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  • Perspectives The Official Magazine of the Cornerstone Credit Union League

    Winter 2015

    Advocating for Credit Unions in 2015 The Road to Political Engagement 14

  • Winter 2015 Perspectives 1

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    Success Through Advocacy

    As we launch into 2015, it’s a good time to take stock of where we’ve come from as a movement and where we’re headed. This issue of Perspectives highlights our advocacy efforts in Congress and at home in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, which is particularly notable because 2015 is the first year all three Cornerstone states have legislatures in session simultaneously since our 2013 inception. And let’s not forget that the 114th Congress is also in full swing.

    Our credit union leaders met across the state late last year to set the priority issues that Cornerstone would pursue during the 2015 sessions. As events unfold in the state legislatures and in Congress, it is critical that credit union advocates are informed and engaged in support of those priorities.

    Every legislative session, our team reviews thousands of bills and works to amend those containing language that is potentially harmful or burdensome to credit unions. Our teams have already begun communicating with this session’s lawmakers and will work closely with them on all issues that affect credit unions.

    At the same time, our advocacy and compliance teams will pursue an agenda that calls for the minimization of regulatory burdens at both state and federal levels. Along with preventing any changes to the credit union tax status, we’ll be closely monitoring issues surrounding reforms to risk-based capital, data security, examination fairness, Regulation D, the Privacy Notice Modernization Act, housing finance, capital, patent litigation, and even the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Because it really does take a village, we hope Cornerstone credit unions will increase their acts of political engagement by making advocacy a priority. There are so many ways they can do that, but here are just some:

    • Join CU:ROAR and keep up to date on advocacy initiatives; • Designate advocacy liaisons who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and can

    motivate others around them; • Meet with your lawmakers throughout the year, run Project Zip Code for

    them, and talk about the credit union difference; • Support colleagues who are venturing into advocacy for the first time; • Attend governmental affairs conferences; • Get everyone on board for PAC payroll deductions and fundraising efforts in

    your community; • Regularly attend and take a leadership role in chapter meetings; • Answer the league’s calls for grassroots communication with lawmakers.

    We’ve come a long way, and with our expanding advocacy presence at home and in Washington, DC, the health of the credit union movement far into the future will be assured. We appreciate all that credit unions do as members of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, and we strive to be of service to you, not just in advocacy, but in all ways.

    Here’s to a prosperous 2015!

    By Dick Ensweiler, CEO, Cornerstone Credit Union League

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  • Winter 2015 Perspectives 3

    Targeted Acts of Advocacy

    Now that 2015 is well underway, we’re filling up our planning calendars with important meetings and events, and setting high-watermark goals to shoot for throughout the year. Hopefully that calendar will also fill up with concrete opportunities for you and your staff to show a new or renewed commitment to engaging in “acts of advocacy” on behalf of your credit union and the credit union movement as a whole.

    It’s one thing to be pro-advocacy and talk about what needs to be done to enact change in Congress or in state legislatures, and another to take real action steps, like meeting face-to-face with lawmakers and explaining in simple terms the issues that threaten the way credit unions operate or even their very existence. That’s a targeted act of advocacy. Whether it’s the CEO in the advocacy trenches, a legislative liaison, or an entire team, every credit union can benefit from devoting people and resources to this critical aspect of credit union health, communication, and outreach.

    So as you plan and strategize for the year, I would ask you to discuss with your staff the myriad ways you can begin or enhance your advocacy efforts. Inevitably, the questions will follow about how to engage, why it’s important, when we need to do it, where, and with whom—and as a consequence, you’ll likely identify the need for staff training so that your advocacy efforts can be the most fruitful.

    Remember, advocacy is a joint venture. Our chances for success are much greater when we are allied with large numbers of credit unions and well-informed, engaged, motivated people who want to see real change that benefits our members, our credit unions, and our communities.

    Rest assured, your league is primed to bring you and your staff into the advocacy fold and help with as much training as you need. Because while there are many ways we can advocate, sharing the same consistent messages will show our unique strength, solidarity, and credibility, which we can build on and carry forward to greater and greater impact— just one reason we call it a credit union movement.

    We hope you’ll reach out and let us know how we can help your 2015 be a year of many targeted acts of advocacy.

    By Paul Trylko, Chairman, Cornerstone Credit Union League

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