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Boost Pest Control Technician Productivity8 Tips to reduce pest control downtime, boost pest control productivity & profit.Quality Equipment &

Transcript of Pest Control Equipment - Boost Technician Productivity

  • 1. Boost Spray Technician Productivity(and make more money!!!)Our Equipment. Andrew GreessYour Success. OPM Saguaro Conference Mesa, AZ 1 September 2009

2. Goal Today 8 Tips to Stop Wasting Money - Reduce equipment problems- Reduce repair expenses- Reduce downtime- Reduce missed 3. Goal Today Find Ways to Stop Wasting Money Information based upon our repair shop experience:- Common Problems - Repetitive Problems - Avoidable Problems - Rapidly Worsening Problems3 4. Please: -Ask Questions- Share Experiences 5. Most Common Source of Problems Any Guesses? 6. 1. Good Filtration is critical to any sprayer- Good Design - Operating Procedures - Maintenance 7. Filtration Good Design is critical - Selectionbased upon material, water quality, pump, technician - Typefill hose, strainer basket, before pump, gun/tip - Accessibilitylocation, reach, plumbing 7 8. Filtration Good Design is critical Design for your application, equipment, technician 9. Access Nothing more important - Can technician reach filter?- Can filter be checked when tank is full? 10. Access Nothing more important The right way to do it!10 11. Filtration Check your Filter 12. Filtration Replace your Filter 13. Filtration Check your Filter (or else!) Pump damage; clogged guns, tips, hoses; downtime, repair expenses, overtime, 14. 2. Pressure Related Problemsa. Dont overpressurize sprayers - Backpacks, especially sensitive - $5 problems become $50 problems quickly - Extends life 15. 2. Pressure Related Problems b. Dont run pumps too fast- The pressure fairy?- Extends life- Reduce drift- Reduce size of spills15 16. 2. Pressure Related Problemsc. Release the pressure - Extends life - Especially backpacks - Reduce freeze risk 16 17. 3. Clean It Out! - B & Gs - Backpacks - Power Sprayers17 18. 3. Clean It Out!Debris in tanks = problems - Clogged filters (fish anyone?) - Starved (damaged) pumps - Clogged hoses, fittings, guns & tips - Incorrect chemical concentrations - Downtime - Repair expenses18 19. 3. Clean It Out! 20. 3. Clean It Out! 21. 3. Clean It Out!What will this cost you? 21 22. 4. Dont Wait for Problems Preventative Maintenance is critical - especially pumps & motors where failure is expensive - take advantage of slow periods to do PM 22 23. 5. Train Employees to Report ProblemsLeaks ProblemsYou know what$tofix 24. 5. Train Employees to Report ProblemsSmall Problems quickly become big problems- Leaks - Changes in pressure - Changes in output - Appearance - 25. 6. Use Emergency Repair Kits 26. 7. Use Preflight Checklist- Airplane pilot metaphor - Techs should spend 3-4 minutes at start of daychecking their equipment 27. 7. Use Preflight Checklist Find small problems- they are cheaper to fix than big problems Find problems where you can do something about them- it is better to have problems at the office/home than to have them in the customers driveway The case of the missing pump! 28. Review 8 Simple Tips1. Filtration2. Pressure Issues3. Clean It Out4. Preventative Maintenance5. Report Problems6. Emergency Repair Kits7. Preflight Checklist28 29. More Info on Spray Equipment *** Preflight Checklist Session Tomorrow *** PMP Magazine Smart Systems Column follow on Twitter: AndrewGreess email us: Demo outside the Main HallOur equipment.Your success. 29 30. Equipment Experts Custom Sprayer Design Parts & Repair Kits or (602) 371.1993 or (800) 675-7485 Please contact us for your spray equipment needsOur Equipment. 30 Your Success. 31. Conference Special! 2 Days only! B&G Security RackReg.$99.99Show Only $59.99 Backpack Security Rack Reg.$119.99 Show Only$69.99Our Equipment. 31 Your Success.