PHOBIAS TREATMENT - THE BALANCE ... Phobias treatment at THE BALANCE we use a holistic and...

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Transcript of PHOBIAS TREATMENT - THE BALANCE ... Phobias treatment at THE BALANCE we use a holistic and...



    T H E B A L A N C E

    Mallorca | London | Zurich

    +41 44 500 51 11 | |

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    I t i s perfect ly normal for a l l human beings to exper ience anxiety and

    phobias at var ious t imes in their l i fe . A certa in amount of anxiety and

    phobias is heal thy and performs a va luable funct ion; enabl ing us to develop

    l i fe sk i l l s and learn how to stay safe , grow and bui ld res i l ience in l i fe . How

    we manage and ‘grow’ f rom anxiety is dependent upon our abi l i ty to

    ‘ recover ’ f rom what we perceive as a threat , chal lenge, loss , cr is is , change

    or fear in our l i fe . Our abi l i ty to manage and cope with anxious s i tuat ions

    is developed and ‘hot-wired ’ in the centra l nervous system, and is

    inf luenced by our ear ly chi ldhood exper ience and development .

    How we manage anxiety and phobias is predominant ly modeled (and learnt )

    through our pr imary care g ivers (most commonly our parents) . I f anxiety is

    not managed in a ‘good enough’ way or coping with anxiety is exper ienced

    in a harmful or damaging way, i t leaves us enter ing the wor ld with a

    d istorted vers ion of l i fe and we are lef t wi th inadequate emot ional and l i fe

    sk i l ls which are needed to be able to overcome l i fe ’s problems. I f we do not

    learn heal thy l i fe sk i l l s and learn how to ‘be comfortable wi th ’ and manage

    anxiety in a heal thy way, then eventual ly the anxiety compromises our

    immune system’s abi l i ty to funct ion, leav ing us vulnerable to i l lness and

    exhaust ion. As we encounter more anxiety we may exper ience bouts of

    depress ion, anger , and panic .

    Modern-day stress and anxiety are ref lect ive of the modern wor ld we l ive

    in and often are re lated to us not feel ing ‘good enough’ or not feel ing

    successful , fee l ing ‘a fa i lure ’ , a lways feel ing unsat is f ied, unable to mainta in

    re lat ionships. We str ive for perfect ion and the anxiety ‘merry go round’

    cont inues. Due to the uncomfortable feel ings associated with h igh levels of

    anxiety , we develop our own strategies and behaviour patterns to deal wi th

    (deny or numb out ) these feel ings , for example; se l f -medicat ing to dul l

    emot ional pain , dr ink ing a lcohol to re lax or shut out feel ing anxiety ,

    work ing excess ive ly to d istract f rom the pressures and anxiet ies of l i fe ,

    over or under eat ing for comfort or to f i l l the fr ightening feel ing of anxiety .

    A l l these maladapt ive behaviors are ef forts to feel in control or d iscard

    uncomfortable feel ings. Anxiety re lated i l lness k i l l more people on the

    planet than any other condit ion. I t is l inked to cancer , heart d isease,

    depress ion and addict ion. Anxiety can a lso resul t in h igh suic ide rates –

    especia l ly among men.

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    Phobias treatment at THE BALANCE we use a hol ist ic and person-centered

    treatment approach to help you manage anxiety in a more va luable and

    product ive way. Our Program incorporate a combinat ion of ta lk ing

    therapies , complementary therapies and medical t reatments . These

    treatments help you to ident i fy where and how anxiety mani fests and

    impacts on your l i fe and explores how i t re lates to your heal th wel lbeing

    and l i festy le .

