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Personal Trainer Magazine Fitness Business Marketing vol

Transcript of Personal Trainer Magazine Fitness Business Marketing vol

A message from the Publisher:

Welcome to the very first issue of Personal Trainer Magazine. Its made with you in mind. My goal was to create a gritty, real and helpful publication without all the nonsense and fluff seen all too often. Lets just get down to business.

If I were to summarize Personal Trainer Magazine, I would say, This is a magazine which provides real-world solutions for professionals in the fitness and coaching industries.

Personal Trainer Magazine is for fitness experts, nutrition coaches, personal trainers, performance coaches and those who focus on the mental aspect of physical success.

At this time, our publication is available for iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air. In the very near future, it can also be seen on other platforms including iPhone, Nook and Kindle.

This is your magazine. Your comments and suggestions will be read and taken into account. When you say you like something, well do more of it. When you say you dont care for something as much; it will be reduced or eliminated.

In each issue of Personal Trainer Magazine, you will find articles, features and discussions that are thought provoking, controversial, insightful and to-the-point.Your benefit is that you will be entertained and wont waste time. That means you get better results, faster.

The contributors to Personal Trainer Magazine are those who I feel have important messages to help you become a better trainer or coach and also to earn more money. These are good things.

If you are qualified and want to contribute as a writer, let us know.If you have ideas for different magazine departments such as boot camps, group x, online training, online marketing, passive income, sales, staffing, automation, etc., let us know.

If youd like to advertise, let us know.

Thanks for reading the first issue of Personal Trainer Magazine.


Dr. John Spencer Ellis JSE

Blazing a New Trail for Fitness in Orange County, California

By Dr. John Spencer Ellis JSEAaron Guyett and Corey Beasley have been training people for years.They've worked in BIG health clubs, small studios, in people's homes, leased space from other gyms and have opened their own gym called Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, CA. Aaron is a Marine Corps veteran with a passion for helping people.His analytical personality has helped keep the gym in the black and the team on point.His ability to create systems and step-by-step instructions has allowed them to grow consistently and balance the books.

Corey has been training for 15 years and has worked just about every job in the fitness biz. His creative skills have helped Innovative Results separate themselves from competition and thrive in a competitive market.Their first gym was born out of necessity.The owner of the gym they leased space from decided to double the rent over night and the only logical choice was to open up shop. They rallied, scrambled and got the doors open within two weeks;ordering equipment, laying floors and setting up as best they could.Their meager beginnings soon blossomed into a thriving community full of athletes and average Joes.After three years in their first space, they decided that they needed to expand."To combat the recent explosion of new gyms locally, we had to reinvent ourselves," explained Corey.

Corey and Aaron decided to open a new facility, which focused on movement and resembled the outdoors.Both Corey and Aaron are avid outdoorsmen and built a facility to match."This ain't your average box or bodybuilding gym," says Aaron.These guys brought their knowledge of strength and conditioning, combined it with outdoor activities and created one of the most unique, fun gyms in the country.The place is full of open space, climbing holds, monkey bars, parallel bars, ropes, chains, tires, stones and more.It is literally like you stepped into someone's backyard playground.

"We want people to enjoy themselves, learn how to move and offer options that typical gyms can't,"says Corey.Innovative Results has created a buzz in the area.They've created a niche for themselves and continue to offer fun and effective fitness programs for local residents. Corey and Aaron have gone through tough times, learned along the way and continue to strive toward their goal of being the household name for fitness in Orange County, CA.

You can learn more about Corey and Aaron at and

Click here to get your copy! Getting Funky with Funk: From the Beach to Slam Dunk

By Dr. John Spencer Ellis JSE

Meet Former Professional beach volleyball player turned strength & conditioning coach, Marc Funk Roberts, who after leaving two 6-figure jobs went on to pursue his TRUE passion and through 3 years of blood, sweat and tears has become one the industries top online fitness entrepreneurs.

If you've been struggling to figure out your passion in life and want to read a "real life story" about striving to reach your goals, then this may help reassure that you are going in the right direction.

From the age of 8 years old Marc Funk Roberts always had a dream to play professional sports. Whether it was football, baseball, hockey or basketball, he was destined to be a star. His parents had him playing many sports from a young age and Funk seemed to excel in all of them.

But it was the sport of volleyball that would consume this young ambitious kid and propel him into the top echelon of volleyball players throughout his native country of Canada. Funk captained most of his teams through high school and at the club level, and managed a few championships on the way.

Professional beach volleyball would be his natural transition and he thrived on the beaches in Canada, the US and around the world. As a member of one of the top teams in Canada, his passion for the sport kept him training hard and striving to be on top for most of his 15 year career.

But something crazy happened to him. Just as he was approaching the peak years of beach volleyball around the age of 30, he retired.

Just like that, he was done. He shut door on the sport that consumed most of his life and was ready to move onto something else. It was a bold move, but something Funk states had to be done.

You see he lost the passion for beach volleyball. He started to dread things like daily practice, travelling, and media to name a few, which are key elements to success in the sport.

I hated to practice and it felt like I was only playing tournaments each week for money and that wasnt even very good. So I decided to move on.

His philosophy is if you are not passionate about something, then you are not going to do all the little things that need to be done in order for you to be successful and excel.

So next up for Funk at the tender age of 31, was the corporate world where he worked as an inside sales rep at Dell Computers. Within a year he was managing his own sales team of 25 reps.

He worked from open to close, sometimes putting full 12-hour shifts. Not just because he wanted to make a lot of money, but he truly had passion for selling computers and helping others achieve success within his organization.

At the same time, Funk also found a passion for the gym and personal training. When he wasnt at work, Funk was busy sculpting his own physique and training others to reach their fitness potential. He trained one on one and ran a weekend boot camp that would sometimes get 20-40 people in each session.

His love of fitness which started when he was 11 years old after his father brought home a Weider workout bench and weights, and trickled through his professional beach volleyball years where he was known to have one of the top physiques on the pro tour, had now come back full circle.

Funk became a certified personal trainer, kettlebell specialist, metabolic trainer and researched everything he could about fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

As he transitioned from corporate job to job he finally landed a comfortable six-figure job with a top growing company in Canada.

Meanwhile, Funk wasnt satisfied with training people one on one or running his boot camp for only 20 people. He loved to help people and watch them reach their fitness goals and he wanted to reach the world. So he started his own fitness blog which included workout videos, nutrition information and fitness tips.

The thing is he had to find the balance to work a 9 - 5 job, head home to eat, hit the gym, shoot a video, research or blog until 2am and then get up again at 7am for work. The blogging for Funk wasnt work though. It was fun and he was passionate. To see that it was slowly growing and people were positive about the information gave him the rush to continue.

There was no money coming in from blogging and for years his friends questioned why he would spend so much time everyday and get nothing in return. And they were right. Although Funk loved what he did, he was also aware that there were online fitness trainers creating products and generating income from their loyal followers.

A trip to Thailand changed everything for Funk. He was always a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and especially Muay Thai and decided to take a solo trip to Thailand where he trained at a Muay Thai and MMA camp.

It was during this trip that he became aware that MMA fighters were all having trouble with their strength, conditioning and nutrition. There was a lack of knowledge on how to train and what foods to eat. The sport of MMA was growing fast but was still very young in nature and the trainers and fighters had not caught up to vast amount of participants looking t