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  • 1.Programs There are a ton of programs for photo editing out there, each with prices ranging from $0 to $10 to $700 and on. This guide is designed for high school students, so all of the programs that are discussed here are free!

2. Picasa One of the best programs available for organizing, simple editing, and viewing is Picasa, which is made by Google. 3. Picasa Other than a great organizational tool, Picasa can be used to fix photos with improper exposure, do simple editing, and add some effects to your photos. The two slides show a before and after of a photo edited in this program. The story: I was outside playing basketball when I saw some interesting light on a tree behind the goal. I got my camera, took the picture and continued to play basketball until the light was gone. When I got inside and uploaded the photos, I found that the photos were composed just fine, but the exposure was off by several stops of light! Picasa came to the rescue and saved my photos with just a few clicks! 4. Before 5. After 6. Picasa Just by clicking the Im Feeling lucky button in the editing menu, Picasa changed the lighting, colors, and saturation in less than a second! There are also manual options for editing light, saturation, tint, and tons of other features. There is also a built in version of picnic, a popular, basic, user friendly online editing and manipulation tool. You can download this program by clicking on one of these links Windows (PC)- Mac- Linux- 7. Gimp Gimp is a program modeled after Adobe Photoshop, and is designed for heavy photo editing, manipulation, and effects. This program is not as user friendly as Picasa, but it gets a lot more work done, has thousands more features, and although it is a bit hard to use at first, with a little practice and time, you can create some beautiful work with this program. The next slide is some examples of just a few things that can be done with Gimp. 8. Gimp Downloading Gimp can be downloaded at (Windows/PC) - Click on the button that reads Download Gimp 2.6.11 (or whatever the current version is) 9. Gimp Downloading (Mac) For Mac Users you must first download a program that will allow Gimp to open correctly which can be downloaded at - 1-2.5.3.dmg (For Leopard - OSX users) OR 2.5.3.dmg (For Snow Leopard - OSX users) Then you can download Gimp itself at- %20Help/ 10. Download some programs, and have fun! Dont forget to check out the guides and tutorials for these programs!