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Transcript of P&H Mining Equipment Western Mining Electrical Papers/P&H Centurion   Mining Market...

  • P&H Mining EquipmentP&H Mining Equipment

    Western MiningElectrical Association

    June 8th, 2006

    Chuck KalinPeter Miller

  • Mining Market Requirements & Mining Market Requirements & P&H Centurion Control Systems P&H Centurion Control Systems

    Mining customers requirements high availability, reliability, productivity and lower operating cost.

    P&H has truly become a Systems Integrator and Solutions Providerleveraging technology and services to meet these market-driven requirements...

  • CenturionCenturion

    Built on Proven FoundationNew Enabling TechnologiesBasis for New Developments on P&H Equipment

  • Design BenefitsDesign Benefits

    Greater reliabilityImproved diagnosticsIncreased productivityScalable with future developments

  • Control SystemsControl Systems

    Drive Control

    Process Control

    Integrated system for high performance

  • Centurion Control Centurion Control CabinetCabinet

    Supervisory controllerSmart I/OInteractive armature and field controls for all motions

    New Shovel Cabinet

    Retrofit Cabinet

  • Centurion ControllerCenturion ControllerPerforms logic and sequencing functions, replacing PLCPerforms supervisory control of drives, replacing AC80Superior processing capability with ample reserve

  • Centurion I/O SystemCenturion I/O System

    Fiber ProfibusFiber Profibus

    Fiber ProfibusFiber Profibus

    Aux Cabinet

    Aux Cabinet

    Operators Console


    Operators Console


    Operators Console


    Operators Console


    Boom Junction


    Boom Junction

    BoxLube Room Lube Room

    RPC Cabinet

    RPC Cabinet

    AirScrubProFiltration (option)

    AirScrubProFiltration (option)

    Hoist Gear Case

    Hoist Gear Case

    Converter Cabinet

    Converter Cabinet

    Transfer Cabinet

    Transfer Cabinet

    MiltronicsLube SensorMiltronics

    Lube Sensor

    Centurion ControllerCenturion Controller





    Lower ControlLower


    Control CabinetControl Cabinet

    Copper Profibus Copper


    Slip Ring Booster

    Slip Ring Booster

    Profibus ResolverInterface

    Profibus ResolverInterface

    Slip Ring Booster

    Slip Ring Booster

  • Centurion CommunicationsCenturion Communications

    Upgraded InfrastructureOPC industrial standard for communicationAllows touch screen to communicate with:

    Drives: recordings, parameters, upload/downloadAC800: download, I/O data, healthRemote Communications option

  • Centurion Drive Centurion Drive DiagnosticsDiagnostics

    Drive recordings from GUIIcon basedTriggered on faultsConfigurable

  • Centurion Upgrade OptionsCenturion Upgrade Options

    Centurion Complete System Upgrade

    Centurion 750Controller and I/O upgrade to digital system

    Centurion 500Controller upgrade for digital systems

  • Centurion in the Future Centurion in the Future Scalability - Platform that expands with

    future technology

    Vision Products on the horizon

    -Health and Diagnostics-Feedback-Adaptive Controls-Semi-Autonomous Control

  • Strategy:Strategy:How are we getting there? How are we getting there?

    TechnologyCenturion ControlSoftware and CommunicationsDrive technology

    PartnershipCRC Mining

  • P&H / CRC Mining P&H / CRC Mining

    Cooperative Research CenterIndustry and Academia

    Graduate Level ResearchModeling

    Mechanical and ElectricalSoftware DevelopmentProof of Concepts

  • P&H / CRC Mining Joint Venture P&H / CRC Mining Joint Venture 2100BLE Research Shovel for 2100BLE Research Shovel for SemiSemi--Autonomous Application DevelopmentAutonomous Application Development

    Commissioned December of 2004Many enabling technologies currently under testAlpha test machineBeta test at customer site prior to release

  • P&H/CRC SimulationP&H/CRC SimulationP&H/CRC SimulationP&H/CRC Simulation

    Bin TestingScale testing of dippersProof of concept/design

  • P&H Payload Measurement P&H Payload Measurement SystemsSystems

    Payload and Payload PlusWeigh individual dipper loads and truck load totalsProvide operator KPIsOperator interface integrated with Centurion GUI

    Optional Reporting PackageOptional ShoveLink Package

  • P&H Payload SolutionsP&H Payload Solutions

    PayloadUses ordinary machine feedbacksSimple installationEasy calibration

    Payload PlusUses a boom point sheave pin to measure hoist rope tensionNo calibration required after installation

  • Hardware BasicsHardware Basics

    PC/104 HardwareOff-The-Shelf componentsIndustrial PCPentium basedEmbedded system

    SupportabilityHigh availabilityMinimal componentsSimple troubleshooting

  • Payload ComponentsPayload Components

    Centurion Touch Screen


    Payload PC/104

    Switch Optional Comms

    Ethernet Outputs

  • Payload BasicsPayload Basics

    Ideal for retrofitsSimple installationMinimal components

    Easily supportedSimple calibrationSimple troubleshooting

  • Load Pin and Strain Gauge DetailLoad Pin and Strain Gauge Detail

  • WsTy Lbx Tx L by WhL hx

    L bxW d

    Payload Plus Payload Plus Underlying LogicUnderlying Logic

  • Payload PlusPayload Plus

    NIST traceable calibrationDoes NOT require calibration once installedRope tension calculated continuouslyStrain gauge measurement can be used for structural analysis

  • Pin and Calibration FixturePin and Calibration Fixture

  • Pin Under CalibrationPin Under Calibration

  • Rope Tension from Load Pinand Hoist Armature Current

  • Operator DisplayOperator Display

  • Operator DisplayOperator Display

  • Reporting Package Reporting Package Sample ReportSample Report

    Production by shovel/shift

  • P&H Payload and Payload Plus AccuracyP&H Payload and Payload Plus Accuracy

    Alpha Test - 2100 BLE Beta Testing complete at 3 different sites.Accuracy was demonstrated to within 2% of in-ground truck scalesTesting period over 14 months.

  • Same functions as on board

    Optional remote drive and controller diagnostics

    Upload data files Customer supplied client

    Global accessData and remote diagnostics for the Customer, MinePro, and P&H Engineering/Product Support

  • Questions?Questions?

    P&H Mining EquipmentMining Market Requirements & P&H Centurion Control Systems CenturionCenturion Control CabinetCenturion ControllerCenturion I/O SystemCenturion CommunicationsCenturion Drive DiagnosticsCenturion Upgrade OptionsP&H / CRC Mining Joint Venture 2100BLE Research Shovel for Semi-Autonomous Application DevelopmentHardware BasicsPayload ComponentsPayload BasicsPayload PlusPin and Calibration FixturePin Under CalibrationReporting Package Sample ReportQuestions?