PetCare Insurance Policy Wording

PetCare Insurance Policy Wording
PetCare Insurance Policy Wording
PetCare Insurance Policy Wording
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Policy Wording for Kurnia Insurans (M) Berhad's PetCare Insurance

Transcript of PetCare Insurance Policy Wording

UW -NM-F310 REV: A

PET CARE INSURANCE POLICYWHEREAS the Insured described in the Schedule hereto has by a proposal and declaration which shall be the basis of this contract and deemed to be incorporated herein has applied to KURNIA INSURANS (MALAYSIA) BERHAD (hereinafter called the Company) for insurance hereinafter contained and has paid or agreed to pay the premium in respect of such insurance as consideration for the Insurance during the Period of Insurance stated in the Schedule and for which same may be renewed. Now the Policy witnessed that subject to the terms and conditions contained herein or endorsed or otherwise expressed hereon the company will indemnify the Insured in the manner and to the extent hereinafter provided in the Policy in respect of events happening within the Territorial Limit during the period of insurance. The Companys liabilities to the Insured shall not exceed the Limit of Liability or Sum Insured shown in the Schedule:

BENEFITSA. VETERINARY FEES We will pay you all customary charges made for treatment carried out by a vet. Cover is provided for an accident or illness occurring to your pet, subject to the sum insured as specified in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance. The limit of cover and excess are on a per incident basis subject to the annual limit as per plan chosen. Exclusions The company will not be liable for: a) The excess amount of each and every claim where applicable and as specified in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance. b) Any treatment after the policy has lapsed/expired. c) Any expenses not supported by a signed receipt by a vet. d) Veterinary fees in connection with: i) Any pre-existing conditions or illness unless agreed by us. ii) Any illness or disease arising prior to or within 30 (thirty) days of the inception date of the insurance. (This exclusion is not applicable to renewed policies) iii) Preventative and elective treatments, vaccination, routine examinations and treatment, whelping, kittening and any treatment in connection with pregnancy or parturition. iv) Organ transplant. v) Behavioural problems and training unless caused as a direct result of an insured incident occurring during the period of insurance. vi) Non-essential hospitalisation and/or house calls. vii) All supplements, diet foods, vitamins of all kinds and all pet grooming products, including shampoo, body care and the likes. viii) The cost of dentistry. ix) Any claim for any form of special diet, housing, or bedding needed for the treatment or original well being of the insured pet. x) Any claim for cryptorchism. xi) Any claim as a result of a notifiable disease (vicious or aggressive behaviour) e.g. Rabies. xii) Skin disease of any kind xiii) Diseases due to tick and fleas. B. ACCIDENTAL DEATH We will pay you the sum insured as specified in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance in the event your pet dies from accident, or in the event of humane destruction, if certified by a vet necessary to alleviate incurable and inhumane suffering of the pet, due to accident. C. KENNEL OR CATTERY FEES We will reimburse you for boarding kennel or cattery fees, in a licensed boarding establishment, veterinary clinic or hospital up to the maximum amount as specified in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance in any one period of insurance in the event that you are hospitalised on medical advice for a period exceeding 3 days. Exclusions We will not be liable for: a) Your hospitalisation as a result of pregnancy. b) Any known medical conditions likely to give rise to hospitalisation at the inception date of this purchase. D. BURIAL OR CREMATION EXPENSES We will reimburse you up to the sum insured as specified in the Policy Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance for the cost incurred by you in giving your pet a burial or cremation in the event of death to your pet.

