Peugeot Egypt Newsletter- 18 December 2011

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PEUGEOT CDCM Newsletter 18 December, 2011 Cairo EGYPT
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Transcript of Peugeot Egypt Newsletter- 18 December 2011

  • 1. PEUGEOT CDCM Newsletter 18 December, 2011 Cairo EGYPT

2. Egypt Building on the successful launch campaign of the all new Peugeot408in Egypt,Peugeot is sponsoring the shopping festival at City Stars Mall, the most popular mall in Egypt.Two408cars were displayed in the mall that attracts over one and a half million visitors per month. The two locations were set to showcase the cars around stores that get the most traffic. They are also placed where they can appear from several spots in the mall. The cars will be awarded to two lucky shoppers who are to win the lottery. 3. Egypt Peugeot Egypt Facebook fan page reached over 100,000 fans. The page was released in parallel with the launch campaign of the Peugeot408to serve as an open channel of communication with Peugeot fans in Egypt. The page welcomes contributions, answersinquiries and funnel complaints to the concerned departments. 4. Egypt On Tuesday the13 th of December 2011, Peugeot CDCM celebrated the inauguration of B-Auto showroom in Maadi, Cairo.The celebration was attended by PSA Deputy Area Manager of the Middle East Mr. Sbastien Proux, CDCM Deputy General Manager Mr. Ahmed Abd El Ghany, CDCM Marketing Director Mr. Mohamed Ghouneim, CDCM Sales Director Mr. Alaa Shedid, the showroom owner Mr. Mohamed Belal, and sales and marketing teams.The event was covered by the most established newspapers in Egypt and the Middle East, Al Ahram and Al Akhbar. 5. International In spring 2012, Peugeot will launch its new model in the "B segment" small, Supermini. It will be available in two distinct body styles; 3-door and 5-door. Peugeot208 : RE-GENERATION "With the208 , Peugeot enters a new era." Vincent Rambaud, General Director, Automobiles Peugeot The 208 embodies the principles of agility and efficiency. The interior continues the promise of innovation just like the exterior style. A true break from what has gone before, beyond the recognized technical constraints and cultural references, the instruments and controls have beencompletely re-thought to become entirely intuitive and clear. 6. Up NextPeugeot CDCM Egypt is currently preparing to launch the new Luxurious sedan the Peugeot508 , This new model doesnt only combine between interior and exterior luxury but also combines them with Performance . 7. Peugeot CDCM Egypt For any material requestsAddress: 11 Salah Salem St. - Cairo - EgyptP.O Box : 11381 Telephones: 24660087 24660086 24831094 Peugeot CDCM Marketing Department [email protected] 19207