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  • Firm Overview

    You Can Find Help Now

    Rubin-Zyndorf, LPA, PC has been successfully representing individuals in legal matters for

    the past twenty-five years. We provide quality, affordable legal services to clients throughout

    Lucas County and Northwest Ohio, and to many motorists who receive traffic tickets or are

    injured while traveling through Ohio.

    Our firm has excelled in a broad range of legal areas. We are tough, aggressive, and move cases

    toward resolution whether through trial or settlement. We have successfully obtained

    recoveries for clients injured or killed in all types of accidents.

    Plaintiff personal injury and wrongful death cases can be difficult. We know how insurance

    companies and lawyers on the other side think. Their goal is to minimize their economic

    exposure by undermining each aspect of your claim. Sometimes an insurance companys tactics

    go so far as to be a matter of bad faith or fraud. We have a reputation as tough negotiators

    on our clients behalf and we are not afraid to take a case all the way to a jury verdict if that is

    in the best interest of our client.

    Our attorneys are experienced at navigation the bureaucratic process that governs workers

    compensation. We know what must be done to protect claimants rights, comply with the

    applicable time limitations, and maximize the chances of receiving an award of benefits.

  • As a family-oriented firm, we also provide our clients with expert services in the areas of:

    Personal Injuries of all kinds

    Family Law, including Divorce, Child Support, Custody and Visitation, Adoption, and


    Traffic Matters, including DUI and BAC Offenses


    Real Estate Transactions

    We are proud of our reputation in the legal community. We regularly travel to meet with clients

    in hospitals, nursing homes, or their homes. We listen, advise, and counsel because we care

    about the client as well as the case. We are confident that we will successfully meet your legal






  • Practice Areas

    Personal Injury Attorneys

    Serving Toledo, OH The law firm of Rubin & Zyndorf is well versed in the practice area of personal injury law.

    With decades of hands on experience, we know what strategies to implement to get the best

    results for our clients. Using our extensive know how, we are able to ensure that each case has

    the best opportunity for a successful outcome. We are a premier law firm serving Toledo, Ohio

    and surrounding areas with trusted legal services.

    Compassionate & Attentive Lawyers Lawyers at Rubin & Zyndorf have an acute understanding of the emotional challenges injury

    victims face. They know how to provide compassionate support and a listening ear while also

    giving you the aggressive representation you need. We make sure to stand up to the insurance

    companies who may try to offer you less compensation than you are owed. Our personalized

    and caring approach coupled with our assertive stance has made us one of the most trusted law

    firms in Toledo, Ohio.

    Whether you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another individual or

    business entity, you have rights that must be upheld in a court of law. We know how to use the

    law to protect your best interests while ensuring that the negligent party is held accountable.

    Get the compensation you are owed for your injuries when you work with knowledgeable

    lawyers from our law firm.

    Schedule a Consultation Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling us toll free at 1(866) 548-HURT today. We

    look forward to providing you with the assertive representation your case deserves.

    The Law Office of Rubin & Zyndorf

  • Toledo DWI Accident Lawyers Driving while under the influence, currently sits among the group of the poorest decisions

    people continue to make on a consistent basis. According to MADD, 28 people die every day

    in America because of drunk driving accidents. That means that every day, people make that

    horrible decision to have a few drinks, get behind the wheel, and hit the road. That means that

    28 people either the horrible decision makers or the innocent victims of those horrible

    decision makers unnecessarily die. Outside of those stats, many more are injured, and even

    more, escape lucky from harm, this time. If you have been injured, or someone you love was killed or severely injured in an accident

    where the driver was intoxicated, contact a DWI accident attorney from Rubin & Zyndorf

    today. As an injured person, you have the right to fight for money damages for being involved

    in an accident where a driver was drunk. Our cheapest personal injury lawyer will help you

    win your fight for fair compensation by using his experience, not only as an accident attorney

    but more importantly, as a DWI accident attorney who has worked on many cases such as these.

    Aside from receiving criminal charges, the drunk driver owes you monetary damages for the

    havoc he caused in your life. You may still be in pain or recovering from physical damages.

    You may not be able to go to work because of pain or loss of ability to attend work. You might

    be stressing out about mounting medical bills. Dont let this continue any further!

    Toledo Car Accident Lawyers If you have been injured in a car accident in Toledo, our attorneys are here to assist you. At

    Rubin and Zyndorf you will find car accident lawyers who have handled hundreds of cases

    successfully. We provide our clients with assertive representation, attention to detail, and a

    results oriented approach. As a car accident victim, you can seek damages for injuries caused

    by the other driver. They are liable to you for your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and

    suffering. Our attorneys will make sure that your case is handled efficiently for the best


    Our goal at Rubin and Zyndorf is to protect the rights of the injured and give our clients the

    assertive legal representation they deserve. A car accident is a traumatic experience and as you

    focus on your recovery, you can depend on us to get supporting evidence, procure expert

    medical and witness testimony, and plan a winning strategy for the benefit of your case.

    After an auto accident, there are many things that take place including managing your medical

    bills, dealing with the insurance companies, and figuring out how to continue to pay living

    expenses. Our attorneys with decades of expertise, can assist you during this challenging time.

    We will explain all of the complexities involved and stand by your side until your case is


  • Truck Accident As qualified 18 wheeler accident attorneys, we can tell you that truck accidents are among the

    most disastrous types of accidents to occur on the road. Truck drivers bear a large amount of

    responsibility in ensuring that their vehicles are properly maintained; they are capable of

    driving; the conditions are fair enough to be driving; and that they are capable of following all

    traffic safety regulations while conducting their large motor vehicle. Unfortunately, with the

    burden of tight time deadlines and unexpected delay periods due to unforeseen road closures,

    weather conditions and more, drivers are sometimes put into situations where they feel it is

    necessary to compromise the aforementioned responsibilities to get their load from point A to

    point B on schedule.

    This means they might pass up, on inspecting their tires every couple of stops, or perhaps that

    they drive more over the speed limit than they should. Perhaps they skipped a nights sleep to

    stay on schedule or decided that the rain wasnt strong enough to hold them back. In any one

    of these situations, the probabilities of an accident occurring increase, which is what leads to

    so many truck accidents.

    Toledo Industrial Accident Lawyers Working in an industrial setting carries certain risks that you wont find in a commercial work

    environment. Employees are exposed to various technical working conditions on a day-to-day

    basis that include large machines, fast-moving industrial vehicles, heavy loads, and hot moving

    parts, to name just a few items that may contribute to those higher rates of risk. These risks

    sometimes lead to injuries, which can change your life forever. An industrial accident attorney

    from the Rubin & Zyndorf Associates law office can help you understand what rights you have

    as an employee or guest of the industrial premises to file a claim for a defective machinery or

    an unsafe equipment injury. These occurrences happen all too often, and the company is often

    liable for not preventing them from occurring by properly labelling hazardous areas or

    maintaining an industrial area that is up to the standards of safety that are required by law.

    Defective machinery accidents occur when industrial machines malfunction, causing severe

    and traumatic injury to the victim. This is considered to be a type of unsafe equipment injury.

    Dismemberment, concussions and head/brain injuries,