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Today, you can choose to customize everything; from shoes to shirts to cars. Literally everything. However, we are offered limited possibilities when it comes to digital platforms. When using an ATM machine, a tablet, a microwave, a fridge, we are somehow forced to all go through the same process. This workshop will look into further incorporating the users tastes & offering tailor made experiences for already existing appliances and services. Get ready to have your codes lifted!

Transcript of Personalise your Journey by PenguinCube - ArabNet Beirut 2014

  • 1. 897-68 Arabnet 2014 | Workshop Document Ref. Arabnet Presentation, 4 March 2014 Hello! Personalize your journey

2. Personalize your journey slide 2 of 19 Who are we? And Im Magali! Hello! Im Sarah! 3. Personalize your journey slide 3 of 19 Why are we here? 4. Personalize your journey slide 4 of 19 We are here today to *aerobics for the mind *push our boundaries *think outside the box *talk and experiment personalization *build scenarios and fly spaceships if we want to! 5. Personalize your journey slide 5 of 19 So what is personalization? personalize Web personalization enables the dynamic insertion, customization or suggestion of content in any format that is relevant to the individual user, based on the users implicit behaviour and preferences, and explicitly given details. e.g. user profiling, collaborative filtering, data analysis Personalization is the process of tailoring content in any format to the individual user. 6. Personalize your journey slide 6 of 19 Customization vs. personalization You explicitly specify what you want. It gives explicit user control. Customization is at a generic feature level, where you see/hide etc what you want. Personalization uses implicit interests and learns what you like from your actions. Personalization is at the data/content served level. 7. Personalize your journey slide 7 of 19 Personalization is the future! You want to go where everybody knows your name. 8. Personalize your journey slide 8 of 19 WE ARE IN THE FUTURE, LET YOUR IMAGINATION GO! THINK STRATEGICALLY AND AHEAD OF THE CURVE LET YOUR MANTRA BE: HOW TO BEST PERSONALIZE A JOURNEY? 9. Personalize your journey slide 9 of 19 Let the game begin! Lets start by getting in teams of 3 10. Personalize your journey slide 10 of 19 Lets avoid ... Google Apple/ Steve Jobs Using phones & tablets I cannot think of anything I dont know what to do Jackie Chamoun Going to the web Mark Zuckerberg 11. Personalize your journey slide 11 of 19 Step 1: pick a service card Each team selects a service from the box < 5 min 12. Personalize your journey slide 12 of 19 Step 2: take the service to the future Each team re-imagines how the service will exist Remember: *medium/interface *personnel *logistics *services provided 10 min 13. Personalize your journey slide 13 of 19 Step 3: pick a character card Each team selects a character from the box < 5 min 14. Personalize your journey slide 14 of 19 Step 4: build your character Who will it be? Criteria to keep in mind: *character psychology *behavior *cultural background *habits/lifestyle *preferences/taste 10 min 15. Personalize your journey slide 15 of 19 service Create the surface of interaction between the 2 elements. Sparks, insights, ideas, etc character+ Step 5: ideation & brainstorming 5 min 16. Personalize your journey slide 16 of 19 Step 6: storyboarding Identify the reference occasion in which the interaction is happening Pinpoint how the pattern habits of your character change your service Show how the service is personalized according to the preferences of the character What would happen to the story, had it been your neighbours character? 1 32 4 Create a scenario where the service is personalized according to your characters preferences. 15 min 17. Personalize your journey slide 17 of 19 Lets act it out, lets discuss! 18. Personalize your journey slide 18 of 19 What have you learnt today? Pushing experiences an extra mile. 19. Thank you! this was Personalize your journey 897-68 Arabnet 2014 | Workshop Document Ref. Arabnet Presentation, 4 March 2014 2014 PenguinCube sal. All rights reserved. All concepts, graphics, and ideas appearing in this presentation are the exclusive property and original creation of PenguinCube sal. Any reproduction or representation in full or in part of any of the items is strictly prohibited without the prior written approval of PenguinCube sal.