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Personal Narrative. Pre-AP English. September 25, 2013 Personal Narrative. Turn to the next blank page in your journal. Set it up like this:. First Person Story. A true story you tell about yourself First person uses words like “I,” “Me,” “myself.” Story is significant to the writer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal Narrative

Personal NarrativePre-AP EnglishSeptember 25, 2013Personal NarrativeTurn to the next blank page in your journal. Set it up like this:

First Person StoryA true story you tell about yourselfFirst person uses words like I, Me, myself. Story is significant to the writerA memory of one specific incident

Focus/Development of IdeasMessage is easily identifiedTopic is narrowed to a manageable sizeDetails are beyond the obvious or generalUse descriptions to say things in a unique and memorable way

Sequence of EventsRetell the story in chronological, or time, orderInviting introduction and effective conclusionTransition words and phrases link sentences and paragraphs

Sensory DetailsWrite passages that show the reader what is happening instead of telling or stating facts.Think about what each of the senses is experiencing in that moment.Use vivid images to help the reader experience the setting, characters and action as you did.

DialogueReveal details about the characters through what they say to each other.Add details in the dialogue tags you use.Dialogue should add to the plot of the story.

Significance of EventThe writer communicates the importance of or reasons for the actions and/or consequences.Truisms- universal truths about life that are often common quotes or clichs.

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