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NMPJ 6060 Spring 2012

Transcript of photo editing final book

  • inside the square:the district of columbia

    bazar dinsmoor estes fine leaming levine lincoln

  • We are inspired by this city.

    Beneath the veneers of tourist brochures and the national news Washington D.C. is home to a vibrant culture and energetic lifestyle.

    This urban metropolis offers an experience beyond the monuments that bear witness like watchtowers to its unique history. It lives in forms from abstract to surreal and is sustained by the staccato chant of raw political action.

    The rhythmic groan and scrape of the metro cars rolling over the rails. The bustle of the Capitol grid and the solace of hidden places and views are integral parts of the citys heartbeat.

    D.C. cannot be defined by any particular element, shape or form. It can only be discovered from within.

    Special thanks to Toren Beasley for his direction, patience, and encouragement throughout the creative process.



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  • The Corcoran College of Art + Design New Media Photojournalism Masters Program copyright 2012

    Image on page 80 additional copyright shared copyright2012 united states holocuast memorial museum