited photos as yourlastname.event.numberin your server folder.

    IMPORTANT!Do NOT delete the.JPG when

    renaming your photo!

    15. LAST THING:Inform designer(s)

    when you finish photo edits and

    captions so your content may beadded to those

    pages ASAP.