    Biochemical Restoration of body & brain

    Comprehensive medical, psychiatric, orthomolecular, lifestyle

    and nutritional assessment

    Luxury 5-star facilities and hospitality with respect of

    Holistic complementary therapies including healthy lifestyle and

    mindfulness techniques

    Personal chef and personalised nutrition & diet plan supporting

    healing and weight loss

    One client a time bespoke and intensive program with 24/7 counselling

    Trauma program treating the root causes

    and not just the symptoms of general, alternative and technology based therapies

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    By explor ing the unheal thy behavior that anxiety tr iggers , the treatment at

    THE BALANCE teaches you the necessary sk i l ls required to change

    unheal thy or harmful behavior that has developed over t ime. We cal l th is

    method of treatment a ‘prescr ipt ion for l i fe ’ . THE BALANCE program work

    at empowering you and teach you new l i fe changing sk i l ls that help to bui ld

    res i l ience, thus enable you to better ‘manage anxiety ’ ; face into l i fe and no

    longer feel that anxiety controls or has a negat ive hold over you. This is

    known being ‘se l f -empowered ’ .

    Fo l lowing is an example of a weekly schedule:

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    At THE BALANCE we of fer c l ients a hol ist ic approach to phys ica l and mental

    heal th care. The term ́hol ist ic ́ means that our program incorporates a l l

    aspects of a person l i fe and recognizes that each part of us is int imately

    interconnected to a ́whole ́ so in terms of heal th care , i t recognizes that a l l

    areas of a person ’s l i fe need attent ion, in order to impact on the indiv idual .

    This incorporates our model of Mind, Body and L i fe .

    Hol ist ic medic ine (a lso known as phys io logica l regulat ing medic ine and

    Bio logica l Medic ine) treats the whole person. The pat ient ’s symptoms are

    a lways considered to be the outward express ion of an under ly ing

    dysfunct ion that can be remedied by st imulat ing the body ’s own regulatory

    forces. We search for the root causes of the pat ient ’s d isease in order to

    g ive the body a chance to heal i tse l f . This is why we g ive top pr ior i ty to

    improving the pat ient ’s general metabol ism, together wi th detoxi f icat ion,

    pur i f icat ion and the latest methods of immune - st imulat ion, as wel l as

    other st imulat ing therapies .

    THE BALANCE bio logica l medic ine a ims at strengthening the whole , so that

    d iseases and suscept ib i l i ty to d isease can be overcome by the pat ient ’s own

    immune system and heal ing process. For th is reason, our doctors ut i l i ze

    'suppress ive ' medic ines only dur ing t imes of emergency , and not for

    chronic care management , because th is type of medic ine is most ef fect ive

    in acute s i tuat ions. We are a lso s lower to recommend certa in operat ions ,

    preferr ing f i rst to apply our hol ist ic therapy concept .

    As our pat ient , you are making a commitment to your heal th . With your

    cooperat ion and the THE BALANCE staf f ’ s input of exper ience and know

    how, suscept ib i l i t ies can be detected, and the course of the disease

    reversed. I t i s important to note that our doctors have convent ional medical

    degrees and specia l ized tra in ing in Bio logica l Medic ine, and in certa in

    cases , convent ional and hol ist ic treatments wi l l be integrated.

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    Adrenal fat igue is a col lect ion of s igns and symptoms, known as a syndrome,

    that resul ts when the adrenal g lands funct ion below the necessary level .

    Most commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress , i t can a lso

    ar ise dur ing or af ter acute or chronic infect ions , especia l ly respiratory

    infect ions such as inf luenza, bronchit is or pneumonia. . . you l ive wi th a

    general sense of un-wel lness , t i redness or “grey” feel ings . People

    exper iencing adrenal fat igue often have to use cof fee, colas and other

    st imulants to get going in the morning and to prop themselves up dur ing

    the day.

    “The adrenal g lands respond to a l l types of stress in the same way. . . I t i s

    important to know that a l l s tresses are addit ive and cumulat ive . The

    number of stresses , whether or not you recognize them as stresses , the

    intensi ty of each stress , and the frequency with which i t occurs p lus the

    length of t ime i t is present , a l l combine to form your tota l stress load. ”

    together wi th th is i t i s necessary to be aware of connect ions in the body


    The digest ive and g landular systems are c losely re lated to the autonomic

    nervous system, which is a lso ca l led the “abdominal bra in” . I t consists of

    two parts , the sympathet ic and the parasympathet ic , which control a l l our

    involuntary body funct ions and must be rhythmical ly balanced with one

    another for our metabol ism a