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Overview of Philhealth EPRS system

Transcript of Philhealth System-EPRS

  • IntroductionSystem RequirementsRegistrationAddress (URL)Log-onEmployer ProfileEmployees ManagementEmployees Remittance StatusPayment PostingTransaction MonitoringShortcut buttons(EPRS)

  • PhilHealth Circular No. 02 & 13 s.2010 Mandatory Submission of Employer Remittance Report either via:Hard Copy Soft Copy through PPRS & eRF1 (excel format)Options in the Submission of Remittance ReportPhilHealth Circular No. 30 s2010Online Submission of Employers Remittance Report Electronic Premium Reporting System (EPRS)PhilHealth Circular No. 25 s2012Mandatorily obligates all employers to use EPRS in reporting premium contributions.

  • What is EPRS?Electronic Premium Reporting System

    A web-based application designed to allow employers access to PhilHealth Database in the preparation and submission of monthly remittance report with security feature to ensure the confidentiality of information.

  • Requirements in the Use of EPRS1. Must have internet access and email address.

    2. Have their own PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN).

    3. All active employees should have their own PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN).

    4. Payment of premium contributions is directly made to PhilHealth through the Over-the-Counter Collection System (OTCCS) preferred

    5. Payments made thru Accredited Collecting Agents (e.g. banks)

  • System Requirements (minimum)Hardware- Pentium IV computer, 64 MB RAM, 20GB hard disk, LAN card, Monitor (1024 x 768 graphics resolution)

    Software- Windows XP OS, SSL certificate, PDF viewer, Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox 2.5 or Google Chrome)

    Others- Internet access, valid email address, PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN), general knowledge of any web-based application

  • Register! By Contacting your nearest LHIO

    Fill out a PhilHealth Online Access Form (POAF) and submit to PhilHealth-Collection Section for the creation of a user account using MCISEmail addressABC 123 XYZ CORPORATION151433000001 23 M.H. DEL PILAR ST., LUCENA CITYLORENZO B. CATMONBranch ManagerJANE C. RAGOSFiscal Controller

  • Upon registration, PhilHealth shall provide the following through email:

    1. SSL Certificates (root and client certicates) which should be installedto the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome)2. Network user account (username and password) to access the website3. EPRS user account (username and password) to access the EPRSapplication system4. Instructions on how to connect to the EPRS website and User Manual

  • PhilHealth Online Account Activation emailNetwork User AccountEPRS User AccountWeb AddressSSL CertificatesPassword reminder

  • Install the SSL Certificates (root and client certificate) to the web browsers (internet explorer or firefox)EPRS uses a protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to secure the connections that are coming from outside the PHIC network.

    The network user account and client certificate have a validity period.

  • After installation of the certificates, access EPRS by typing this in the address bar:

  • The Network User Account Login Page will then appear. Enter the network username (including and password provided in the email.

  • You may now log-on in the EPRS, type the PEN (username) and the pre-assigned password included in the email

  • Page Tabs:Employer ProfileEmployees ManagementEmployees Remittance StatusPayment PostingTransaction Monitoring

  • Before starting, reset (change) the default password by clicking the settings button

  • In the Employees Management tab page, employers can manage the employee baseline:- Add/Edit & Enroll Online your employees- View & Sync employee profile- Search employees by PIN or Name

  • In the Employees Management tab page:- Employers can Add employee by clicking on the link

  • Employees Management - Add Employee pageTo add new employee, just supply his PIN & Date of BirthOnce you click the submit button:the system will show the profile of member who owns the PIN and prompt you to confirm if you want to continue adding such member.The system will also tell whether the PIN submitted belongs to a member with multiple PINs, and will give you the PIN retained by the system. Then, you can confirm adding such member.

  • In the Employees Management tab page, employers can Enroll Online their new employees

  • Employees Management - Add Employee page

  • In the Employees Management tab page, employers can manage the employee baseline:- Lets try viewing, edit and Sync the profile of an employee

  • In the Employees Management tab page, - Viewing the profile of an employee

  • Lets try editing the profile of an employee

  • Edit employee profile page, - Here employers can Edit profile of an employee

  • After editing the profile of an employee the ActivSync icon synchronizes the new profile to the baseline and to our database. Or vice-versa: Amendments in employees data/profile from membership Database will be sync in the EPRS 2 (e.g. change in status from single to married)

  • In the Employees Remittance Status tab page, employers can :- Search employees by PIN or Name- Filter per employee status- Edit employee status (Active, NE, SP)- Edit salary bracket

  • Employees Remittance Status Edit Employee Status & Salary BracketMake sure to select the appropriate employment status whether Active No Earnings or SeparatedSelect the appropriate Salary BracketNote: PhilHealth has a way of knowing the correct salary of every employees so please dont under-declare to avoid the inconvenience of court proceedings

  • In the Payment Posting tab page, employers can:- Edit applicable period- Print (PEPRL/SPA/PPPS)- Posting of (POR/PAR)Member StatusBracket CodePersonal ShareEmployer ShareTotalContributionPremium Payment SlipPOR Posting/ValidationEdit Applicable Period

  • Payment Posting Edit Applicable Period and print PPPS

  • After clicking submit from the edit applicable period page, you will be brought back at Payment Posting page where you can:- Generate (PEPRL/SPA/PPPS)- View SPA HistoryPremium Payment Slip - Generate PEPRL - Gen. SPA/PPPS - SPA History

  • PRELIMINARY EMPLOYEES PREMIUM REMITTANCE LIST (PEPRL)- list of active employeesClick to print reportClick to save in hard drive

  • STATEMENT OF PREMIUM ACCOUNT (SPA) GENERATION- mandatory for recording of premium receivables

  • Click to save in hard drive

  • Bring this PPPS to your nearest LHIO for payment at the Cashier (OTCCS)

  • Payment Posting Posting of POR/PAR

  • In the Transaction Monitoring tab page, employers can : - Monitor transaction history - Monitor status of posting - Print or Save Employers Remittance Report

  • Shortcut buttons:Home (Return to Main)Settings (Change Password)System Update ButtonLog-off

  • EPRS version 2.1

    Payments allowed thru ACAs and E-PayPAR Validation


    with Philippine Standard Geographic Codes FieldsAbility of EPRS to link with Payroll systemsAdoption of the 3% (New Premium Contribution Schedule for the Employed Sector)

    EPRS version 2.0

    Automatic Data Validation no more waiting time for system approvalSynchronization feature amendments in employees data/profileNew Template DesignLinked to ERAS and Facebook

  • EPRS Process FlowEmployer complieswith requirementsRegister with PhilHealthPhilHealth registersthe employerPOAFInternet & emailPENOTCCSSSL certificatesNetwork user acctEPRS user acctEmployer installscertificatesAccess EPRS thenchange passwordManage employeeactive baselineUpdate status andMSBEdit applicableperiodPrint PPPS and paypremiumPPPSPhilHealth acceptspayment in OTCCSPOREmployer postsPOR to EPRSEmployer prints RF1for fileEmployeesManagementTabEmployeesRemittanceStatus TabPaymentPosting TabTransactionMonitoringTabRF1PaymentPosting Tab

  • Thank you very much!E (Efficient and Effective)P (Prompt Posting) R (Responsive System) S (So Simple to Use) Please contact your nearest LHIOfor EPRS application and a quick training