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For management student


Theo haimann- planning is deciding inadvance what is to be done.

Kreitner- planning is the process coping withuncertainty by formulating a future course of action to achieve specified results.

Joseph massie planning is a process bywhich a manager looks to the future and discovers alternatives.

Characteristics of planningPlanning is a continuous process. Planning is an intellectual activity. Planning is forward looking. Planning is related to objectives. Planning involves selection among alternatives.

Characteristics of planningPlanning is a pervasive function of mgt. Planning is the most basic of all management function. Planning involves selection among alternatives.

Seven essential of a good planVision; Commitment; Timelines; Objectives; Reporting; Contingency; Change.

Peter drucker and Six ps of planning1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

purpose; Philosophy; Premise; Policies; Plans; Prioprities.

Decision making

Decision making can be defined as an act of choice by the manager from among two or more possible alternative courses in a given situation.

Meaning of of decision making

The process concerned with searching and evaluating alternatives to a problem and selecting the best alternative is known as D.M. In a nutshell ;Decision making is a conscious process by which a person chooses a course of action from among the alternatives to attain a given objective or objectives. It is a course of action which consciously chosen for achieving a desired result.

Characteristics of decision makingSelection of Best Alternative. Rational Selection. A Job of Top Management. Decision are Means. A Human and Social Process. Uncertainty and Risk. Decision may be Positive or Negative.