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  • The Personal-Sized Roman Missal

    The Personal Editionof The Roman Missal, Third EditionWLPs award-winning edition of The Roman Missal has been resized to more compact and versatile dimensions, allowing easier transport for ministry as well as a more convenient edition for study and personal prayer. This 5x7 Missal includes the same interior content as WLPs Deluxe and Value Editions with two color text in black and deep red and two ribbons for place-holding. The chants are engraved in WLPs award-winning style for easier study and prayer. The soft leatherette cover resembles the Value Edition with a gold foil-stamped host and chalice. The Vatican art in this edition is in grayscale and is still as stunning and powerful as in the other two editions.002014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $69.95

    Convenient, portable 5x7 Missal Same interior content as WLPs Deluxe (002012)

    and Value (002013) Editions

    1.25 inches thick Two color text, black and red Two placeholder ribbons Deep red leatherette cover with

    gold-foil stamped host and chalice image

    Includes treasured art from the Vatican Apostolic Library, depicted in grayscale

    Only $69.95

    World Library Publicationsthe music and liturgy division of J.S.Paluch Company, Inc.


    In stock and ready to shIp!

    Pages, when open, measure approximately 11 inches across Book is approximately

    1 inches thick

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    002014 Personal Edition of The Roman Missal, Third Edition $ 69.95

    002012 Deluxe Edition $395.00

    002013 Value Edition $195.00

    Quantity Item No. Title Price Total

    also available: The Ritual Editions of The Roman Missal, Third Edition

    The Award-Winning Deluxe Roman Missal

    9x12 Genuine leather cover Page edges gilded in gold High quality ribbons and leather tabs

    Full-color art inside Much more

    The Value Edition

    9x12 Bonded leather cover Same interior features as the Deluxe Edition with a slightly simpler cover designlearn more at