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Philhealth EPRS, peers

Transcript of Philhealth EPRS


    PhilHealth EPRS: Towards Excellence

    in Member Management

    April 18, 2013 Crown Regency Suites & Residence, Mactan, Cebu City

    Dr. Renato L. Limsiaco, Jr., CPA Head, Employed Segment

    Formal Sector-Member Management Group PhilHealth Head Office, Pasig City

  • 1. PhilHealth Account Management

    1. PhilHealth EPRS

    1. Other Updates-Imposition of Interest for Late Payment

    Presentation Agenda:

  • 1. Updated and reconciled records, membership & contribution(Er&Ee)

    2. Ease in the availment of benefits

    3. Empowerment of members

    G O A L:

    delighted employed members

  • 4



  • PhilHealth Account Management Strategy(PAMS)

    A systematic approach to identify and serve the employers.

    It involves the assignment of Account Officer to a particular Employers.

    It desires to reach a Partnership relationship with employers.

    Compliance to Commitment

    Who caresWin!!!

    It is supported by all units in the organization to attain set objectives in delivering quality service for its members.


  • PhilHealth-






  • P-AIMS Functions

    Assist the Employers in EPRS registration

    Assist the Employers in the updating of membership, remittance and reporting

    Conduct NHIP Orientation for the employee-members

    Update the employers/employee-members on PhilHealth Programs

    Assist the Employers in the availment of PhilHealth benefits of the members

  • PhilHealth Circular No. 25, s-2012

    dated May 29, 2012

    - requires all employers to use and/or

    adopt the Electronic Premium Remittance

    System (EPRS) as the mode of

    preparation and submission / transmission

    of the Employer Remittance Report (RF-1)

    effective January 1, 2013.

  • What is EPRS?

    EPRS is an acronym for Electronic Premium Remittance System

    A web-based

    application designed for PhilHealth employers, to use in reporting premium contributions

  • Register to secure a user account and password

    Registration can be done through walk-in to nearest PRO/Branch/LHIOs and fill-out the POAF*

    How can I get access to the EPRS? and look for EPRS ePOAF link

    or Electronically:

    *PhilHealth Online Access Form (POAF)

  • ePOAF

  • Please check your email and carefully follow the instruction.

    You will be required to

    confirm your identity Membership clean-up Install the SSL Certificate User account and

    password activation

    I have filled-out the POAF/submitted registration through ePOAF, whats next?

  • You may now start to prepare your monthly remittance report.

    I have my user account for the EPRS, have installed the certificate, What should I do next?

  • Whats inside the EPRS?

    EPRS v.2.4 has five modules:

    Employer Profile Employees

    Management Employees Remittance

    Status Payment Management Transaction Monitoring

  • Whats inside the EPRS?

    PhilHealth Employer Engagement Representative(PEER) Information

  • Employer Profile module Displays the employer profile

    Sync icon Updates employer profile in the EPRS based on what is in the Membership Database

  • Employees Management Module

    Displays employees masterlist View employees profile Edit employees profile Link to Online Registration Add New Employee

  • Employees Remittance Status Module

    Management of employees remittance status -Tab for the list of Active employees (Default)

    -Tab for the list of employees with No Earnings status -Tab for the list of employees with Separated status -Tab for the list of All employees -Pencil icon for setting applicable period -Pencil icon for editing employees remittance status

  • Employees Remittance Status Module

  • Employees Remittance Status Module

    Setting Applicable Period

  • Payment Management module

    - Print PEPRL (Optional)

    - Generate SPA/PPPS

    - Payment for Posting

    - SPA History

  • Payment Management module PEPRL

  • Payment Posting module Generation of SPA

  • Payment Management module Generated SPA

  • Payment Management module Generated SPA

  • Payment Management module SPA for Payment and Posting

  • SPA for Payment and Posting

  • SPA for Payment and Posting

  • SPA for Payment and Posting

  • SPA for Payment and Posting

  • SPA for Payment and Posting

  • SPA for Payment and Posting

  • Payment Posting module SPA History

    Link for printing SPA

  • Payment Posting module SPA History

  • Transaction Monitoring module

    eRF-1 in PDF format

  • Transaction Monitoring module

    Last page of the Posted eRF-1

  • EPRS six (6) Easy Steps:

    1. Membership & Premium Updating

    2. Generate PEPRL

    3. Generate SPA/PPPS

    4. Prepare Voucher & Check

    5. Remit premium at PhilHealth or ACAs

    6. Post premium payment

  • EPRS Enhancements: a. Can accept NGA Un-even Premium Payment

    b. Can accept Textfile reporting

    c. Can accept Multiple Ors/Users

    d. Grouping of Employees/Dept./Office

    e. Bookkeeping/Accounting firms/ARRA

    f. Electronic Claim Form 1

    g. Updating of dependent thru EPRS

    h. Online Payment with Collecting Agents

  • Section 32(d) of Implementing Rules &

    Regulations (IRR) of the National Health

    Insurance Act of 1995 (Republic Act 7875);

    Title III Rule 1, Section 6(e) of IRR;

    PhilHealth Board Resolution No. 1669, s-


  • Government employers

    Private employers

    Household help employers

    April 12, 2013

  • Deadline of remittance of monthly premium:

    On or before the 10th calendar day of the month

    following the applicable month for which the payment is

    due and applicable

    If the deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, or has been declared a regular/ special or a non- working

    holiday, payment shall be made on the next working


    Computation and payment of premium contribution with interest shall be accomplished at the nearest


  • The number of days delayed includes the day right after the deadline up to the date of

    remittance including Saturdays, Sundays

    and non-working holidays.

    All underpayments, non and or late remittances will

    be charged two percent (2%) of the monthly

    interest that shall be computed as follows:

    To acknowledge payment of interest, a separate

    Official Receipt shall be issued

    Interest = Remittable Amount x 2% x Number of Days Delayed


    30 days

  • Mission First version As a financial intermediary, PhilHealth shall continuously

    evolve a sustainable National Health Insurance that shall: Lead towards universal coverage

    Ensure better benefits for its members at affordable premiums

    Establish close coordination with its clients

    through a strong partnership with all stakeholders; and,

    Provide effective internal information and management systems to influence the

    delivery of quality health care services.

    Mission Second version

    To ensure adequate finance access of every

    Filipino to quality health care services through

    the effective and efficient administration of the

    National Health Insurance Program.

    Vision About the Corporation A premier government corporation

    that ensures sustainable, affordable, and

    progressive social health insurance

    which endeavors to influence the delivery of

    accessible quality health care for all Filipinos.

    Mission New version

    Bigyan ang bawat miyembro

    ng sulit na benepisyo

    at dekalidad na serbisyo.



    Quality Service Utmost Integrity


    Social Solidarity

    Total Care

    Vision About the Program

    Adequate and affordable

    social health insurance coverage

    for all Filipinos.

    Vision About the Member

    Bawat Pilipino, miyembro;

    Bawat miyembro, protektado;

    Kalusugan natin, segurado.

  • Alone we can do so little;

    together we can do so much.

    Helen Keller

  • contact details:

    Cel No. 09173065138