Phobias associated with dentistry

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simply called darr in layman language. it affects people of all age, especially women are more prone to phobia.

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2. Phobia A persistent, irri tational fear of a specific object, activit y or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. 3. Dentobhobia is defined as an unpleasant mental, emotional, or physiologic sensation derived from a specific dental related stimulus. 4. FEARACTIVATESSYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEMPRODUCING EPINEPHRINE DILATED PUPIL INCREASED HEART RATE INCREASED BLOOD PRESSURE INCREASED RESPIRATORY RATE 5. Different phobias related todentistryFEAR OF UNKNOWNFEAR OF DENTAL PROCEDURESSENSITIVE GAG REFLEXFEAR OF LOUD NOISEFeeling Uncomfortable Lying Back In A Dentist's ChairUNABLE TO BREATHE THROUGH NOSEFear of pain 6. It is a phenomenon in which with patients do not wish to accept or meet with anything unfamiliar in terms of any situation.How to overcome:In such patients first visit counseling and tell show do technique is advised. 7. FEAR OF DENTAL PROCEDURES 8. FEAR OF DENTAL PROCEDURES Many dental instruments look pointy and sharp.HOW TO OVERCOME :Education and communication is the key.In treatment areas keep instruments, needle, and the syringe out of patients sight 9. Sensitive gag reflex People with a sensitive gag reflex may loathe the part of the dentist's visit where those tabs are put in the mouth for the dental X-ray. These days, newer dentist offices offer panoramic X-rays. 10. Fear of loud noise Dental tools can be really loud, and the noise can stir up fear in some people. HOW TO OVERCOME : Wear Earplugs Noise cancelling head plugs to block out sound. 11. Feeling Uncomfortable Lying Back In A Dentist's Chair Some people may be uncomfortable with something as simple as lying back in the dentist's chair, due to a bad back or some control issues. HOW TO OVERCOME:A simple remedy may be for the dentist to only put the patient half-back so that it's more comfortable or can provide with supporting pillows. 12. Unable To Breathe Through The Nose Mouth breathers have phobia that they wont be able to breathe during their dental treatment.How to overcome :Nasal strips to help them breathe Nitrous oxide to relax the patient 13. Fear due toprevious bad experiences Previous bad experience. Heard of bad experiencesfrom family or friends. 50-80% of dental fear and anxiety happens during childhood/ adolescence. 14. Fear of pain is a common phenomenon which stops patient to undergoing dental treatment 15. Traditional Pain Control MethodsTopical anesthetics Desensitizers Nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation Local anesthetics IV sedation Sedatives/anti anxiety meds General anesthesia 16. Causes of dental phobiaBad experience:- Historyof abuse:- Uncaringdentist:- Vicariouslearning:- Post-Traumatic HumiliationStress:-