DEFINITIONS1. 2. We/Us/Our/The Company/KIMB shall mean Kurnia Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad. You/Your/Yourself shall mean the person specified in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance as the Policyholder and owner of your pet. Your Pet/Insured Animal/Pet shall mean your cat or dog named and described in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance. Your Family shall mean your spouse, children, parent and other relatives normally living with you. Vet shall mean a Registered Veterinary Surgeon recognized by the Malaysian Veterinary Council. Period of Insurance shall mean the date shown on the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance. Incident shall mean a specifically identifiable accident, injury, disease or conditions. Recurring and/or chronic conditions shall be considered as one loss. Such conditions being defined as: a) Clinical manifestations resulting in the same diagnosis (regardless of the number of incidents or areas of the body affected) to which your pet has an on going predisposition or susceptibility related in any way to the original claim; or b) Conditions that is incurable and likely to continue for the remainder of your pets life. Accident shall mean sudden and unexpected event which happen during the period of insurance which results in death and/or injury to your pet. Injury shall mean bodily injury caused by an accident. Illness shall mean disease, sickness or infection which is not caused by injury. Treatment shall mean any examination, consultation, advice, tests, x-rays, medication, surgery, nursing or care provided by a Vet. Excess shall mean the first amount of each and every claim which you must pay, as shown on the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance. Condition shall mean any injury, illness or disease or any symptoms or signs of injury, illness or disease including related problems. Pre-existing Condition shall mean conditions which existed prior to the inception of policy are not covered under this policy unless otherwise stated by us. However, if the pet is free from symptoms, treatment, medication, tests or advice the conditions for a period of one continuous year at the inception date of cover the condition would be eligible for cover. Territorial Limit within Malaysia only. Age Limit from 4 (four) months to 8 (eight) years old. Veterinary fees shall mean fees charged by a vet for a treatment of a condition that our pet has received during the policy year for an illness or injury.


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UW -NM-F310 REV: A

PET CARE INSURANCE POLICYExclusions We will not pay for any expenses not supported by a signed receipt of a registered/recognised burial or cremation parlour. E. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY We will indemnify you up to the limit of liability (including cost or expenses of litigation recoverable or incurred subject to our prior consent) specified in the Policy Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance for any claim or series of claims arising from any one event and in aggregate, if any person is injured or killed or their property is damaged as a result of an incident involving your pet and for which you are legally liable. For this purpose of this section the definition of You and Your is extended to include any person looking after your pet with your permission. Exclusions The Company will not be liable: a) The excess amount of each and every claim where applicable and as specified in the Schedule and/or Certificate of Insurance. b) An agreement or contract unless liability would have existed otherwise. c) Deliberate acts by you or members of your family. d) Loss or damage to the property in the ownership, custody or control of you or your family or household or any person employed by members of your household. e) Accidental bodily injury to or disease contracted by you or a member of your family or persons permanently residing with you. f) Accidental bodily injury or disease contracted by any person who is under a contract of service or apprenticeship with you when such injury or disease arises out of and in the course of employment by you. 2. 3. 4.

GENERAL CONDITIONSYou must comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your policy. If you do not comply we may at our option cancel the policy or refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment. 1. It is warranted that your pet is free from any injury, illness or physical disability whatsoever at the commencement date of this insurance. It is further warranted that your pet has received, at the appropriate time, initial and booster vaccinations against distemper, hepatitis, leplospirosis and parvovirus in the case of dogs, against feline infectious enteritis and feline influenza in the case of cats or as advised by a vet. All vaccinations must be administered under vets supervision. It is a condition precedent to liability that you will provide proper care and attention at all times for your pet. You agree that your current or previous vet(s) may release information or records regarding your pet to us. In relation to any third party liability claims, we may pay up to the limit of indemnity or lesser compensation and shall be released from any further liability under this policy. (Except for cost or expenses of litigation recoverable or incurred with our consent prior to the date of such payment). If the proposal or declaration of the Insured is untrue in any respect or if any material fact affecting the risk be incorrectly stated therein or omitted therefrom or concealed or if this Insurance or any renewal thereof shall have been obtained through misstatement, misrepresentation, suppression or concealment or if any claim made shall be fraudulent or exaggerated or if any false declaration or statement shall be made in support thereof then in any of these cases this Policy shall be void. a) You may cancel this Policy at any time by notifying us in writing. Provided that no claim has arisen during the period